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Adam McKay
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Work to change the system from within. Join the KKK & play The Pointer Sisters at cross burnings.
Note to all UK tv stations: do not show Braveheart any time soon.
Is it "right on red" or "gun it in any direction if it the vibe is right on red?"
Burning Man sounds fun with the Coldplay blaring & people on beer, but how about a little law & order? #LeastPopularTweets
Someone just called the Kristen Wiig comedy WELCOME TO ME, "Truman Show meets In Living Color," so dammit now I've gotta see it. #tiff14
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BTW, if WELCOME TO ME comes out this ye, Kristen Wiig is DEFINITELY a Golden Globe contender. It's a comedy, but it deals w/ serious issues.
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*aggressively waves at the ice cream man from the court ordered 75 feet away*
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We were 1 of 22 docs picked from over 500 for #TIFF14. Many thanks to @thompowers for the vote of confidence.
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"She wants to make a talk show about her life...why is that so crazy?"Kristen Wiig on funny/sad WELCOME TO ME #TIFF14
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"Albino Cobra Loose in Suburbs" is not Ron Artest's new name.
What would Jesus do if someone reclined their seat on his knees? Easy. He'd go off.
Cowboys are bringing in Michael Sam for their practice squad. Good on them. After 3 scks and 11 tkls in preseason this guy deserves a shot.
Isn't the phrase "In God we trust" undercut by the fact that its on cash?
Wow: "Only 12 players had at least 2.5 sacks in this NFL preseason. 10 made teams, 1 made practice squad, only 1 was cut: Michael Sam."
Dogs are so stupid. They get excited over the simplest thin-OH SWEET! SOMEONE RETWEETED ME!!!
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Given US has lowest min wage in industrialized world and unions have been smashed, Labor Day is ironic this year right?
Me: You wanna piece of me?! Huh? You want some of this?" Other guy: Actually yes Me: Oh. (runs)
The most terrifying climate change report yet:
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Tried to pray today and got an Install Adobe Flash Player alert.
"Run away from facts like ur a blond girl with a huge head of hair in a bat cave" Fox mandate to all broadcasters.
We just got a rescue dog. He pulled me out of a burning tank.
This might sound greedy but I just want everyone to give me their things.
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These marks on my face r marks of a life lived, of roads taken- What's that? They're ants? Ah! (Runs away swatting & scratching self)
"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." – Wayne Dyer
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My horoscope today: You will look to pseudo spirituality for answers instead of examining ur psychological & economic reality.
"Democratic admins are more likely to oversee bigger drops in the national abortion rate than Republican admins."
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Fox News is tearing us apart: Race baiting and divisiveness hits disgusting new low via @PaulHRosenberg
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Super sharp piece on militarized police: Cop v. Black Guy…
Entertainers who don't comment on controversial issues to not lose fans are... Pretty cool I guess, 2 each their own.Yolo right?
The drop in projected Medicare spending is bigger than cost of Amtrak, welfare, and unemployment benefits--combined.
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Say what you will about Hitler, but the guy did kill Hitler.
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Reality: Hey Mankind, better start using solar or ur all gonna die.. Mankind: Shh. The lady w/nice tits got voted off Big Brother.
Just got back from an amazing meditation retreat at Dave & Busters.
My dog eats trash and his own crap. Typical Sagitarius. #NationalDogDay
Counter programming idea for VH1: The Lemmys with Motörhead watching TV and drinking with biker chicks.. #emmys
NEW: Docs show Christie pension investments have been jackpot for Wall St & GOP donors, while costing taxpayers $3.8B…
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one of the QVC ladies just died and the others are eating her
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Just read Being a Dummy for Dummies. It's mostly pictures of people in crocs watching Hannity.
Selling my white privilege on EBay.
Greatest celebs ever: 1. Leonard Nimoy 2. The Fonz 3.the guy with no face or hands on fire exit signs 4. Bill Wyman
Do it Time Magazine. Ur fading into irrelevancy anyway, make Niki Minaj's ass your man of the year.
I start every 911 call with "Ok promise you won't be mad..."
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If you're anti abortion AND anti contraception and anti sex ed, then I hate to break it to you but you're pro abortion.
Some people just aren't going to like you. But the important thing is to dwell on that until you die
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Burning Man is next week, and if the US really insists the War on Drugs isn't an institutional race war, it will end in thousands of arrests
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I like to think Chris Cornell talked like he sings when he was 3 yrs old. "I want my toy truck!!!"