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Dr. Ryan Haylett Esq
When everyone shuts the fuck up for the night I go into both work mode, and I want to go to bed mode.
Has anyone received the 5.1 update for the Moto 360 yet?
Alcohol: The cure for the common cold
The first 10 people to mention this post at 117 W. 9th St. in Erie PA on 5/21/15 will get a free FAT-TEE T-shirt! GO!
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All my male customers look like pedos and rapists
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Why is it still called indecent exposure if the person was hot?
When life gets you sick, drink lemons.
*deletes 300 lines of CSS* display: flex; Oh look it works!
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What if I just started tweeting Game Of Thrones spoilers?
If you like yelling at your TV like an idiot then tonight's episode of Game Of Thrones is for you.
The fan is back in the window for the 3rd time this month. If I have to take it out again I'm going to be angry.
Tonight is the prom? WTF, I don't have a date!!!
offshore web hosting at Nyan Cat. Thanks Ubuntu 11. No default search results. We better get around here mother fucking stupid. Cracker
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Getting really into @kevinrose's Foundation series. Learning quite a bit.
#ICameToTwitter to voice my crappy opinions to the world.
Or universal health care, but that's scarry socialism. 😨
It really should be required that doctors tell you in advance what your costs will be. I swear I'm being billed for receiving a bill.
Surprise, it's another medical bill!
"George Zimmerman was wounded" 👍 GeneralRoshambo likes this
Awww, the dragons know how to share. #GameOfThrones
Not wearing shorts today was the worst decision I've ever made.
If I ever open up a bar I'm going to just not carry Bud Light or other adjuncts. If you really want that I'll get it, but It will cost $50.
we teach girls shame, close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female, they're already guilty of something
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*just lays there* Cop: Stop resisting!
Cinco De Mayo tomorrow. Anyone for Sushi?
Meerkat didn't work too well
|LIVE NOW| Star Wars for Game Boy: Is It A Piece of Shit? #meerkat
|LIVE NOW| Star Wars for Game Boy: Is It A Piece of Shit? #meerkat
|LIVE NOW| Playing some Star Wars on Game Boy #meerkat
|LIVE NOW| Playing some Star Wars on Game Boy #meerkat
One cup of coffee is the equivalent to a couple hours sleep, right?
May the 4th be with you. Happy Star Wars Day!
"Controversial remarks are a huge turn-off to potential employers and could cost you landing "that dream interview." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
*Sees ex on dating website* Ok, fuck this shit.
The entire first season of #StarWarsRebels is available to stream for free right now
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Is there a Mega Stone Android Wear watch face? #pokemon
#LowLevelConfessions I may ask for water at the restaurant, but you know I'm not actually going to fill it with water...

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