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George southgate
got a phone for first time in in 2 months text me your numbers ive got old number still
Diego Costa can fucking stay where he is we'll stick with Torres
Out with the team, @rioferdy5 turns to me and says; "Look at the ass on her Phil, how would you rate her 1-10?" I said - "Rio I'm married"
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It's all in England's hands now my friends
Well Columbia looked sick
Keep refreshing my news feed looking at @TeamAndo180 page to get the updates of the final #comeonando
Woulda won 100 if Spain won thought no brainier I obviously know nothing
Tom hardy as the krays in the new film is my perfect combination
Luckiest pen ever !!!
Anyone selling a iPhone let me know please :)
I want more stickers someone take me tescos #stickeraddiction
Just spent two hours putting stickers in my World Cup book #timewellspent
Work in under 6 hours and can't sleep soooo hot #brokenfan
Right folks as we reached 5,000. Gary said he will send a match shirt to one of his fans. Retweet to be in with a chance #teamando😎
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Never thought I'd be upset about a player leaving Chelsea but I'm actually in bits
Hate checking my bank after the weekend ffs
After the football I am getting wankered #Payday
From George happy birthday buddy!! @PaulDnB1
Arsenal fans gonna be crawling out the woodwork now
Someone better come out tonight !!!
Yessssss @TeamAndo180 in the playoffs premier league title number 2 coming up !!
I'm sorry,But wtf is that person on Eurovision. I'm not being rude,But I genuinely want to know. Whaaaat da fuq iz daaaaat?
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Up at 7 on my day off ffs breaking bad it is
Did either of you carry me home I have no idea what happened haha @luke_mcpherson @par_char
If no one is game for going out tonight I'll disown you all
Some guy called Sheldon called about me making an appearance at his own personal comic con. He was quite brusque but I found it charming.
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The Hooligan Factory Trailer.... Here we go... Get involved you melts! [please] :) x…
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Having no phone is the worst :(
We all know saturday and sunday is going to leave me in a quivering mess. i love you bank holiday.
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You will never win playing a #Scorpio. You cant play a player.
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Cannot describe the level of boredom I'm enduring right now #someonesaveme
If a #Scorpio is in love with you, you will get plenty of love!
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Gonna do anything I can to make tonight sickkkkk #gonnabemessy
Boredd is not the word
@KingCMRN: “@RoyCropperNOT_: We all know a slag called Gemma.” OI MY MUMS CALLED GEMMA YOU CUNT” I've probably fingered the slag then.
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A #Scorpio can be challenging to get to know. Since they are secretive, reverse the game and make yourself a mystery to pull them out 1st.
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#Scorpio's can lead a very private life. They don't feel the need to talk, they would rather show.
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A #Scorpio date will actually be very sweet. It's only when you cross them will they destroy you.
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When you realise its Bank holiday this weekend...
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