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Sarah Coyle
Cheryl:"There's been a lot of highlights so far. Mostly around my eyes. I can't even open me left one.."#XFactorFinal
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
Awwww Ben, dont cry cos I'll cry :') #xfactor
Fuckin half ae they wee lassies willny even know who Ronnie Wood is #xfactor #1direction
Wtf is Ronnie wood daen with 1 direction?! Naw. #xfactor
Oh my... that was incredible #xfactor @FleurEast
Mel B looks really ill doesn't she... #xfactor
This is the funniest #catchphrase I've ever seen. Actually creasing 😩😂
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
and... i think thats it
would do anything to see james mcavoy
you and me baby aint nothin but mammals
Silent Jay is going to sing during this X Factor performance.
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
Stevi and Chloe. this should be the real final two. #XFactorFinal
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
The sad thing is that stevie actually means these words he's singing to Chloe #xfactor #xfactor2014
pals are droppin like flies
i cant go see ac/dc myself
people please come with me
gonny end up having to go to gigs myself
#selfie #ginge #redhead #ginger
Tosh is a nasty nasty piece of work #EastEnders
Oh my god, I am in the opticians and there's a new guy.... i have never seen anyone who looks like this before... oh my god.
alice cooper always plays with johnny depp, and if he tours and brings johnny to Glasgow it would make my life
you dont get people like that often
there was a guy in my college who looked like a young johnny depp and I just wanted to attack him
Tonight’s #Gotham was way too much fun to only watch once. Let’s see it again, right now, on Channel 5+1!
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
IKFJHLGHIJFKHG YOU CANNOT DO THAT TO ME @GothamOn5, also next week looks amaaaaaaazing
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
Oh my good God!!!! Why can't tomorrow be Monday! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK #GOTHAM @GothamOn5
Sit back everyone and enjoy your handiwork everyone Carl will be back in Twitter control in a couple of days
Retweeted by Sarah Coyle
I actually can't believe how good #Gotham is, & it just gets better!!! @GothamOn5
get too involved in soaps
can we all just agree that demi lovato is shite live #RoyalVarietyPerformance
College buddies #collegebuddies #pals #college
Voted for Foggy! Dad & I are BIG fans! #foggytowin @carlfogarty
I start work soon and ive no even left the house