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For the past two weeks my diet has been a ghost! These donuts are going to be my final meal 😭#backondiet #thisisfuckery #ineedsugardammit
Why's it so damn cold!
I need a guy just like Jake Ballad. Where can I find this man! #Scandal
Shonda I love you! Just watched #ScandalWinterFinale and my heart is in my throat! Every scene deserves an award!!!
I really should be in Miami for #Thanksgiving should I book....
Oh sorry, you didn't know I was a crazy bitch? Oh ok.
Doing admin stuff drains me!! Updating emails downloading footage, updating website - uggghhh!
Oh god my workout earlier has made me feel sick! Did I go too hard???
I was only 15 minutes late for dinner this evening. But seriously, I really need to work on my timekeeping! Why do I have to always be late!
Bring back angry @iamcamillap please! Just the one time so you can paralyse the other half of jada's face!
I'm sure their staff get paid on time. So why do they think it's ok to ALWAYS pay me late and then subsequently I pay my staff late! #pmt
My nephew lol he's so sweet #newagechristmaslist #thishowtheysendxmaslistnow
Someone explain this please...!
I need to take classes on how to be #OliviaPope this character is everything! #Scandal
Like for real, I'll be working while you're back home chillin! This ain't easy! #ownbusiness #businesswoman #makingmoney
Some people are so unprofessional in the way they do business! #ghetto #whyareyourunningabusiness #ghettoethics #unprofessional 😡😡😡
Some people are just born evil and there ain't nothing you can do about that.
How u gonna bait up his family business #Towie
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The way Locke looked behind like to say bitch, you mean me??? 😂😂#TOWIEWIE
Getting my #Scandal fix 😊😁
RayJ is such a CLOWN #LHHHollywood
Oh man the news I just heard... #rip to shabba kartel I'm so sad you lost your battle with cancer.
OMG! 😱#halloween
Halloween fun! Happy birthday @icecreamthepostergirl @sysational
Getting flamed up for my girls bday!! #Halloween fun!!
People are just doing the most on #fb statuses? Do they just sit phone in hand, commenting?
For the first time ever my car failed the mot! my new car not so new huh! But 10 years is taking the p..... 😂😂😂
That moment when you realise someone isn't who they appear to be...
In #apple store my laptop and it's issues are just too much!
I woke up like this 😊😉
The Marbella girl George looks like she smells. She just looks like a sl*tbucket #TheOnlyWayIsIbiza
Look right, I don't wanna see that guy in them skimpy beach outfits no more mmmkay!! #TheOnlyWayIsIbiza 🙈🙊
I hate shoe websites that don't show the shoes on! How will I know how far up the boot goes and how it looks!! #stupidmarketing 😡😡
I dot think @KimKardashian left the baby. She evidently left her with someone, put her coat on, then left with baby.
I went to the car to make sure the car seat was in because the day before we had a car seat issue.
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I have tonsillitis, I run my business single handed - yet I am still more efficient than a 10 man business!! Wtf ffs get it together!!!
Tonsillitis 😭😭😭🙊🙊🙊
Afternoon tea at the orangery 😊
FOOD FOR THOUGHT! I never believe any of these things anyway! Wake up people!
My first #football match mad excited!!! #arsenal 😁😁😁
Going to my first football match later!! Sooooooo excited! 😁😁#arsenalnal
Had a power nap I feel - meh.. Black coffee then back out again. I need a chauffeur or something *sigh*
Just had the greatest epiphany, shame it didn't come three days ago 😩
When @TamarBraxtonHer does the Jesus dance... Girl I can't!! Lol 😂😂😂
when I watch @TamarBraxtonHer do the piano singing lessons it takes me back to Sunday school choir days 😁�#choirteacherer