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Geoff Ninecow
RT @maureenfox @140elect Y not just go the #AnalRehdration route, @seanhannity / who says he doesn’t? have you seen him throw that nerfball?
‘We Can’t Breathe’: The Movement Against Police Brutality Is Just Beginning… @KatrinaNation @thenation #p2 #tcot
Such Is The Wisdom Of The Everyday Has-Been, Bob Kerrey… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot
Torture totally solves everything. That's why the world was perfect when Bush and Cheney left office.
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Shishmaref, Alaska Is Still Falling Into The Sea… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot
Freedom Isnt Free: Gary Southern Facing Charges In Chemical Spill… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot
RT @EWErickson: "The Senate Democrats’ torture farce.” < there is no such thing as conservative humor.
RT @iamjoequint RT @140elect Y hasn’t @seanhannity kept his promise to be waterboarded? #TortureReport he's an all-talk punk / #NerfPrincess
@geoff9cow @owillis @140elect @seanhannity The only hawk who had the balls to do it was Hitchens, who concluded that it was torture.
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.@RickSantorum Plays Coy On Whether He's Ready To Join The @GOP 2016 Grifter's Club @VideoCafeCnL @crooksandliars #p2
.@GOP Rep Lies And Blames Obamacare For Her Husband's Death @MrScarce @crooksandliars @FoxNews #p2 #tcot @UniteBlue
Obama receives his first lesson in coding from a middle schooler
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About to talk with Rachel @maddow about the House GOP's sneaky new budget provision to weaken the rules on Wall Street. Tune in!
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@GottaLaff @JarCola <= Who's this ignorant piece of Trash? Oh, another shit-stained RWNJ who trolls while licking the Vomit of Fox.
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RT @surrealmamahood: @Karoli @geoff9cow Not that he's read the owner's manual. / can you imagine having to pay Cheney’s karma debt?
Col. Wilkerson: Dick Cheney Fully Informed About Prisoner Torture //yet we bought his new heart.
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RT @lagoonlizard66: @geoff9cow <———RACIST / horse leakage. but I do like @IndyCar @F1 and @NASCAR. so I guess I'm a race-ist.
RT @ChipDouglas96: trial by media is the enemy not Cosby / both should be dealt with accordingly. but, again, how many chickens by now?
RT @ChipDouglas96: when you are rich & famous like Cosby, 100s of People of all sexes/ages can lie about you / riiiiight. what’s an arc?
Dick Cheney On Torture: It's Good, And Good For You! @Karoli @crooksandliars @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot
RT @ChipDouglas96 I'm calling YOU a witch hunter for slandering Bill Cosby / chickens home to roost is a slander? and how many chickens now?
RT @ChipDouglas96: @geoff9cow in the dictionary of 'witch hunter' is your photo. / you calling @megynkelly a witch?
"@KillianZane: I'll be the vp for @realDonaldTrump when he is president" You would be better than what we have now! / #TrumpRodman2016
In the dictionary definition of “clap trap” there’s a picture of @FoxNews @GOP spokesmodel @megynkelly
In the dictionary definition of ‘chickens home to roost’ there’s a picture of Bill Cosby.
RT @Jennyablue: @geoff9cow Cheney seriously said that? whoa / Proof that vampires are real.
Weird. The only administration who thought they needed torture was the only administration that didn't stop 9/11.
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Dick Cheney: 'I Haven't Read' CIA Torture Report but It's 'Full of Crap'… @TheMattWilstein @Mediaite @GOP #WarCriminal
If in 4 years a Republican had gotten Bin Laden, brought gas to near $2, & unemployment under 8%, he'd already be on Mt. Rushmore & the dime
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RT @aweiser278 @140elect @GOP Nice try but there is absolutely no way democrats were not in it together / lesser of 2 evils is always lesser
The Torture Report: The Game and How We Played It @rudepundit @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot
"CIA torture details, in wake of ugly police killings: How much more state abuse can we tolerate?"… @joanwalsh @Salon
RT @140elect: Folks who support torture: Iran, North Korea, Syria, ISIS, and Republicans. #uniteblue / @GOP @FoxNews
Thanks @StephenAtHome for helping Americans everywhere to "Better Know a District." This last one was a real splash!
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Why millions of Christian evangelicals oppose Obamacare & civil rights… @danielsilliman @Salon @GOP @FoxNews #tcot #p2
RT @nottaslimjim: @geoff9cow Ya never what old people will do. 😩 / Madame DeFarge is still knitting.
Conservative knee slapper “@TheJimHughes Worst part in TortureReport : They made KSM watch @msnbc for 180 hours straight. #GenevaConvention