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Dr. Ryan Haylett Esq
Ad agency manager: How can we make Republicans seem less racist in an ad? Employee: Put black people in it? Manager: Give this guy a raise!
Is it a rule that only one person at a time may keep his own name on a TV show?
Meta Theory: Is Windows 9 being skipped because SEVEN ATE NINE?!
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It would be really nice if I could emulate a few iOS apps on Android.
You know what's not funny? Anti vaxxers
You can rent Magic: The Gathering decks now. This game is getting out of control.
Sometimes you're Rick. Sometimes you're Morty.
The goal is to use money so you can eventually not worry about money. Sounds counter intuitive.
Twitter's lack of inline Instagram is still annoying. Remember when we had it? Those were the days.
People who only develop for one platform are part of the problem.
Is anyone playing Splatoon? I might pick it up.
Can I find just one PSD laptop mockup that isn't a Mac Book?
Why the fuck do I need to download a PDF to read your shitty article?
What would you think of a duels format? One that limits you to 3 Us, 2 Rs, and 1 M of a card? low investment, and still good fun.
In honor of ninjhax 2.0 I'm giving away another copy of cubic ninja. Just follow and retweet to enter! Good luck! 👻n
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Remember those action figures that doubled as walkie talkies? Why was that even a toy?
Once these Reindeer find out I've drank all their alcohol I'm not gonna be liked much. lol Fuck it! #fish
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The secret to social media marketing: steal.
There's probably a 93% chance that someone wearing a #Meninist shirt is a rapist.
@MountainDew Sangarita Blast blows... So does Dew Shine. You're making the O'Douls of soft drinks.
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You have to be 21 to enter O'Douls website. Why? Nobody over 21 would bother touching that shit...
Short sleeve tuxedos. They're going to be a thing. Please?
Friday? No, but we're using #FreeCodeFriday to give away a STRAFE keyboard! Follow & RT to win! #FreeKeyboardFriday
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At 26 I am still trying to get away with drinking illegally aparently.
Flash is dead, block it all you want, Mozilla. Hell, I say we just boycott all websites that use Flash.
If I ran for office there would be a huge smear campaign on how often I say naughty words like shit, and fuck.
.@JebBush Did you know that some people already work multiple jobs and can barely afford to take care of their families? Go fuck yourself.
Paper wallets sell for $18 online. Paper. And I thought the $20 underwear game was crazy...
Celebrate Confederate soldiers? You want to celebrate dead Nazis too?
Purchasing decisions PSN: GeneralRoshambo
I take back everything I said about the Confederate Flag yesterday. We need to defecate on it first.
It's not time to take down confederate flags because CEOs or Republicans or whites ask. It's a symbol of racist oppression. That's enough.
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The Confederate flag is nothing more than a symbol of bullshit. It's about time we finally demonize it. #takeitdown
has been wearing for four years. They obviously a look like Natty Light, or lost a robot Kill The war on if you want them there. That was
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It's really hard to take your article seriously when your editorial source is Buzzfeed.
Funny how the same people clamor for commodity backed currency, but still fucking love Bitcoin.
The Erie telecom companies are just rubbing their nipples right now.

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