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Dr. Ryan Haylett Esq
Prosecute the guy who brought Ebola in? HE'S GOING TO BE DEAD SOON, what are you going to do, handcuff him while he's in quarantine?
6 years on Twitter today, that's interesting stuff. #Twitterversary
Want to quit smoking? Go back in time to stop yourself from starting. #Lifehack
If you people rename the monopod the "selfie stick" I will lose my shit. #xselfie
Your pocket is holding it wrong. #iPhone6
Why the hell is it taking so long for us evolve our testicles to a safer region than a thin sack between our legs?
What if someone has resting bitch face, but still looks bitchy when they smile?
Definitely going with Abzan this weekend. #MTGKTK
#PirateTVShows? You mean like how I watch almost every show that isn't on Netflix?
I have the worst rendition of Pantara's Walk recorded. I'll post it after I can review it.
Have you ever heard a karaoke version of a song you like and get angry about it?
Someone reported me on Facebook for that @freethenipple image…
I think I have a pretty killer Android setup.
How's Destiny going for everyone? I'm still displeased over its lack of a Wii U release.
This #SmashBros fight is just a thing of beauty. I honestly can't believe this happened in our lifetime.
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.@notch says goodbye, and Microsoft owns Minecraft now. I haven't been playing, but I hope they don't mess it up.…
It’s an expensive habit. No wonder they need to horde 40% of the nation’s wealth. #GOPKochAddicts
Has anyone tried the second analog peripheral on Smash Bros. yet?
Fuck Smash. Digimon All-Star Rumble is all we need.
Same 5 characters. No items. FINAL DESTINATION!
Maybe I'll overnight myself a Japanese 3DS.
Remember that Digimon Flash game Quest to Save the Net? It's kinda like that today except instead of a giant spider, it's lobbyists.
The best part of being an activist for saving the Internet is that you don't have to move.
Tim Cook is going to get on stage and be like "Smart watches are dumb" in typical Steve Jobs fashion, and drop the mic.
Did you take something seriously on the Internet today? Don't do that.
I wonder what the overlap is of Jerry Springer viewers and bronies?
Nothing better than when your water tastes like bleach!
Medical debt? Live in PA? Send all bills to: Tom Corbett P.O. Box 1145 Harrisburg, PA 17108
Remember those Haloween costumes that had pictures of the character you were going as on them?That's Silver Ranger's Gold Mode #PowerRangers
we forget about Skynet did they used to. I'm cancelling Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone. I fucking getting used sexual harassment
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Just sniped an auction, and won a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for $60!
Don't work too hard this weekend... oh wait, it's Labor Day weekend, screw work!
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I'll probably upgrade to the new 3DS, I want an XL model anyway. Good job Nintendo, you're the one company that effectively siphons my money
Power Rangers turns 21 today. Let's go get drunk!
You know you're in a pleasent area when you see this.