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Gift Van Nkhoma
I can't wait for "Street Fighter" for PS4 :-)
Ati: "Im At LOS in my backyard". I'm dead
Hell was the destination, but Christ's blood is our map to heaven. Through Christ we will get to heaven. God gave us a second chance.
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Hell was the destination, but Christ's blood is our map to heaven. Through Christ we will get there. God gave us a second chance.πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό
I sat next to 3 pregnant women earlier today and im not sure whether I want children anymore
We can't be ruled in real life and in fantasy life. Nah!
The good news is, there is no such thing as a Monarchy in TwitterMW. We came here to tweet and not to be ruled
Aint nobody got time for dat - β€œ@Realness1207 : n[dango]mva kuti classick akusoka Malawian bad bitch..true or nah?”
When there is a possibility of Kambalame winning
wait what? - "@Mando_Noizi : I remember i had an incestous last year"
Amene muli oyesera mumawonekedwe anu, Voterani 2 ndipo king atu azakukongolesani.
Ngati mukuziwa kuti ndinu owoneka bwino, Voterani 2.
But why would you bring in zimbabweans? They have nothing to do with TwitterMW, this is a family matter, stay out of it!
too old to be tweeting from morning to night - "@missmallyk : hahahahaha LRT ...kodi is 30 old ? shame"
S/O to niggas tweeting they are at LOS when they are miserably broke at home...
I pray to God that I should not be that 30 year old still tweeting from morning to night. Amen
2 "@TweetMalawi : Should The Twitter Malawi continue to exist as a monarchy ruled by King Kambalame? 1. Yes 2. No."
Lol ndinali ku joni - "@Mphaah : Party yatha gift nkumatulukila. Lol"
Don't force a ponytail, Don't force things that can never work.
Damn - "@Robert_bob3 : RT @Mphaah : Robert_bob3 nooo it aint that funny sorry. Sit down.<-- who said i was standing?"
S/O to all niggas buying LOS ticket for their girlfriends when their wife at home will eat Nyemba all weekend. God is watching :'-)
Hahaha "@AmaziinGrace : U were walking? β€œ@ErnestAmon Forgot how far blantyre is from lilongwe, I'm tired.”
Bruh! - "@Robert_bob3 : Amene muli ku period mupitaso ku L0s?”
Thou shalt not initiate a conversation with a girl you just met in a minibus. #KingAtuCommands
When u apply ur make up & u are *sweaty & then u start looking like The Joker from the Batman movie, i will still love u."
Slam dunk - "@Khonfucius : @_yaya_musa every time you come in my mentions, my Twitter vibrates. Noone has done that before. Woop!"
Its just twitter, they have neither - "@Jolie_Dove : RT @AYooLili3: I'm thinking all men got a main chick and a sidechick nowadays.."
Of all 15 empty urinals, there is always that nigga that comes and stand right next to u, like wtf bro?
Kodi azibambo a nyemba nde atiwo?
Oomf want to be my MG2, Should I pass the bill or nah?
whisper in her ear thats how you like it "@LKRKiD8 : pull her hair and tell her she's yours"
Koma nkhani ikhale yoti anandilodza-yo...its not because I jog everyday
maybe cause I jog everyday? Thats why im slim?...or maybe anandilodza?
But for real...where the f does my food go? I don't have any incurable sickness other than asthma ..and im slim (<<)
these "eating alot" tweets are making me question myself where the food go? because I eat way too much for a slim guy
*wakuchosa apa wakuyika apa*..Started from the bottom now u there - "@uncleatu : How did we end up here. Damn so fast."
some of us love fat girls - " @RockaChique : Y'all bully fat girls too much. Some of us actually eat waaaaaaay more (_..)"
I think today should be called "Getting out of the closet Wednesday" because y'all acting gay.
Who is Henry and what has he done?
girls, stop putting your boyfriends as ur avi....nobody is in a relationship here on twitter....zibwenzi zanuzo konko
girls, stop putting your boyfriends on ur dp....nobody is in a relationship here on twitter....zibwenzi zanuzo konko
its time to worship the most high.
Love a woman 100% but never trust her.
Pawochepa omwewo. .iwe ndi number 1.
I need a back massage again. God knows im not lying