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Gina Trapani
webdevelopment technology 319,514 followers
When non-tech folks tell engineers to "*just* build it this way" they want to set themselves on fire.
Great list of words to avoid in technical discussions (just, simply, obviously)… nice @chriscoyier
Pushed new screenshots to today. Hoping they answer the question "What is ThinkUp?" more clearly. Whaddya think?
"the podcastiest of podcasts"
For each time harassers in the mentions column made me + others feel threatened & helpless, hope @dickc is paying attention to #askcostolo
At Cyclones game this weekend spotted Holiday Inn Brooklyn ad in the outfield: "Now accepting Bitcoin!" Um, what.
So yes I bought a OnePlus One despite use of the word "killer" in their marketing (why so aggro, yo?)
Day after my 1y/o rendered my HTC One unusable, I got an invite for a OnePlus One. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
You can install a slip 'n' slide on the stairs AND scar your child for life AND get a divorce ALL in less than one hour ASK ME HOW
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"Rousey is genial but unapologetic about her capacity to inflict harm." - <3 <3 <3 this woman…
Speaking of TV, so grateful for @shondarhimes and Jenji Kohan
Of course it was the social media marketer who made the racist comments #TheBachelorette
Lesbian moms pressure 2-year-old to consistently identify them as "Mommy" and "Mama." Story at 11.
Back from completely-offline week of vacation & caught up on almost every company discussion thanks to @SlackHQ. Handy.
Ever more convinced that 140-character reductionism hinders (rather than enables) discussions of complex issues like sexism/classism.
Part of being a feminist is giving other women the space to make choices you don't necessarily agree with
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Yes, we're trying to build a sustainable business via paying customers, but! Now you can try ThinkUp for FREE. Go:
Wish I could go back in time & tell my teenage self that someday someone would write the phrase "a disappointing 1GB of RAM." About a phone.
"Ok Google, play Flopsy Droid" - the most regrettable words that came out of my mouth today…
Just launched: Sign up for a free 14-day trial of ThinkUp, no credit card required. (This was your top request!)
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People think I'm the nice one, but I spent the day tearing apart @anildash's copy & code w/ zero diplomacy. No mercy when it's time to ship.
My 1-year-old now says "Google" more clearly than "Grandma." I blame voice search.
Pssst @thinkup members log in and go to your membership page. New goodies for your enjoyment await.
In Focus: Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Duties In Closer Proximity To Ocean
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