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Gilbran Imami
Worst team defending counter atack vs. the best counter attacking team
Ffs can't we just win comfortably?
Hashtag Dirty Diego
Just when he was starting to show his ability, he is gone for a long time. Gws boy @LukeShaw23
Proper introduction from martial. You got my attrntion boy
Setengah sadar gini nobtonnya. Bikin kopi asik kali
All Perez can do is convincing players to join Real, and United take that away from him. So suck on that
Sick of those Frozen references. It's been almost what? Two years?! Geez people, let it go already
.@nabilahiza or maybe you went shorter. Think abt it #mindblown
Who let the dogs out?? Fsociety. #MrRobot #MrRobotFinale
Madrid have confirmed #mufc submitted docs on time, delay handing over to La Liga by 28 mins! Delay due to Navas wanting changes! [Marca]
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Who the fuck is Martial?
In attack on titan, If Jean were gay and Levi were his love interest, people might address him as Levi's Jean.... I'll let myself out
.@nabilahiza damnit woman do u even watch the show
.@aditadiit gw dah nonton dan jelek dit
But at least they were spot on with that crazy scientist chick Angie
I don't really follow attack on titan much, but i think movie ver. of aaron, micasha, and arumi seem a bit off
This particular video clip speaks to you in a very spiritual way…
Pedro, get out that sinking ship
Mr. Robot. Serial tv anak informatika sejati. Kalo bukan anak informatika ga bakal paham.
Another bad Fantastic Four movie? Tbf Fantastic Four is a bad franchise in the first place. Nobody can make a good movie out of it
I'm sorry but that was a glass you broke. Not expectations.…
Motm: Sergio "de gea who?" Romero
Valencia commemorating former teammate Nani by copying his hairstyle..
Lads, it's Tottenham...
Imagine The Defenders vs The Avengers. Hope i still alive to see this
Daredevil aired, Iron Fist coming soon, Luke Cage coming soon, Doctor Strange coming soon, Marvel The Defenders confirmed?
One of the most famous British icon, loved by people around the world. Oh, and some guy from 1 Direction beside him where is my new awesome rocking headset
You won't truly see the goods of your new things until you return to your old ones...
Real Madrid to buy goal post instead of De Gea confirmed…
Tiang gawang >> De Gea
The pitch is so dry it's straight out from Breaking Bad scene
Nasty Darmian flick. Love the guy already
The pace of the game, man!
Weird lineup. Blind as cb, Memphis isnt on the left, no Herrera. Were gonna get battered…
Really hope mas Ram, mas Mul @esmuellert_ , and mas Bas @BSchweinsteiger could play together at Man Utd

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