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Gerard Way
Break time Rubbaduck
You're gonna burn your goddamned mouth on that microwave burrito
Oh, well there goes that, Instagrams haunted
.@samkitten what? What are you talking about?
Is it just that I'm getting older or is the world getting faster?
So much stuff going on
My Instagram is a goddamned ghost town
Drawing like Jack Kirby is really hard
Finished the comic script, now I wait for notes!
See a raw, edgy Spike Lee/Rob Liefeld comic from Fantagraphics' upcoming 'Hip Hop Family Tree' box set:
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@gerardway Thank you Gerard for teaching me new English words via your tweets. This week I've already learned words like "enema" and "pun".
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So what's up twitter?
Yeah. Totally a pun.
Seems like the consensus is it's up to it's not a pun? Maybe? A little?
Wait, just to confirm this- is my album title a pun? #hesitantalien
Hello friends, frnkiero andthe cellabration's debut album Stomachaches is now on iTunes! Thank you for all the love.…
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Happy Birthday Jack Kirby...I will draw something in your honor today.
Slept *very* uneasy last night. Massive cup of trucker coffee at 11pm was an amateur move. Night phantoms.
Oh *now* there's a raccoon
Coffee on my shirt
Give me the strong coffee. Call it rango, gut-punch, shit-whistle, Denise. But make it strong.
Pulling a late-night coffee-chain comic script party for one
made a video for go! U can watch it here: ^_^… special thanks to @blooddiamonds @DavidBHayter & everyone involved
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Very excited! Requiem Vampire Knight: Resurrection is now available from @comiXology #cXSubmit
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I know some of you are just starting school again. Try and relax, it's not a big deal. Really. Ponder this-
ON SALE TODAY! @gerardway brings his debut solo tour to Philly Friday 10/17. Get your tix here at noon #hesitantalien
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Had to explain to my daughter that haunted phones don't exist. I hate lying to her.
.@LaGaiaMua that's my "Less Than Zero" pose
This fuckin haunted phone
Ok- time to focus some of this nervous energy into some comic pages Lots of love, Beam me up
In case you missed it yesterday, GERARD WAY at Starland 10.22 - on sale tomorrow at noon:
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The deadline for volunteering at East Bay Stand Down to help homeless vets get back on their feet fast is approaching
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11:31 am and I'm already two Redbulls deep. Bulls deep.
hey the Q&A chat starts in 5 mins! see you there!
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NEW SHOW! @gerardway is here on Sun, 10/19! Tickets go on sale this Wed, 8/27 at 12pm at…
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.@LolaPlusG I'm so excited for this