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Dr. Ryan Haylett Esq
"See, I can't drink like normal people; I'm a chronic alchoholic. I start drinking I CAN'T STOP!"
Some pissed off alcoholic drifter just sat down next to me. It's going to be good night.
everything. I'm finally on my antics from acceptable. It's just that I'm done my life on buying a good day, new series justice. Today I am
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Final warning! You have TWO HOURS left to sign up for Secret Santa!…
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I'm Santa #211,883 in the redditgifts #secretsanta2014 exchange! We're breaking a world record!… -
I am watching the Grumpy Cat movie. Why?
Nevermind, AT&T sucks. No phones today.
HTC One M8, or LG G3? Can't decide.
Playing smash brothers with the nieces and nephew. Nobody knows what is happening but everyone is angry.
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If the KKK is happy you know you dun goofed.
Ah, Darren Wilson. Another murderer walks. Another murderer kept as a cog in the police state. #Ferguson
Why is #Ferguson important? Because war torn countries are sending messages of hope to US citizens.
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Got kicked out of a bar for underage drinking. I'm 25.
I was wondering how long it would take for these to show up…
Only 20 episodes, no explinations on why they're pirates, some teams barely touched on, too much use of rangers prior to Zyuranger...
I'm not saying Super Megaforce was bad, but I expected a hell of a lot more.
The question: when will I have time to play Pokemon?
Hope everyone had a Smashing day, I know I did... In an off and on roller coaster way.
RT+follow for a chance to win these nearly unshiny locked legends. Battle ready. Correct natures. 50 winners 😁�
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Charles Manson is getting married tomorrow & you're single. Just let that sink in 😉
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All of this #opKKK stuff really takes me back to the days when I spent hours trolling racists online. Good times.
So there are Ferguson cops who are KKK members. Certainly explains some shit. #OpKKK #hoodsoff
Got a Diancie code, thanks everyone.
Would anyone happen to have a spare Diancie code?
RT+follow to win one of the these three evil trainers pokemon. 3 winners. Winners will also get a diancie code :)
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North America Diancie Event code up for grabs! Just 1)Follow, 2)Favorite or RT for a chance to win it. Hurry because event ends soon!
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You think Kim Kardashian is trying to #BreakTheInternet? I direct your attention to @TomWheelerFCC
How about we just make the internet its own country? Anarchist's digital paradise. #NetNeutrality
Ted Cruz, how much are you getting paid to be a technological idiot? #NetNeutrality
Remember the Internet before clickbait? Those were the days.
Tom Corbett did nothing but shit all over poor people and minorities for 4 years and he got his ass handed to him in PA today.
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NHK「2014 アメリカ中間選挙」特設ページのトップ画像が格ゲーっぽくて無駄にカッコいい…
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Congratulations to the new Governor Elect @WolfForPA! Unfortunetly we are still stuck with Congressman Gerrymandering. #ErieVotes
Almost time to sing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. This is better than when Joffery Berathion choked! #FuckCorbett
How many times must I type Sriracha only to have my phone auto correct it to Sir Rachael?
Deep fried Nutella, covered in Sriracha.
Installed a new toilet seat today. That was a pain in the ass.
Shouldn't one of the ingredients of ginger ale be FUCKING GINGER!?