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Mr. Gift Nkhoma
God made us all different. But when He got to China He got tired then he just Copied, and paste, copied and paste. (Just Copied from
Very - "@atumpasa: Childish"@officialGink: Akuti first lady ndi billy kaunda. Koma amalawi chipongwe. Ha Ha Ha""
We don't care though, We just want change - "@WhykakaWhy: wamutharika - illuminati"
Akuti first lady ndi billy kaunda. Koma amalawi chipongwe. Ha Ha Ha
O go bless our land of Malawi, keep it a land of peace, pu da risha every enemy, angati zizezi. Join together olo azafa, that we be fi 4 fi
Dear girlfriend, u have the right to remain silent during the world cup games,For everything you say shall be used against you in the future
When I type "Niggas" my phone asks,"Did u mean Niches,Nieces,Nachos or niche?" Like the programmers don't know who a nigga is, smh.
If taxi drivers were women, Niggas would be asking for extras like its a massage parlor. Niggas don't play
I think pastors use Fair and Handsome. Most of them look ashy
I would try to investigate what really happened..."@marymeth: 12. if mayweather called your girl a bitch, what would you do?”"
Soon, Malawi will have 27 districts instead of 28 because the whole Mangochi is going to South Africa.
The woman you love don't usually become Your wife. It just works like that
#QuickFact Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda Facebook page has been 'unpublished' or probably deleted.
Kumva kukoma ine - RT "@MalawiNation: Unofficial results Lilongwe City West JB 129 Chakwera 923 Muluzi 288 Mutharika 1058"
RT if you are #TeamUDF , #TeamMCP , #TeamDDP or anything not JB.
She received an honorary doctorate in 2013 from Kung Fu University.
Boko Haram, bring back our girls, you can take Joyce Banda if you like.
I thought I wouldn't manage a distance relationship but to my surprise; me and Beyonce Knowles we are doing just fine.
Mesut Ozil looks like Mark Zuckerberg, they are both good eye witnesses.
The kardashian gene has to be destroyed.
Why would an early 1980s guy date a 1998 chick? calm down bro, you are too thirsty, all you need is fanta not a young girl.
That awkward moment when there is colgate on your black tshirt but people around dont think so.
Girls be black as hell with a red weave looking like a low battery
Money makes the world go round.
Sarafina, when you are talking the way you talk. The body temperature begins to rise, Sarafina-aaaaaaa, Sarafina you are the one.
That awkward moment when you lock in a mosquito inside the Chitetezo Net. and its busy screaming"Help!" so irritating. -_-
If you know you will divorce him/her later on then dont get married at all. Save the pain. God hates divorces
I wonder if Faith Chibale's soul is resting in peace with all these talks in the country. Its not cool, its so inhumane
wisdom doesnt come from school, it comes from the Holy Spirit.
If you want to laugh today then read or watch indian news.
another girl then replied to the comment,"Shut up b, There is no such thing as God". The audacity. wow
A man had an accident and a news site posted on fb, later on, a girl commented "may God comfort his Family"....
Exceeding grace, abundant mercy and favours, Unlimited breakthroughs. Thank You God
We must pray for those people who hate us, Bless those who hurt us, because God is love.
I guess some people just missed me.
Some People hate Jesus, they say he is not real. These people love WWE wrestling, the irony.
Oscar Pistorius on Trial...Koma Yaaaah...the witnesses will pee on stand. The Defence is just good
If you want to commit suicide, put on a PP tshirt and go to Polytechnic and scream "I love Joyce Banda"...Ayika mawa
Mark Zuckerberg pressed a wrong button and now whatsapp cant work, ugh.
Cartoons are really bad for an adult.
my help cometh from the Lord.
Those pictures u take on a mirror, becareful, in 20 years time,ur kids will be looking at ur photos & be like,"Wow, Dad was really a faggot"