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gicel ∞
I want my old phone back
full of questions yet to be answered
Alam mo na ha? Yung kinwento ko sayo kanina @HashtagAmeezy
Will I ever get to meet you? @HeffronDrive I really hope so!!
I miss Big Time Rush :'(
I wont be changing my username until I guess after 10 years lol
Always and forever a rusher :)
omg tell me that big time rush is not out of columbia records and that there's still club rush <//3
If I change my username it'll always end up w me changing it back so nope
I love "One Track Mind" cant wait for the studio version of it :) @HeffronDrive
Home from school finally not much work to do
Good night <3 #HappyMistakes so excited for it!!! @HeffronDrive
I obviously cannot live without BTR ugh
No omg this for real? I can't :( RT @henderslay: what, no. im gonna cry what
i present to you the "Thrilla in Manila" cover art. the track is coming out next week; leave your parents at home!!!
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my reaction when ppl make fun of big time rush
tweet me something inspiring
Currently addicted to "Time Wasting" such a sweet song by @HeffronDrive
Don't pray to get things. Pray to get God.
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Little Mix <3
To see my idols would be the greatest feeling ever @bigtimerush
I wonder if @HeffronDrive sees this? If yes I want ya to know I'm very proud of u #HappyMistakes
Always be together.
the people you'll never regret loving :) @bigtimerush
Rushers! Starting today watch @jamesmaslow on @Crackle's #Sequestered! Download the free app here:
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Don't be too serious about things bc at the end of the day, it's about the chicken wings that matters.
I hope ur all having a great day :)
Good morning
If you ever feel embarrassed, remember james said in front of thousands of rushers watching that kendall farted.
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you're worth it
ugh cavite :/