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nice collage me and my chick @icecreamthepostergirl 🙅👯#summervibes #bbq
That moment when you forget you're not speaking to someone and you smile halfway - but it's TOO LATE! 🙈�#accidentalsmilel#istilldontlikeyouou
@xxnickynicexx @charlene008 Oi!mind the chicken you mad woman! 😂😂😂 #family #bbq
@tiana_jamlucian #family 😘❤️
Happy birthday J xxx 🎂🙅
This girl right here!!! My cool Colombian Chica!! #oldschoolfriends @alien_ladie
Jaida doing them footworks for her 13th birthday!! @xxnickynicexx
#diva time!! #divaposes 😎💁
Me and my little superman chillin at my sisters #familytime
It's great when you don't have to act like you like someone anymore!
I can't believe there are guns that can shoot down planes..... How in the hell does the bullet travel that far? Someone please explain!
Does anyone else find that new girl on #106&park unbearable! Ugghhh shes so frosty with the guests sometimes!
@king_of_indiana: Wasn't you always bruh 😂😂😂😂�@hitmansteviejeviej I'm living the single life!” >>😂😂😂
Had a great day with my cousin @TianaTickLegz for her beautiful daughters Milan's first birthday 🎂🎂🎂😘😘😘😊😊
Fell asleep hand mid sentence on laptop! I am so friggin tired!
And just like that I get it... #daquan is the black, male becky... Right??
Who is daquan??? What did I miss???!!
Ok I threw shade on the work twitter, I know I shouldn't of, but they're so dim they won't get it anyway! 😂😂
I can't wait til Vegas and New York. I just wanna turn up every night and have fun. Seriously lately has been TOO much work and no fun!
Why does my nail have to always split at that painful part on the nail bed!! 😭😖
Oh yeah it's the #4july happy #indepenceday 🎉🎊🎉🎊
Oh and don't download #Mavericks unless you want to not have a laptop for a day or so, then yea #applestitchedmeup #hadtouseipadallday