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Biannca actually makes me hit the boke #bbuk #BBPowerTrip
i canny stand people who are attention seekers, get tae.
so light em up up up light em up up up light em up up up AM ON FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
cos I'm in too deep and im tryna keeeep
Canny stand people on the bus who look at you every time you talk as if youre having a conversation with them
Off to east kilbride for some stationary shopping :') I cannot wait for college to start back!
I have a feeling that I'm really going to enjoy abusing Bianca on Twitter for the next few weeks. #BBUK
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Can someone please tell me what that song was at the start of the show? #bbuk #BBPowerTrip #BBArmageddon @bbuk @BBUKLive @bbbots
Dads annoying me so much this morning
The fact there is a good looking builder in my house and I look like a scruff
wish i picked up my guitar more often
neighbours can hear me singing waaaaay outta tune, god help them
along comes maaaaary, mary mary
cannot wait for tomorrow night, paaaaaarty
Hahahahaha i canny cope, this is hilarious hahaha #bbuk #bbpowertrip
A canny take danielle srsly hahaha #bbuk #bbpowertrip
you and me baby aint nothin but mammals
the fact that I need to be up real early tomorrow morning cos the builders are coming to repair my house. naw. canny deal with that.
will i am ft cody wise - birthday, why must this song be so annoyingly catchy