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Scare-ard Way
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Can't sleep, too much leftover adrenaline
You all handled yourselves amazingly throughout the whole situation and made it possible to continue playing so thank you
Thank you NYC for another amazing show!This one was a challenge but we conquered it together.Glad there wasn't a disaster with the barricade
Happy Birthday to my amazing and talented friend @Jessicka !
There is no way to sign outside because there is no way to organize it due to the inflow of people coming to the club for a separate event
So please pass along the info that I will not be able to sign tonight. Deepest apologies friends.
So I just spoke to the venue and unfortunately there is no way to sign for anyone tonight. The venue turns into a club after the show
Want to win tickets to see Gerard live in the UK? Sign up to his official mailing list to enter the competition!
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Like I never noticed that log before
Are there new emojis or did I just never see the thought balloon?
Only screwed up one lyric
And holy smokes was that Sleater-Kinney song fun to play
Review of @gerardway at @starlandNJ tonite. What you missed, with video and set list. Great crowd, better front man:…
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And thanks for being an amazing audience NJ
Thank you to the amazing staff at @starlandNJ for accommodating such a large amount of people at the unofficial aftershow signing
Perhaps you would enjoy this behind the scenes video from the creation of "Millions"?…
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It's the perfect sized phone for an older gentleman or lady
My phone doesn't feel so big anymore now the old ones just feel small
I know pop is top right now but I'd say @fusetv is pretty cool for putting me on and blasting some psychic fuzz on the airwaves #boldmove
The best part- @fusetv played No Shows and it looked even more scuzzy on normal tv and I almost jumped out of my seat I was so proud
Live Review: @gerardway Brings a "Positive Polly" Attitude and the Glitzy #HesitantAlien to New York City…
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The much anticipated second edition of my favorite web series has debuted. Asshole Ghost Brother 2.
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Btw I'm not sick, just commenting that health is a factor in after show meet ups 😷
It keeps being amazing to meet as many of you as I can after the show. As long as my health holds up it's good to go
Shout out to the Hall of Presidents with all them robot presidents giving me nightmares and whatnot.
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Tonight was magic. Thank you New York❤️
Sex is like pizza, if you're going to use bbq sauce you better know what the fuck you're doing
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I'm doing my makeup early I'm fucking PUMPED new york
Nothing like being in a sprawling metropolis to make you want to write a bunch of super hero comics
Just signed some Umbrella Academy graphic novels here, and the only copy of Spider-Verse they had left
My old station when I used to work the 6am shift at the Barnes and Noble
What great news to wake up to- @Sleater_Kinney is back!
In other news, my heather green fall sweater is looking SICK
I should start saying "Good morning" and "Have a nice day" more often in real life. Why are we predisposed to being isolated?