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where everything in our crib at, and everytime you walk up out
just saw a black girl with a smaller butt than my 4 yr old sister
im beyond irritated
cons of having a step sister in the same grade as you
White people be walking they big ass dog with no leash talking bout "don't run" ... Got me fucked up
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not okay with the old men i work with calling me baby
i feel like walking crowders mountain
i didnt even go to kmis
i dont know where this intermediate school hoodie came from but im wearing it
a wu tang hockey jersey would be the flyest shit on the western hemisphere
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when i was little i would sleep walk and wake up in weird places like in the middle of the hall or behind the couch
yeah me mad petty, yeah me bogus
1. This nigga bio says " I don't love these hoes " but his girl a hoe ? @nochiIl
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ive been lazy about everything lately
this was the og idea for me and james' first collaboration…
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i hate country music so much
i hardly ever have nightmares but when i do they're about zombies and the end of the world
"@NoChillNoah: When you smack her ass in public and everyone looks" lmaoooo