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Gift Nkhoma
I just heard Gospel artists actually fought coz of DVD launch money they made last weekend. Where was the gospel?
I have to admit,this person tweeting is not the real me. When you meet me, you will realise, I don't laugh at stupid things.
When Tweet is more than 140 characters and you have to murder English. <<<<
Oscar Pistorius didn't kill her intentionally. Dude is/was rich and famous & if he wanted her dead, he would have done it the smart way.
Be rich "@TrevorTrix : How to get away with murder?
You are fired kho! "@Khonfucius : You already look like her so, you on the right track. " @blAckstarZamani : I want to be like Judge Masipa.
Outside English "@RockaChique : You're where? " @P2ThaS : I'm outside your get and your taking forever zomwezi mpaka mukaike ma makeup"
If someone steals your girlfriend, don't worry, he has done you a favor. He can keep that hoe
i see them in movies, maybe they exist "@OrdinaryPhil : "@officialGink : I would kill for a black chick with blue or green eyes" they exist?
I would kill for a black chick with blue or green eyes.
french maid outf....nvm.
But why does my phone have phone/whatsapp/sms/gallery passwords? And im faithful af?
God bless her - "@RockaChique : That header @Iammsue"
Would you sleep with a married man for a Mercedes Benz? Discuss. (100 marks)
I have to learn Tumbuka for the sake of joking around.
"@AyCeeX : @RockaChique @officialGink #KunoNkumbali , mphini ndichani?" - an incision made by a witch doctor :"""D
Twitter be making me absent minded
The struggle is real - "@allenharperr : Niggaz going clubbing on an empty stomach"
I have been warming up for this dinner for the past 2 hours, I must say I am really disappointed.
I am not Airtel Money, Try to understand boo boo, Try to understand. have one? :-P "@RockaChique Kinda party is this? " @officialGink : Mention someone with Mphini"
Mention someone with Mphini
are my ears' irritation a warning to stop using headphones? i wonder
LAWD - "@MalawiBreaking : Picture shows Big Bullets supporters enjoying nsima and bonya at Kamuzu Stadium"
its like Malawi is a mistake "@B1Daredevilz : The VP looking like he got some other place he'd rather be. GuA7Qtg8xN"
I actually like your friend....not you.
me too, never gets old - "@nafereen : @officialGink was listening to it jst now"
Dami duro by Davido will never get old.
90's music is deep. damn
wait what? "@Bronze_Venus : Only Malawian rapper whose CD I bought for, with my own money is Gosple. Rest are gifts."
Lilongwe Pastor has been charged with rape. Days of our lives
Alapiretu machimo :"') "@HarryBYoungn : @officialGink @PeeWah_M hahaha well he did give her a heads up"
it won't be hilarious when the girl dies though. looool "@HarryBYoungn : @PeeWah_M @officialGink saw this this morning, hilarious"
I have seen twitter niggas and girls come and go, But here I stand. Question is, what am I doing here though?
Girls will make you buy a Range Rover when you don't even have a driving licence. Then she will start calling you stupid
This one time, I bought a swimming short and I don't know how to swim. Women, smh.
England tried though, its our own fault
We all have that one friend who thinks he is C. Ronaldo but he is actually welbeck
I told my girl once,"Baby, im sorry I cheated" she smiled and told me,"I love how you lie"...she thought I was lying :'-)
1 - 0, Oscar, no costa....the lyric goes on. #TeamChelsea
I was watching the best vine collection, ah, underground comedy is funnier. Simply perfect
When your girl starts uploading friends' wedding photos on social networks, its eject or crash!
nigga! "@UberFacts : Emma Watson is distantly related to a real witch..."
co-asks "@Mbebe____1 : Edith ndi uti? @ThJuggernaut : Swear down, Edith is the coolest light skin girl EVER!"
Forgiveness comes when you believe in God and forgetting about the sins
If you don't forget your past sins and you worry about them, you are actually telling God not to forgive you.
If your pull out game is strong then Im sorry you have HIV.
The chinese don't love us, Time will come when they will want their money back. We will have to sell our country