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Adam McKay
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Lacking a shred of empathy, GOP congressman tells constituent that raising the min. wage would be "not right" WATCH
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Im opening a restaurant called "Knockers and Wings" with an all male wait staff & antique door knockers on the walls.
You know there's one annoying White House aide who with every crisis constantly says "First world problems! Haha! Right?"
Read this if u wanna be furious! “@thenation: Seven Facts About Our Broken Tax System
THIS IS INCREDIBLE. | Inside Amy Schumer’s Aaron Sorkin parody starring Josh Charles: Watch “The Food Room.”
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Once ppl relax about gays what will billionaires scapegoat to distract from ripping USA off? Really tall red heads? hot yoga? DH's?
The hard-working man I wrote about yesterday who couldn't get chemo for testicular cancer because TX won't expand medicaid? He died today.
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Just met the guy who sings the "Napa know how!" jingle. Not what I expected: 72 yr old Hasidic Jewish.
Huge congrats to @StephenAtHome for replacing Letterman. I worked with him at Second City years ago. Funny, smart & gracious.
If your moral code lines up perfectly with your self interests you're either a sociopath, a criminal or a Koch Brother.
My cable just plays an image of a middle finger on all channels. I called Com-Time to complain and they liquefied my dog.
Once Comcast merges with Time Warner they will then merge with God. Com-Time will be in all of us.
@GhostPanther funny how the GOP totally ignores the Bush years now.
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It's amazing how many 3rd rate creeps and hacks had their careers revived by the Bush Administration, I mean Cheney. @UnknownKnownUK
See Unknown Known by @errolmorris. Rumsfeld is so cartoonishly evasive it's hilarious. Then u remember he's talking about a war & torture.
Spoil alert! This season of Game of Thrones introduces a mediator and is mostly coffee and late night bargaining sessions.
Ahoy! Catch the Super-Sized R-Rated Anchorman 2 on Blu-ray TODAY!
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McDonald's business model: a clown, grey meat & aggressively underpaid employees. 3 or 4 billionaires r lovin it!
"I scarfed down the food in seconds so no idea how it tasted. Four stars" Every dog's restaurant review.
Cool math trick: take your current age and add 15. That's how old you will be in 15 years Thanks for following. Have a good night
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