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•GlaDwiN♬ gAeHlEr¤
I wanna be a vegetarian but I HATE vegetables,I'll only eat like 7 vegetables... LMAO
This ou toilet thing joh so scary
Liverpool...Liverpool huh what u wanna say
Before you "assume" try this method called "ask"@PassionPosts
You might fall in love when you meet her,but if you do u better keep her
Just hung up on my grandfather by mistake #stressed...I wanna die now!
Don't be to quick to judge because all the Glitz and the Glam, there beats a heart of gold!
The more you are rejected the stronger you'll be and the better you'll be when you finally MAKE IT. So JUST HANG IN THERE
Tilting your head to the right and slightly up makes you look more attractive. Tilting it to the right makes you look more intelligent.
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When people see a BIRD they like "ooooohhh pretty" but when they see a RAT they like "aaaahhh that's disgusting"
Just because you can't do it doesn't mean I shouldn't.
I've always had the fear of when giving my guest WATER,JUICE,TEA etc I'll spill it on them. Wow crazy I know
Sometimes I wish we could be STRANGERS,so I didn't have to know you PAIN.#BIRDY,no angel
We never get what we want , We never want what we get , We never have what we like , We never like what we have. THAT'S LIFE
I've got a cast on my thumb,can't wait for tomorrow to GET THIS SHIT OFF.I cnt even TWEET(crying)#in agony
Told my mom I was adopted. Totally April Fooled her ass.
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You are telling me not to talk,not walk the way I walk,not act the way I act.Well sorry boo u can jump off a cliff of needles for all I care
Um so #Beyoncé Is on a mission to ban the word isn't your whole new album about being in control etc?? Oh the irony..#haveaseat
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Dear sleep,when I was 2 I used to hate u a lot,I would fight u with every piece of energy but now I love u passionately nd need all the time
Today, you beat your own personal record of longest time lived without dying.
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MANDELA,GANDHI,M.L.KING-fought for freedom and equality,HITLER- fought for domination,GLADWIN GAEHLER-fights for peace and no discrimination
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