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George southgate
Qube Fridayssss!!!! Jokes I'm in bed 😊
Retweeted by George southgate
Especially when in bed by 10 anything happening ?
Pissed on a Friday I should be ashamed
When you realise it's 2 weeks until the start of the Premier League season.
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Getting too old for this going out lark
Got tickets for community shield booooom
Well Luton is a shithole
Far too pissed on a school night
Well North Wales is boring
Trying to act unfazed when one of these hit you in the face but deep down you wanted to cry...
Retweeted by George southgate
It's now exactly one month until the start of the new Premier League season!
Retweeted by George southgate
Buy on get one free on beers in Sheffield safe to say I'm gonna be shitfaced
Not having enough sex can put you at risk of anxiety, paranoia and depression.
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Police in Turkey tries to stop Pride parade with water cannons, accidentally creates rainbow🌈i
Retweeted by George southgate
Demba Ba chant. To the theme of Baa Baa Black Sheep.
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People who have there profile pic as there car either have no bird or are ugly as fuck
Was this the hardest football game ever made??
Retweeted by George southgate
R.I.P Christopher Lee who played Surman in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
Retweeted by George southgate
Up at half 4 and still not home fuck you m25 you shit cunt
Second day of juicing and I have lost the will to live
First day of juicing and its safe to say I'm starving
Shit weather and nearly cut my finger off with a wood saw good start to a Friday
No wonder you need money to live in Soho 14 pound for a subway and 10 pound for fags robbing wankers
Sometimes your true mates is all you need
Buy one get one get free on Stella on a Tuesday, can only be Newcastle !!
Messi once has again just left me speechless
Weekend has defeated me
Feel like I've been gang raped
Fucking boooooom champions !!!!! @ChelseaFC
Today is the day we can become champions please don't do it the hard way I wanna be able to relax for rest of season COME ON @ChelseaFC
Why is it st paddys day always get a big mention but st Georges day is hardly talked about #unpatriotic
Treyarch a world at war 2 would be sooo sick
Sitting in a beer garden at half 2 in sunny old Stockport can't be bad
Love it when girls act all posh and superior and your just sitting there like yeah but I fingered you hahaha
Up in Newcastle and its like they've left the zoo door open horrible looking creatures
How many people are gonna slag off farage and ukip but are first to complain when a immigrant takes there job for much less pay #hypocrite
I do like a girl who has a bit of class and and looks after themselves, seen too many trolls about today welcome to Birmingham !!!
Every selfie a girl uploads leads to friends telling her how pretty she is for her to disagree and then a "catch up" is always arranged πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by George southgate
Having 100s of these and no idea what to do with them! #90sMemories
Retweeted by George southgate

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