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Ghetto Mother

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the fox says you a bitch
Bitches be tweeting "I hate sleeping alone"? Hoe you know you share a bed with 4 siblings, 2 cousins, and 6 roaches.
How much ass could a black girl twerk if a black girl could twerk ass?
stop👏 worrying👏 about👏 shit👏 that👏 doesnt👏 have👏 anything👏 TO👏 DO👏 WITH👏 YOU👏
How does the government expect me to eat off only $1,200 a month in food stamps? What's that supposed to get me? A snack?
My pussy so deep I could smuggle 12 Mexicans and 2 tons of cocaine across the border. #GetOnMyLevelHoe
when we get to the store, don't touch nothin', don't ask for nothin', don't even look at anything because you ain't gettin nothin!
12 year olds are having sex and i can't even order in mcdonalds without panicking
Girls be taking sexy pics in the mirror but got roaches twerking in the background?
I'm buysexual Buy me KFC and I become sexual 👉👌
Is it natural to shit during sex?
My milkshake would have brought all the boys to the yard if I wouldn't have drank it..
Eating cheetos in church is like dating a stripper. Everyone looks at you in disgust but deep down inside they want some
Will twerk for food stamps 🙌
My titties are so big I could breast feed half of Africa.
Last night I was twerking In the club and had an asthma attack 😨
Retweet if you ever got yo ass whooped as a child 👏
Should I name my child FriendChickenisha or WaterMelony?