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Jeffrey Gitomer
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Live by principles – not policy. #gitomer
Failure to execute stems from a lack of confidence. #gitomer #confidence #balls #noballs
The best way to make a sale is to find some common ground before you begin the selling process. #sales #gitomer
As a leader, you have the power to influence, and you make a choice to either influence negatively or positively. #gitomer
Attitude is something you give yourself overtime. Day by day. And others catch it from you. #attitude #gitomer
Gitomer Certified Advisor Success Story. #gitomer #success
The best way to make a sale is to ask intelligent questions that draw out both needs and motives. #sales #gitomer
Gitomer Certified Advisor Success Story. Visit:
It is critical for you to realize that stress and worry are not someone else’s fault. You bring it on yourself. #gitomer #sales
The POWER of Sales Success is 100% in Your Control. #gitomer #sales
You have to get in it and learn it EARLY, in order to be the master of it LATER. #gitomer #success #outliers
If you want or need to move, move with a winning record of success, move with a plan, and move to something you love. #success #gitomer
We just welcomed our third class of Gitomer Certified Advisors. Achilleas Sdrakas, all the way from Greece. Watch:
The POWER of Sales Success is 100% in Your Control. #gitomer
As a leader, your people want to perform for you. Your job is to coach them to a winning performance. #leadership #gitomer
Are you a thinker beyond your business? If not you’ll wallow in mediocrity. #gitomer #business #thinker
Listen with the intent to understand, before you listen with the intent to respond. #gitomer
Understanding the customer’s needs is one thing – doing something about it is another. #sales #gitomer
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, the time is always the same. The time is now. #gitomer #sales
Creative is doing something that gains the attention of the buyer and forces a positive response. #gitomer
Make a sale on monday. It does wonders for your week. #gitomer
There's a big difference between "hectic" and "frantic" - which is your life? #gitomer #money #hectic #frantic #panic
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Watch this message from Jeffrey to learn more about my Gitomer Certified Advisor Program:
Before you invest in marketing, invest in service. It sends a word of mouth and word of mouse message. Gitomer #loyalty #service