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You must have that thing called 'free-time' I lost sight of about a year back
I envy those who are not applying for placements this year
The imagination of teens these days 😂�
How he accomplishes these impulsive achievements is beyond me
My housemate managed to set his frying pan on fire
Applying for placements is unbelievably time consuming
Scotland had me worried for a second there
I leave the England game for less than a minute to collect some notes and they score #ForeverMissingOut
Why does my housemate feel the need to wake me up to go get food and then go back to bed himself
My god this fair is annoying
How we live our lives is who we are.
Forever forgetting my student card
Seriously just had the busiest past few days, there is no word that describes my headache right now
If I make it to tomorrow alive then the spreadsheets have not won #Motivation
It literally took me 3 minutes to think of what the name of my flatmate was
Macro coding melts brains
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These lecture seats are not comfortable
Quite looking foward to @altontowers scarefest event this year. Smiler at midnight sounds like an experience.
It's really quite interesting this research, Unilever have such a comprehensive product portfolio.
West Ham beat the defending champions, I will tell my grandchildren of this day.
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What has it come to in life, when you are excited about a new iron, and easy glide ceramic technology...
On a scale of 1 to fat, how bad would it be to have Dominoes and McDonalds on the same night?
So I get a spontaneous nosebleed on the day I'm presenting my idea for effective IT solutioning to representatives of IBM. Thanks nose
Everyone comes into your life for a reason, some for good or bad, they may shape us, break us, but in the end they make us who we are.
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If everyone could just ignore the Sunderland Southampton scoreline, that'd be great
When your phone starts throwing a fit whilst on charge...WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!
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All this Placement stuff is hard work
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Finally back on Ultimate Team, it has been far too long
England may actually have a chance this year, what with all these descent nations losing
I'm sorry but what is happening in the European Qualifications this year, Netherlands are falling to shit
Learning about Dell in a lecture, lecture pretends to take phone call from Dell CEO, entire lecture theatre cringes. #awks #primary #school
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How have we not scored against San Marino yet??
“Winter is coming.” —  House Stark
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So it has come to my attention that I need new trainers