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Malawi Meninist
A Black Rolls Royce Ghost vs a loyal beautiful wife? what would you choose?
Second born, We outchea 0/ 😊😊😊@Kha_Ninjanja : having any older siblings at all must be nice. Sometimes I dont like being the oldest :/"
What happened to Ken Gunz?
Make it easy for me by putting your Facebook profile link in your "website" section on your Twitter profile. Thank You
Ati: "Chipumi chako ndichomasuka". Its late, don't do this
Twitter must be banned, I touched this phone to Google about Budgeting.... and here I am. smh
A fine girl was preaching today...I was so lost. that's how I knew I need deliverance
ah, right, you are allowed 😊😊�@Nelliesahsa@officialGinkink lol, no... Was just messing witcha"
"@Mr_BTz: "@skinnybrizzo: American Embassy lol "@officialGink: Would you mention any American company in Malawi?""
I would go to Trevor Noah's show for the girls there but as far as listening to funny comics is concerned, dude is washed up.
Would you kindly mention any American company in Malawi?
Back in the 90s When your Lil brother tries to pick a fight with you and you know damn well you gonna whop his ass
Malawian journalist negatively criticizing Madonna's visits. Nigga u trynna ruin our chances of smashing white chicks
AKA is 26 years old, younger or just a little older than most of you guys here, you hate him so much but what have you accomplished in life?
When you meet her for the first time without Instagram filters
John Kapito is childish af
If she is following up Bundesliga and you only watch EPL with her, she is cheating bro
Apparently every player from Senegal is Diouf
For the other Categories I'm gonna nominate on the low
on "Best Avis" Category, I nominate you @RockaChique and others -_-
Its confirmed "foul language tweeps" @BlackMayan , @skinnybrizzo , @Takinsta ????
"R18 tweeps"...any suggestions? I nominate @KandyPure , @MalawianBabeR18
"Anthu Oziwa Kutukwana" Category I nominate --> @BlackMayan @skinnybrizzo and ?
And Kho too "@twizchristian : Juda gaga. Lmao " @juwiejaunty : Best 'made up stories' tweeller"
Nigga is living in another world (_..) "@RockaChique : No wait, lrt.. Population of what world? What are we counting?"
I nominate @allenharperr @MrNebert @Khonfucius for the Best meninist tweep category....nominate others
Jesus Selena Gomez 😱😱😱😱😱😱
You are missing out bro "@UberFacts : The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out."
Its better to have fewer followers because you can tell when your church elder is following you. Then You can block him easily
FIFA 15 can make you go bald early man. smh
You know you can just get it at the nearest Bar "@Zawizo : LOL, Bushiri ofunika andipempherere kuti ndikhale ndi 6 pack"
Met my new dentist in town, dude called me,"Gift". lol I have only been at his clinic once
Meninist tweet -> "@bigYmusic : How come women fail to open a confuses me every time. Or is it to stroke our egos as men?"
When balding you can do anything... anything "@RockaChique : I feel like I should understand but I really don't.."
Criminal record has to be checked first "@LilMissBhana : So has @NickkTitan been accepted into Twitter Malawi now?"
Enanu munangobadwa kuti muzakhale ma Take away mpakana kalekale.
When a girl with STDs rejects you, its not a curve, Its salvation brother ✊✊✊
Me neither but that's my hope "@papa_gerald : @officialGink I don't see him winning it.."
I am the stoner that the builder check the premises.
This nigga here waves at every white person passing by, ati they remind him of UK...but dude has never been out of Malawi before. Smh
I would love to see Manuel Neuer win the 2014 Ballon d'Or, Everything shouldn't revolve around CR7 and Messi.
I am not a super rich nigga but I will be. Not coz I work hard but because I was destined to be great. Its Faith
people be like,"Gotta stop having pizza every weekend"...Hey we know damn well yesterday was the first time you had pizza so sit -_-
People will eat something for first time but tweet like they have been eating it for years
Its time to do something productive, I have to win this cup on FIFA. Goodnight everyone
The problem with twitter is that you don't know who is single. just can't tell.
When you pull what appears to be the best tweet ever and you get no RT, you refresh the connect tab with unbelief. lol
"Have you ever finished a day without any activity on your connect tab?"
Giving me your phone number doesn't mean you are a hoe, it means I wanna talk to you. -_-
Baby, I want to open your avi and appreciate it, I need to, but the way Airtel is set up.