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Someone please just stop man city
"Just off to hit the gym" Just off to hit your face :D
Me and apple products have some issues
Me and flipping omelettes don't go too well together
So screwed for this exam
I wish I could illegally download clothes.
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the fact that i'm 20 this year scares me
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If I was good looking, around 90% of my problems would be solved
Woman deal wit some weird ass problems. Thankful to be a man. 💯
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What a goal!!
I'm so drunk I don't even know if I go to school here
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Admit it, you're happy to see Torres score no matter what team you support
Hazard is such a babe
Anyone feel like teaching me the whole of my organisational behaviour module in a week??
Revision probably hates me more than I hate it
I hate you with every nanometer of my existence
"I'm not like most girls." -Most Girls
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Asking Alexandria are so fucking good
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Waffles is a funny word
I don't understand what you are saying!!
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After being hurt so many times, #Libra will become heartless.
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#Libras can't help but look for patterns of meaning in the randomness of life.
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My word of 2014: Smegpot
#NP Moving On - Asking Alexandria
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Well, west ham got smashed
I only have one lecture tomorrow..yay!
Well the FA Cup has been interesting so far! :D
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Why does Skype need to inform me that the xbox one has arrived??
Accounting has to be the primary cause of business student insanity
People who be all "i'm just quite self conscience" yet post a picture of them self everyday. lol, no.
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Tattooed people are more fun to be naked with.
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way too many perfect people on twitter
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Suffocating under words of sorrow