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Adam McKay
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The Supreme Court That Made It Easier to Buy Elections ... Just Made It Harder for People to Vote in Them [TCL:...
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It's easier to get Ebola in Texas than an abortion
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"General Tsao, the fort is surrounded" "Fill the vats with sweet and spicy sauce. We will drown them in flavor."
Drone over #HongKong protest creates one of the most incredible videos you’ll ever see.
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Tour de France, single speed bikes and a smoke break, 1920s
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@GildaGielgud: they also prob contribute a bit more to the US economy” the Koch Bros paid a lot of money to get u to believe that
The Koch Bros make what Robert Downey Jr. makes in a year in one hour. Yet pay a lower tax rate than a secretary. #SpitTakeWorthy
I wanna a giant super noisy leaf blower that can blow away cars and people.
Just watched Hot Rod with the family and everyone laughed hard thru whole thing. Such an underrated gem.
NFL is gross, baseball ruined its history thru steroids. If Lebron joins Westboro Baptist I'm becoming a cricket fan.
Creepy stuff out of ESPN with the Simmons suspension. NFL is the Exxon or Halliburton of sports leagues. #FreeSimmons
About to put on some Frankie Beverly and Maze, blaze up a blunt & roll dice for a new D&D character.
Stunned by scale of #PeoplesClimate march. Pic taken 2.5 hours after it first started passing by my NYC apt. bldg.
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Love this movie...“@dargott: As the Palaces Burn on DVD October 14th…
When the Republicans went insane: Gingrich, Norquist, Fox News & the roots of today's shameful intransigence
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The U2 album just called my right wing aunt and asked her to come stay with us for a month.
"Hey! It's the old gang! Slappy! Bushwick! Gina! It's me, Jojo! I'm back!" **Everyone in DMV stares silently**
Question for any scientists: Is there a chance that U2 album becomes sentient and starts WW3?
2000 years old green serpentine stone mask found at the base of Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico.
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Sometimes I worry that pizza isn't a real sport
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Baby, I'm gonna rock your world. I'm going to get you wrongly convicted of murder.
"Dear Diary, the ugly woman at the bank cut in front of me today." Woman: "EXCUSE ME?!" [whispers]"Dear Diary, I think she can hear me."
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So shocking McDonald's sales are dropping. The old "treat employees like crap & serve awful food" formula is usually a winner.
Just playing devil's advocate for a second: please worship the devil.
When coming out of any coma, try keeping your eyes shut for another day or two to see what everyone's saying about you.
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Today's all in one headline: Ukrainian Knocked Unconscious on Video by Isis in Record Heat Wave!
Be the change you want in the world. I'm going to hand out cheese steaks at the DMV and stop wearing underwear.
Rock, paper, scissors... The movie. "Son, there is no way to defeat the rock giants. Just keep delivering your useless papers."
English to American translations: -Lift=elevator -Orgy mat=family photo album. -God's rocky dick=volcano
"NFL? How may I help u?" "I have a tape of one of ur star players assaulting a woman." "Please hold" *on hold music plays forever*
Dropped Pi in a game of odds & evens & the other guy's hand turned to glass & shattered. The last mozzarella stick is mine!
Obama is the 4th consecutive US president to announce bombing of Iraq
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If Roger Goodell has to resign I wonder if Penn State students protest in support of him?
Hey, Apple, calm the fuck down... it's a wrist watch, not a flying car.
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U.N. scientists see largest CO2 increase in 30 years: ‘We are running out of time’
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Picked my fantasy team. My QB is hot Amerasian chick in cut offs, RB is all you can eat toro & WR Dick Cheney going to prison.
Moral of story: most reliable way to win elections is to do what Wall St wants & then get Wall St cash to spend ur opponent into the ground
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If I played in the NFL my number would be 💏 cause then they'd go to tackle me and be like "awww" and I'd score.
Work to change the system from within. Join the KKK & play The Pointer Sisters at cross burnings.
Note to all UK tv stations: do not show Braveheart any time soon.
Is it "right on red" or "gun it in any direction if it the vibe is right on red?"
Burning Man sounds fun with the Coldplay blaring & people on beer, but how about a little law & order? #LeastPopularTweets