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glenn robinson
Family Suing after Video Showed Their Child Killed by a Cop after Flashing his Brights
Likeness to Ash a double-edged sword for Sneha… via @YahooNews
Pharma Bro Lied, He Never Intended to Revert the 5,500% Price Increase of Live-Saving Drug
US Company Unveils First-Ever Handheld Drone Neutralizer Gun
VIDEO: Pay $250 Fine or Patrol Car Gets Towed, Illegally Parked Cop Gets a Taste of Police Extortion
Drug War’s a Scam, Racism’s a Problem, It’s Time to Stand Up: This Georgia Cop Tells it Like it Is!
Here’s Why the MSM is Saying Hillary Won the Debate — One of Her Top Donors Owns CNN
Mass Panic Ensues, School Locked Down After Student Says “Gum”
BREAKING: US Forces that Repeatedly Bombed Afghan Hospital, Knew it was a Hospital All Along
We Mean To Thrive (Why Respectability Politics Are Going Extinct)… via @Angry_Blk_Man
WA State slashes by 2/3 ‘puny’ fine for worker killed in manure pond.Help make this right @
Calif. man, 39, shot dead by own dad as wife goes into labor #GunsDontKill
Georgia mom furious as son was sprayed with Glade at school
"...prison sentences are doled out in fives because that's how we like to count." via
King: How 1st grade teachers help set prison sentences
2 Years & Still No Justice - Oct. 22nd-Celebrate the Life of #AndyLopez
The strange star that has serious scientists talking about an alien megastructure ......................
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US deploys troops to Africa ....................................................
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What finally broke the 'no Chicanos' rule at the reemergent Museum of Latin American Art
Listen to Replay by Zendaya on @AppleMusic. (I searched for 'Zendaya Repeat' and couldn't find it lmao.…
Cops feel so protected, that they will abuse people while knowing that cameras are running.
The NYPD LOOTED $1.2 BILLION from the city budget for police brutality settlements this decade. ZERO conservative rage, though. Crickets.
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3 Ways State Violence Impacts Black Women That We Don’t Talk About Nearly Enough… via @EvrydayFeminism
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Because some folks STILL need it spelled out... | Infographic: Is Your Halloween Costume Offensive?… via @Refinery29
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1 out of 5 Millennials has an immigrant parent. Why that should matter to #Election2016 candidates: #DemDebate
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"The NYPD has not submitted data to the FBI since 2006."
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NAACP CEO calls teen arrest video 'absolutely outrageous'
Reviving the ancient language of the Mohawks [VIDEOS]
New Hartford World of Life church members arrested after teen dies [VIDEO]
Group that waved Confederate flags indicted @CNN
In the Last 24-hours, Russia Has Destroyed Nearly All ISIS Ammunition & Heavy Vehicles
New Info Shows Fox Lake Cop was Investigating Corrupt Police Chief When he Was Killed
Teen Tries to Report Harassment, Cop Responds by Slamming Him to the Ground
VIDEO: Cop Spits in Innocent Handcuffed Man’s Face Then Arrests Him for the Assault
Gun Shop Forced to Pay $6m to Two Cops Because they Sold the Gun that was Used to Shoot Them
CIA Psychologists Sued For Developing Torture Techniques Based On Studies Of Abusing Dogs
California border patrol supervisor accused of false alerts on U.S. resident via @Reuters
U.S. Border Patrol Says Use Of Force Incidents Have Dropped 26%… via @aflores @BuzzFeedNews

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