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Jeffrey Gitomer
Most negative people focus on what CAN’T be done, rather than what CAN get done. #attitude #gitomer
Negative people are worse than negative occurrences. Negative occurrences happen once. Negative people stay. #gitomer #attitude
Windshield Time. Before and After Opportunities. #gitomer
The secret is to remind them why they brought in the first place. #sales #gitomer
Once you figure out that attitude is a gift and a blessing, it is my hope that you give it to yourself.
I put myself in front of people who can say yes to me, and I deliver value first. #success #gitomer
Most salespeople will not do the smart work and hard work it takes to make selling easy. #sales #gitomer
You determine how much of a fortune you want to earn by how much you decide to self-educate. #sales #gitomer
Some think the ideas I wrote about in the 1930s are not relavent today...they will find out. Principles are timeless!
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RT @wallaceikdzq: Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. Napoleon Hill 
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The more valuable information you gather, the more you will be able to create valuable, emotional questions. #gitomer #sales
Have you got the desire to learn the skills needed to succeed? #gitomer
Understanding the customer's needs is one thing - doing something about it is another. #sales #gitomer
Quality performance starts with a positive attitude! #gitomer #attitude
Enough value, put out consistently over time, means your phone will ring – with customers who want to buy. #gitomer
Most salespeople who can’t make quota either lack selling skills, or a deep belief in what they sell. #sales #gitomer
Your smile is one of the greatest attributes and assets you can possess – and it’s free! #attitude #gitomer
Be the person that everything starts from. #gitomer
Are Your Sales Historical or Hysterical?
Invest as much in your existing customers as you do in trying to attract new ones. #sales #gitomer
Environments and associations shape your daily attitude and your long-term success.
Be the person that everything starts from. #gitomer
Formal education will earn you a living. Self education will earn you a fortune. #jimrohn #gitomer
Differentiate yourself from your competition in ways other than price. #sales #gitomer
Project your self-image in a way that breeds confidence in others. #attitude #gitomer
Before you can GET what you want, you have to KNOW what you want, and make a GAME PLAN to get it. #gitomer
Good things come to those who have patience and take consistent, persistent actions toward what they want. #gitomer
Positive attitude is yours for the taking, all you have to do is read, study and apply – everyday. #attitude #gitomer
Half of your success is determined by your positive attitude. #success #gitomer
You can earn a commission using a sales technique and making a sale. You can earn a fortune building friendships and relationships. #gitomer
Back-To-School Special – Jeffrey Gitomer’s 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling For Only $15 !
I'm bringing new content to these cities - will I see you there? Details at… #gitomer #salestraining
If you are going to leave a message, you have to be able to give enough value or reason to get your voice mail returned. #sales #gitomer
If you’re trying to make a genuine connection, then the key is to be perceived as a genuine person. #connections #gitomer
Before you try to change THE world, better start by changing (and improving) YOUR world. #gitomer #change
I NEVER want to trash someone else's thinking - rather i want to learn from it, and create better thoughts. #gitomer #thinking #positive
Salespeople Have Questions. Jeffrey Has Answers.
If you’re trying to make a genuine connection, then the key is to be perceived as a genuine person. #connections #gitomer
Attitude is something you give yourself over time. Day by day. And others can catch it from you. #gitomer #attitude
Your customer is more likely to buy your message if they buy into your passion.
Microsoft thinks Instagram is a misspelled word. Pilot to co-pilot, wake up and smell the competition. #gitomer #Microsoft #Instagram
Sales are made based on desire, need, and perceived value combined with urgency and utility. Otherwise, it's all about price. #Gitomer
Follow this successful guy's successful thoughts and become more successful yourself - @TheRealBradLea #gitomer #successthoughts
Great successes started out as great efforts.
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The fire of success burns on the inside.
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Everyone is a millionaire! Some have millions of dollars and some have millions of excuses. None have both. #JUSTDOIT
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