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Common White Girl
music is my best friend
Makeup tricks that every girl needs to know 💄🙌…TU
How to naturally make your hair grow fast, I love this so much💇✂. See here: �
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me? jealous? of you? bless your delusional heart
if i ask u to close the door and u dont and i have to do it myself , then i am actually closing the door to our friendship
i wanna be nice but some people are so shit it makes it hard for me
if my tweets make you smile or laugh then that makes me happy idk man i love everyone reading this 💁👑
How to win an argument: 1. Have a vagina. 2. That's it. 3. You win. 4. Congratulations.
cuddling? i like that shit
Starbucks just revealed their secret summer menu!! 😱😍…Zb
the worst thing is when someone insults you and they’re right
me 5 years ago: loser me now: loser with good taste in music
tbh i listen to music more than my parents
Starbucks just revealed their secret summer menu!! 😱😍
my self esteem has two levels: • i'm a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love • bow down before me bitches i am your queen
“so expensive..” i say but it’s actually not expensive i’m just broke as fuck
I've got 99 problems and i'm not dealing with any of them lol
my shopping addiction is becoming a very big issue helP
im just a sassy lil bitch with feelings
my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day
i never delete messages just in case someone decides to start acting different like u weren't saying that March 21, 2012 at 3:42 PM
i sing a lot for a bitch who can’t sing
girls cant find their wallets, shoes or car keys but we sure as hell can remember something you said 8 months ago
birds are lucky because they get to attend concerts for free
some people annoy the shit out of me and i don’t even know them
taking ugly selfies to look ugly on purpose
Plucking your eyebrows and accidentally pinching your skin yeah those are the times that make me want to die
don't get mad when i do u the same way you did me
I wish I could go to these beautiful beaches when it's really hot 😍🏊…htj
my big plan is doing nothing all day
makeup is annoying and so are bras, hair brushes, and clothes just being a girl is annoying im 2 lazy 4 this
Makeup tricks that every girl needs to know 💄�…TU
school needs to not
my voice is girly when I talk to strangers but when I’m with friends I turn into morgan freeman lol
society: we won’t judge u. do what makes u happy me: *does what makes me happy* society: no not like that
uhm could u put ur crying kid on vibrate