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Jeffrey Gitomer
sales business marketing 75,023 followers
The customer’s story about you is crafted by your words and deeds. #sales #gitomer
When you do something out of the ordinary, it keeps you challenged to improve it each day. #gitomer
Create “best” responses for each ordinary action. HOW you say it makes all the difference. #gitomer
Who is Martin Rooney? And Why You Need to Know.
The percentage of sales that you close are in direct proportion to the degree of trust that you gain. #sales #gitomer
Entertain, engage, create the value, prove it, and they will buy! #sales #gitomer
When you reach for success and can't quite get there, see it as a lesson and an adventure - not a failure.
If you own the problem, you own the customer. If you lose the problem, you lose the customer. It’s just that simple. #sales #gitomer
attitude workout - if you exercise your positive attitude daily, it gets stronger - and stronger. #gitomer #attitude #exercise
Just accept change as part of life – it’s inevitable – don’t fight it. Give change a chance. #gitomer
People never do their own obvious. #Gitomer #obvious
Make every day as productive as the day before you go on vacation. That’s a day that EVERYTHING gets done. #business #gitomer
Hated leaders are eventually overthrown or fired. If a hated leader cannot be fired, people will quit. #leadership #business #gitomer
Without belief in what you do and who you work for, your ability to engage others will be low. #business #gitomer
What’s one customer worth? If you lose one, multiply one customer’s annual #sales volume x 20 years! Wow! #business #gitomer
Whatever you teach, you must also be. #gitomer #training #teach
Trusted advisors ENGAGE by being interested – and value based. #trust #gitomer
What's the Difference? What's the Weakness?
If you don’t own, you’ll never have a brand, & you will lose to someone who does. #brand #gitomer
What you're trying to sell is meaningless unless you understand why the customer wants to buy it.
You don’t add value – you give value. #gitomer
How's Your Life Doing? Success Stories to Learn By. #gitomer #success
When you force your customer to answer questions already known, they become bored and disengaged. #sales #gitomer
Dedication to serving and enlightening others based on heartfelt belief leads to #trust. #gitomer
Keeping good salespeople is harder than finding them! #gitomer