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Makes me crease how far some girls go just to get a lads attention😂😭
HaHaha it's real funny when boys can't see how they act exactly like the girls they hate. Fake af, always gossiping, and hypocritical.
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Shows how thick you are when you can't understand sarcasm😂👋
Had an amazing weekend with my bestfriends&family🎉�
Honestly such a weird feeling when you get over someone and look back and just realize how bad for you they were
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It's a little frustrating how girls just ignore girl code and the rules of feminism. I don't understand. Foolish for temporary attention.
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My beautiful wife Jenny has been diagnosed with Cancer, tomorrow we find out how to beat it! RT to #KickCancerAss
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@anekasandhu: how fake can some people be🙅”🙌😂
If your gonna lie at least make it believable or don't lie at all😂🙅
ed sheeran's voice makes me melt
Have no time for two faced people
You love me let's not lie😂�@anekasandhuhu
The plan worked😂😩@anekasandhudhu
Cupid or na?😂�@anekasandhuhu
Grow some balls😂�@anekasandhuhu
How is it only Tuesday😩
Done no revision for these mocks😂😁
cannot wait for mocks to be over
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Happy birthday liv! Hope you have a good day😘�@oliviamast1t1
Happy birthday beautiful! Love you millions have a good day!!!!!!💗💗
Big welldone to Emma on her collection and goodluck for the Midlands fashion awards tonight!😁💕
Your meant to be my friend but your making me feel like absolute shit
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Such a good weekend with @roseyprice1 and everyone👯🎉
LA Galaxy 0-7 #UNITED goals by Rooney Welbeck James and Young
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No way you can deny been two faced now😹😹
funniest d of e so far😂😂
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Sooo many nasty girls around🙅
Taxi has been outside my house for half an hour an idk why😭
So annoying how many lies go around🙅
These group rates are soooo annoying stop
So emotionally drained😒
Why am I awake😑
@lnsaneTweets: Me when I see your face” @gracetregellis1 😂😏