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*Team♌* July24th!
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2:40 AM ii been sleep since 3 -6 now I been up since. . Guess I'll make myself go to sleep -ain't nobody to talk or whatever so I #snapchatted . Y all can #DM me.
The people who tweet the realest shit never get a bunch of RTs. Twitter wasn't made for the real.
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Niggas are real scary. .. did that just pop out my head ?
Sitting @ Mickey Ds just kickin it and talking about life.
was a diamond in the rough i ain't never played tough , till you got out of line doing all that dumb stuff.
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Omg I'm so horsed I can't talk straight lol ..that's what happens when you give God what is due!
I grew up without my dad and three women in one household, I'm still out here being productive in life.
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Per·se·ver·ance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. #Motivation
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Follow me on #snapchat ! I'll tell you some real stuff about a real Christian and real struggles ! Follow me : Prettyboii013
I love people and I love helping!
ii love ♡ being a #Baptist in Christ!!
Ain't no friendship on the world that damn important to interrupt my marriage. Cynthia was trying too hard to be a friend #rhoa
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#RHOA yaass ...i love #NENE she keeps me motivated and laughing
#Church #NewLife #Baptist #keepcalm #worshipready #turnupforJesus #followme #imperfect #greatful #GraceandMercy
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My dear brothers & sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry. -James 1:19
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Can't believe I got to work In this rain today.
You know you clean when you eat off your own floor at home #yeswhat!?
Hardest thing in life, letting go of what you thought was real.
I be honest with yall.
I don't fool with nobody but you know when i do.
Im a give you the respect that you earn 👌
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Preparing my new to be serviced in this Sunday #5419CurtisRdBatesvillems38606
Popcorn chicken I just made is phi! !
i only grow apart from people who don't grow....
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About to attempt to read the book of John In the #Bible - Lord Bless and anoint me right now! #Amen
Aye Followers !! If you want to make your order go to the website in @k_pluggo bio #LETSGOOOO Place your Order!! @k_pluggo 's Bio!! #Jordans
Niggas will talk shit from a computer, at the library 😂
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I cant believe I dnt have plans tonight 😳
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I know God is awesome! !
Just continued a big journey in my life.. working out
Don't say you don't fuck with nobody when you be taking group pics with hoes and associates. .
Follow my Instagram : @___vsopguy
I made this a couple hours ago and now my head hurts and I'm tipsy and now I'm going to sleep.. #duces #SweetBuzzBall
Who tf they think I am ? Got me mixed up with them hoes in the club with #Ebola
I just want to know how in HELL you gone get mad at someone just cause they won't send you nudes!? #TF
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