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Giorgio Papadakis
A Game of Thrones type a night. #BBQseason
Study break? Yup. #nutella
This is Not a Toy #DesignExchange #BillMcMullen #starwars
#KAWS #ThisIsNotAToy #playwithme #BigBoyToys
Back when this was my main mode of transportation #tbt
That summer I traveled Greece living on a boat @kostakats #tbt
What has been the longest winter in the history of my life is finally drawing to a close. Summer babe it's been so long #toronto #waterfront
What happens when you plant a sesame seed? Does a sesame grow? What is a sesame? Where my botanists at? Where the hell am I?
#Spring FINALLY #toronto #to #416
Seriously contemplating becoming a tattoo artist
Thanks for posting your running route on Facebook. Now I know the best place to hit you with my car.
I just saw a pregnant woman I'd like to make double-pregnant.
I'm not Anti-Social. I'm Pro-Doing Shit on my Phone.
I hate it when a banana has bruises on it but the banana tells you it fell down the stairs but you really know there are issues at home
Pretty much sums everything up
Where it's at #toronto
March 25th #Greece #independenceday #Toronto
When Rob Ford is sober he's actually not bad at this whole politics thing. #TorontoProblems
Wake up, have breakfast, nap till lunch
She got a big booty so I call her Ashley because that's her real name and I don't objectify women.
I've been starting my diet tomorrow for the last 2 months...
New STD called "Feelings"... Don't catch that shit.
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One fist-bump from a cool black dude is worth 5 years of my parents loving me.
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If we give you a Most Spiritual Person on Instagram award, will you finally stop posting those dumb quotes?
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