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Kayla Neumann
@SnowThaProduct i think there needs to be a app for the store lol
WHAT!!! THIS ISNT WALMART!!!! @Caity1819
Retweet if you believe mini means you can have more than one. #want #yum
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TODAY!!! Yall ready!? 30,000 tickets SOLD OUT!! finna be FUN!!
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Your more like a hoho acting like a ding dong!!
i am starting to think music business is best done on drugs
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Snows Vlog: Arguing With My Brother: need to watch this "just do it" @SnowThaProduct love when she goes on her rants!
NEED TO WATCH THIS… cause @SnowThaProduct is the shit n shes funny as hell and idk how she comes up with this shit!!
@SnowThaProduct dude you always say the most random shit and I love it!! Always funny shit lol
@RandiDeBrower lol no its off the new remix by snow
"That's not my job that's your job babe"
I'm sittin here digging through my purse looking for my chapstick....then I remembered...hilary through that in the fire the other night lol
Snow Tha Product - G Eazy Far Alone Remix: check this out!
Listening to @SnowThaProduct to cheer me up a little bit more on my birthday!!
Had a lot of fun to night. It was a pretty good start to my 21st birthday!!! @RandiDeBrower :)
Are you rollerblading?!?!?!?! Is that cool again?? Lol @RandiDeBrower
@SnowThaProduct me 2 dude lol my nick name isn't giggles for nothing
i laugh at shit too much i end up lookin like an asshole but why is everything funny to me in conversations??
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