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Jichael Mackson
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I'm sure Malawi economy growth rate is -50%.
Did monasinging lose the award? She is bitter today
Did monasinging win the award? She just unfollowed me
Most of you people are lonely....Happy people are rarely online, I'm just saying
US Dollars man, US Dollars "@Hb_Halfmachiine : What motivates you???"
When her mouth smells like Sugarcane >>>>>
But the way poor people act rich on Twitter. We actually have good actors in malawi
Good morning beautiful people...... and the others.
Koma ndipo "@AYooLili3 : Good thing your girlfriend is not on twitter otherwise kachibwezika bwezi katatha"
A facebook chick sent me winks...I smiled and asked her "What are we?"...She curved me..from nowhere
When you tweet a joke and your followers take it as an offense
When she texts you she is alone and her mesho has gone to Lilongwe
When its 11:59 and you still ain't someone's MCM
When a real life Swazi acts LL Cool J on Twitter
Your followers when you tweet the truth
But How do you reckon we solve this? "@missmallyk : " @label_her_odd : Actually craving this nigga "yoh"
99% chance "@TRENDS_NG : Girls have a higher risk of getting pregnant than boys.""
I love what you do with your face
That awkward moment when you are getting washed up on Twitter
My phone automatically saves female Avis "@Khonfucius : I save most of my female followers' avis."
Such ratchet tendencies on my TL
Block me back if you attempted to have oral sex with yourself
Wait, you niggas hit on your cousins? Jesus!
nigga stunts on 106&park like its the Grammy's.... im like nigga please! "@allenharperr : bow wow still doesn't know that he is washed up"
Date a lesbian, Baptise her, let her testify.
If you have never been someone's MCM, don't worry bro you are not alone. Welcome to my team
If my girl ever caught me cheating I would shout at her like,"Who told you to be here? why do u stalk me? I can't do this anymore"
I am the premium version of you.
They said You become boring after being born again, I said I would rather be boring forever!
When I.K stepped on #BigBroAfrica stage for the first time, I was like "Achisale awa awatenga kuti?" pano asamba, God is good.
Malawi has stepped up its game. Guys are giving girls rings now, in the past, getting a girl knocked up was the sign of engagement
I'm sure I.K is bored of his "job" now.
kukana mamuna ndi tchimo.
I did not follow you to inspire me...continue being a clown. thank you
the parliament made this law while jerking off to porn, ironic huh? "@UberFacts : In North Korea, the punishment for viewing porn is death
I have to listen to Don Moen
Girls, If you can start a phone sex club, you would make a lot of money coz niggas in Malawi are so thirsty
they say "NO Shave November" because they are preparing for winter. We don't have winter, so please stop embarrassing yourself
When your neighbor catches the Holy Spirit before church service starts
That wasn't a compliment "@RockaChique : o/ " @OnlyFastEddie : Some women have mood swings... others have mood theme parks."
No matter how wrong my parents may be, I can't correct them. You can't argue with them, they never lose
original bae "@cnnbrk : Kenneth Bae thanks Obama and North Korean government for his release.
Man to female ratio is 1:3, There is a 75% chance you will die alone if you keep on curving all niggas in your DM