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Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales are made based on desire, need, and perceived value combined with urgency and utility. Otherwise, it's all about price. #Gitomer
Follow this successful guy's successful thoughts and become more successful yourself - @TheRealBradLea #gitomer #successthoughts
Great successes started out as great efforts.
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The fire of success burns on the inside.
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Everyone is a millionaire! Some have millions of dollars and some have millions of excuses. None have both. #JUSTDOIT
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Push yourself, but don’t judge your accomplishments on what others are doing. #gitomer
Easiest way to make a sale? Start at the top!
Taking the right actions first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. #attitude #gitomer
In business, most people focus on what can’t get done rather than on what can get done. Sad. #attitude #gitomer
Personally, I believe the testimonial to be the strongest sales tool you can possess. #gitomer #sales
Such a great honor to meet with the King of #Sales, Jeffrey @gitomer, last week. Excited for what's next!
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customers and prospects do not like pushy salespeople - here's the alternative that works - #gitomer
Fear of loss is greater than desire to gain. People don't want to make mistakes, especially on a large purchase. #sales #gitomer
Understand that negative energy and negative thoughts block positive thoughts and creative thoughts from occurring. #attitude #gitomer
People are too busy just telling stories, and not busy enough transferring messages.Where's your impact? #gitomer
What Are You Thinking? Here Are a Few of My Thoughts! #gitomer
Investing time in your thoughts – especially in an amazing place – creates incredible results. #gitomer #think #invest
The ultimate power question makes the customer understand that you're there for both business and value.
Building attitude insight and awareness are the first steps in building a positive attitude. #gitomer #attitude
Develop a strategy, develop an approach, and develop the ability to engage the other person in a way that grabs his interest. #gitomer
People who are confident and positive ask themselves, “How good am I at that?” and seek to improve. #gitomer #attitude
When you're ready for life, positive and paying attention, all things are possible. #gitomer #life #positive
Every obstacle presents an opportunity, if you’re looking for it. #gitomer
I guarantee you that more sales are lost with poor questions and poor salesmanship than are lost to lowest price. #gitomer #sales
Decision makers are looking for “value” and “comfort” not just a “deal.” #gitomer
Internal happiness is the beginning of positive attitude, not the achievement of it. #attitude #gitomer
The key is not to "call the decision maker." The key is to "have the decision maker call you" #gitomer #sales
Your friendliness and willingness to help is in direct proportion to your success. #gitomer
People are attracted to others (or not) based on attitude. And positive attitude is contagious. #gitomer #attitude
If you want or need to move, move with a winning record of success, move with a plan, and move to something you love. #success #gitomer
If you listen better, you will sell more. #gitomer #sales
To Bid or Not to Bid? That is the Question. #gitomer
Sometimes it hurts to hear the right answer. Sometimes it's a relief. #gitomer
To achieve a positive attitude you must study it, and practice the self-discipline of it. You must live the essence of it - everyday.
The best way for you to market yourself is give yourself to the market. Expose yourself to your prospects.
The BEST way to make a sale is to become friendly before you start. #gitomer #sales
One of the biggest mistakes people make with their attitude is leaving a situation angry or grumbling. #gitomer #attitude
When you speak, you speak your mind. When you write, you write your soul. #gitomer #quote #write
secret to value engagement and more sales - #gitomer #value
Blogging platforms remove the gatekeepers so anyone (especially you) can be impactful. #gitomer
Don’t worry about what’s next, take advantage of what exists right now. Get involved! #gitomer
Treat every customer in such a memorable way that when the transaction is complete, the customer tells someone else how GREAT it was! #sales
Your friendliness combined with the passion and conviction of your self-belief allows your presentation to be positively received. #gitomer
Reality Check: #Business studies show that it takes twelve positive occurrences to overcome one negative experience. #gitomer
Take your best customer with you on your next sales call. Use video testimonials. #gitomer
What’s the relationship between friendly staff and loyal customers? One breeds the other. #gitomer
Studying is defined as the continuing self- discipline applied to achieve greatness. #gitomer
The secret to #communication is not just engagement, it is INTELLIGENT, EMOTIONAL, FRIENDLY engagement. #gitomer
Success is repeatable, if you learn from your past successes. #gitomer #success