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Gina Trapani
I usually don’t share the really scary stuff. But it’s important for folks to know how bad it gets [TRIGGER WARNING]
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"Social media are to mansplainers what dogs are to fleas"…
All the things @thinkup CAN'T do to your Twitter account
[New post] In business, let's stop using the language of war
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Yet another "no angel" sitting right here, alive and well.…
The woman at the playground who pulls WD-40 out of the diaper bag and fixes the squeaky swings? Yeah that's my wife.
Just think, we'd never have to disambiguate PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun/Pretty Good Privacy) if we could encrypt data w/ gender identity.
My 2-year-old, watching my video podcast: "Hiiii! Hi Mama! HIIIIIIII!"
Also my wish for Twitter MT @buster: wish people who work here tweeted with the same transparency & openness as we encourage the world to do
"Shadeballs" just surpassed "douchekabob" as my favorite Kardashianism. Yeah I watch KUWTK you got a problem
Fuck it, say anything phenomenally stupid & claim hack. It's the celebrity model.… (re:…)
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5 years ago today the 1st version of @thinkup landed-and we're just getting started. Software: it takes a long time.…
English major ponders how Whitman (the mansplainer) & Dickinson (the recluse) would have distributed their work in the age of Twitter.
Just look at this beast. Home ownership, man.
Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson
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2 thumbs up for The Punk Singer (it's on Netflix) got me started intro'ing my daughter to Bikini Kill & Le Tigre
The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me . . . . he complains of my gab and my loitering.
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New on BGD: Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police, by Mia McKenzie…
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More fun with SketchBook app (for AAA)
Should I sell my OnePlus One and donate the proceeds to a good women-in-tech org thanks to these jackwagons?…
We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.
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As always, a reminder about how to talk about suicide—intended primarily for journos, but good for anyone.…
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That double-decker tour bus in Grand Army Plaza might as well have been the pyre at the funeral for the Brooklyn of my childhood.
one of the more disgraceful uses of the passive voice I've seen in awhile, in the NYT (from
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Has anyone seen this eyewitness account of the Brown shooting? His description of what happened is chilling.…
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I know my internalized homophobia is winning when I go out of my way to avoid saying "softball"
Noooo "@WIRED: wearable device that tracks your baby's sleep patterns, heart rate & temp"
Experimenting with a new sketching app (look Ma no stylus). What should we name this guy?
Was about to ask another startup founder how business was going and then stopped b/c we're all pretty much ASDFJKL; all the time.
Got a laugh out of this text editor screenshot in @RonAmadeo's Ars piece on OSS Android…
When non-tech folks tell engineers to "*just* build it this way" they want to set themselves on fire.
Great list of words to avoid in technical discussions (just, simply, obviously)… nice @chriscoyier
Pushed new screenshots to today. Hoping they answer the question "What is ThinkUp?" more clearly. Whaddya think?
"the podcastiest of podcasts"
For each time harassers in the mentions column made me + others feel threatened & helpless, hope @dickc is paying attention to #askcostolo
At Cyclones game this weekend spotted Holiday Inn Brooklyn ad in the outfield: "Now accepting Bitcoin!" Um, what.
So yes I bought a OnePlus One despite use of the word "killer" in their marketing (why so aggro, yo?)
Day after my 1y/o rendered my HTC One unusable, I got an invite for a OnePlus One. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
You can install a slip 'n' slide on the stairs AND scar your child for life AND get a divorce ALL in less than one hour ASK ME HOW
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