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Common White Girl
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do u ever zone out but ur aware that ur zoned out but ur too lazy to zone back in
How to deal with cyber bullying 1. Kill yourself
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The best feeling when a baby holds your little finger ❤️😌
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia so I could forget about Gossip Girl and rewatch it like it was the first time again.
this reply would've sent me into a coma 😤
isn’t it weird that we have one hand that knows how to do everything and then one hand that just sits there like “idk how to hold a pencil"
aye boy are you today's date because you're 10/10
me when I have no idea how to work a problem on a math test
she wears short skirts i wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently
Hollisters electricity bill must be like $1 a month
this girl wrote a letter to her principal about her school's dress code and it's literally amazing
mom: do u like that boy u hugged him mom: do u like that boy u were talking to him mom: do u like that boy he looked at u
How to break up with someone: you: "Your ex is attractive." partner: "Which one?" you: "ME" you: "BYEEEE"
here’s to all the kids who have never found their name on anything in a souvenir store
do u ever just make scenarios in your head that will never happen but makes you so happy so you just keep on imagining them
the best thing about being single is sleeping around you can sleep all over that big lonely bed of yours left, right, middle, wherever
when ur mom says u can't go out but then she says "go ahead"
Makeup tricks that every girl needs to know 💄�
black clothes are everything
If you find a lost driver's license, you can just drop it in a mailbox - The Postal Service will take it back to the right person.
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this is the kind of cake I want for my birthday
If you like someone, tell them or just stalk them on every social network and cry yourself to sleep every night It’s whatevs"
I prefer to distance myself whenever i'm mad bc i could be the most heartless person you'll ever meet, and you're gonna hate me for that.
guys complain about girls making duckfaces but theyre biting their lip and squinting like theyre tryna read somethin in size 3 font
Why do people act like they're not mad when they know you know they're mad.