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Adam McKay
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Wish I could find a sports show out there that would talk about where Johnny Manziel will be drafted & if he'll be any good.
If I can quote the late Tupac Shakur "You all need to take a chill pill!"
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Another way to put it: 4 in 10 “journalists” arent actually journalists, or dont understand what “journalism” means…
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Slept like a log last night. Rotten, wet and with little gray bugs underneath me that curl up when u lift me up.
"American Man arrested for refusing to say word "freedom" in Spanish" Tonight on the Make Believe White Ppl Outrage News Network!
Amazing that the Washington Wizards used to be called the Bullets. And before that The Income Inequalities.
Has anyone ever really had fun at anything referred to as a "gala."
Charity auction with a walk on in one of my movies for sale:
When I walk into a room panties get wet. Because I'm smoking and the fire sprinklers have come on.
That game was just incredible. Can only come up with 4 series-ending buzzer beaters - MJ 89, Stockton 97, Sampson 86 and Lillard 14.
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Corps have speech & maybe religion once hobby lobby decision comes in. Next up for corps: morning breath & camel toe.
Should We Step In To Help Nigeria Find Kidnapped Girls?…
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One way to keep the name Redskins w/o offending everyone is to change their logo to John Boehner. Or is that the Orange Skins?
How to spot fake news stories in five simple steps:
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A rural hospital is closing in Tennessee because the state refuses to expand Medicaid
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Don't hate the playa, hate the game. Unless the game is Boggle or Uno. Then hate the playa.
Repubs today blocked raising poverty level minimum wage. So pull yourself up by ur boot straps but the straps are made of tissue paper?
Ding dong the bigot's gone. Well done Adam Silver. Now Clippers, please kick Golden State's ass.
For a limited time KFC will hold ur hand in a deep frier & give you bread and lettuce to eat it. I hear its painful but yummy!
Bait & switch: Dems helped Wall St pillage the country, now stage a narrow debate over min wage to pretend they care about the middle class
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Louisiana is about to make it illegal for homeless people to beg for money
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Of course media under-report FCC's landmark proposal that empowers big media companies to control the Internet.
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"I'll never forget the day my son Jeremy told me he hated me" How about the day I told u I hate you cause ur radio ad plays non stop?
What makes anyone think Donald Sterling is a Democrat? LA County records show him registered Republican since 1998. #DonaldSterling
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