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Gina Trapani
Remember when I said people will look back on their involvement with GG with embarrassment? It's already happening.…
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(Yes I said "HTC Eye" instead of "HTC Desire Eye" because I'm sorry, I cannot use the word Desire in the name of a phone)
Equal MP front-facing / rear-facing cameras should also be default; but you only get that in the HTC Eye (for now)
So glad the Nexus 6 has front-facing speakers. HTC One convinced me that should be default for a reference device.…
Bonus points to any media that portrays same-sex marriage with two men kissing instead of two women. Former is much riskier.
The giant sports fan in my life: "This gamergate thing is crazy. There was an article on @Deadspin..."…
Wow, the new Android promos really are killer. "When enough people have an 'and' view, the world changes."…
.@TowerTwd @MikeWills Lollipop isn't confirmed, but Google pulled a telling screenshot, so...…
New Android Lollipop ads focus on diversity. "All kinds of phones for all kinds of folks" <3 <3…
"The new iTunes Connect looks good!" devolved into "Why doesn't this web site work AT ALL" within 5 seconds. #unabletoprocessrequest
2nd-best part of buying @Spacekatgal's Revolution 60 is sending a giant FUUUU to misogynist trolls…
Happy National Coming Out Day! I came out in high school & parents didn't believe me b/c I liked to wear eyeliner. Good times.
"Etta, this is an umbrella. Can you say 'umbrella'? This is what people use to poke each other in the eye with when it rains."
Torrent a movie and Warner will find and sue you. Threaten someone on a public forum, though, and "well, we don't know who's behind it".
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The police just came by. Husband and I are going somewhere safe. Remember, #gamergate isn't about attacking women.
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Wrote a few words on giving yrself & others permission to opt out of the shit volcano that is the internet some days…
More and more convinced the only social networks safe for women are private/invite-only ones (mailing lists, etc)
My @xoxo talk, about 9/11, @louisck, and what happens when you're afraid to die, is now up…
Sometimes I watch people tweet about how they want to hit a follower number and wonder what it’s like not to be afraid of the increase.
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Kathy Sierra honestly and brutally lays out strategies harassers use to discredit and silence women in tech.…
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Been seeing friends using Promoted Tweets lately + I'm blogging again. Thoughts on paying for promotion:…
Help me win the Android Arena tonight: What newish mobile app has impressed you recently? I've been digging Authy & Pushbullet lately. Go!
At XOXO, @femfreq's Anita Sarkeesian laid out the tactics used to discredit her, and many other women, online:
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"Blogging makes you unemployable." Congratulations to @davewiner for 20 years…
Seriously: people bag on @KimKardashian b/c they can't stand the idea of a successful, young, fashionable woman building a blockbuster brand
Two years ago, Microsoft pushed me down the path of thinking I'd never be a PM again:… (and this happens too often).
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Gloria Steinem telling Alicia she should run feels like Sandberg telling women to lean in. When do women stop shoulding each other?
Gloria! Steinem!! On The!!! Good!!!! Wife!!!!! What a scene.
Today on Staten Island I had to clarify what a "ginzo" is. (You mean guinea? Yeah)…
"At Old Navy, the girl shorts in a size 8 are literally half the size of a pair of shorts for a 4 year old boy"…
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I just published “The White Problem,” the first in my series on Whiteness.…
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A little thrill every time someone trusts my app enough to hand over their OAuth tokens
Didn't realize Y Combinator chooses companies partially based on Hacker News posts. That... explains a lot.…
That moment where you use the term "quantified self" in conversation w/ the person who invented it & DON'T REALIZE IT. Thanks @kevin2kelly
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Who Merged Luck With Opportunities That No Longer Exist
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"Oh yeah he follows me on Twitter," I said all casual-like when he stepped on screen during The Good Wife.…
"People believe the sacrifices a mother makes are synonymous with a lobotomy."… I am myself *and* a mom, dammit.
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A single parent working multiple low-wage jobs doesn't have free time, y'all. Free time is wealth.
Re: last tweet. Many interpret "rich" as "large bank balance." Rich also means "has free time to work on side startup."
What frustrates me about heroizing "bootstrapped": it doesn't necessarily mean "hard-working." It often means "rich to begin with."
ello isn't about ello. it's about not-facebook and timing and things that look like how we felt during a different time on the internet
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Wonderful men out there. I'm launching a campaign - #heforshe. Support the women in ur lives and sign up here now! ❤️
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Just a reminder of a great site in case you're ever confused about whether or not today is a Jewish holiday:
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Attacks against Emma Watson are an attack on women (thank you @amandataub & Nora Ephron)… #Feminism
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Everyday engagement as a developer means code commits, open source contributions, meetups, CFP submission, mentoring and writing
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Yes! Finally @thinkup's Twitter cards are working. Also, good bio edit @MAYDAYUS…
Resurfaced from an intense coding session and didn't know what day it was or where I was supposed to be going next. Best disorientation.