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Gerard Way
Gereard's AMA on @reddit is at 3PM PST, grab an account if you want to participate!
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Still holding at #2 on the iTunes alternative chart... think we can get it to #1? #HesitantAlien
Have a seat, just don't block my face
Happy October you pumpkin heads
Super wiped, great record release day. Thanks to @VacationVinyl, WBR, and every one of you for making it special.👽
Thanks for showing up and making some art with me...I had a blast meeting you all! #HesitantAlien
Had a cool chat with Mark from Vacation, you guys will come in about 10 at a time and we hang and then you can paint. Intimate/casual
Worm has a few decks for Magic The Gathering that are straight up criminal and probably banned @bigwormy
The Gerard Way album Hesitant Alien was released today. I played guitar on it. Check it out:
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Maybe I'll wear my pieced together grungy black suit instead
So, I was planning on wearing my suit today for the signing at @VacationVinyl but we are all going to paint a mural on canvas together=paint
Love this video. One of my favorite bands @thoapband also has a new album out today! Here's the vid-…
Good morning! 👽
Night all...thanks for everything 👽
I feel like the new stuff I'm writing has a lot more in common with 'Get The Gang Together' than anything else on the album #listening
Hey man, I'm just high on distortion
Just heard #HesitantAlien is #2 on the iTunes alternative chart- think it will get to 1?
Listening to the bass and drums on Zero Zero...people actually let us put this out
Oh and of course, my trusted companion, @LolaPlusG
I'd like to thank @mckeanwest , the Hormones, ODB, and Ridley Scott #HesitantAlien
So of course now I'm listening to it, let's have a listening party
Just bought my own album, it's a superstitious thing to do on release day
Just having some fun
Happy Record Release! Spread the joy
Somone gave me an idea and I wanna do a special release image but it involves gore. I don't think too much tho, we will see.
Literally too many amazing mentions to favorite. So much love. Seeing people happy makes me happy 👽
I'm hearing that preorder peeps are getting it now, east and west coast
#HesitantAlien out in 20 minutes on the east coast?
I'm just gonna make videos where I'm finger tapping badly to all hell for an uncomfortable amount of time
That was fun, thank you guys again and special thanks to @JaredLeto and @VyRT !
Finger tapping Shreddy Kruger
You guys going to join me on @VyRT in less than an hour? Excited!
Did you miss the news? We're having a listening party with @gerardway at 5pm PDT! Be a part of the fun today!
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The death of a 32 yr old Dunkin Donuts worker, became a symbol of the hardships facing the american low-wage workers
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1st time I ever met @gerardway he was covered in dust and wearing a jacket held together with American Nightmare stickers. Lol. YOU MADE IT!
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I'm seeing a lot of people received #HesitantAlien - thank you so much for the support. Most of America- only 1 more day to wait!
Really excited about working with @VyRT for the first time tomorrow