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Bacon Bangkok
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Old news but worth reading. Electronic Weapons: Singapore Gets New AWACS -
wow. In Pakistan, a giant poster of a child victim now looks up at drone operators (via @DrAwab) /
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Anyone interested in the MH370 mystery should research AWACS capabilities in the region. Fascinating stuff to read.
The BBC is so appalling words unusually fail me. Peasant propaganda paid for by a license fee. What an amazing scam they have.
Hard helicopter landing... OUCH- Original HD footage" on YouTube - Helicopter Crashes - Original HD footage:
Is having a very Nootropic morning...let's see what a large coffee does on top!!
I really like this picture...Elephants is cool....
Love this track....Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness: via @YouTube
My pregnant girlfriend is having an abortion tonight. Don't tell her though, it's a surprise
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." - Stephen McCranie
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Iran is nuts but they don't have the Samson Option threatening EU. Sheldon Adelson calls on US to nuke Iranian desert
A little bit warm this evening in Bangkok Thailand or if Android messed up again?
I think Putin is cool. Ya He has his faults but I would rather have him as HNIC than Cameron, Milliband or Clegg.
MK for two just cost 1200bht. That's really not good value at all especially as the staff in Thailand get paid so little.
On this day in 2002 Israel invaded Bethlehem, surrounding the Church of Nativity where 200 Palestinians took refuge.
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Saudis declare atheism is terrorism, which shows how scared they are of ideas, and how fragile their rotten and insane religion really is.
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Brother Nathanael will set you straight on the Real Battle For Ukraine - YouTube @AbbyMartin @WebsterGTarpley
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I guess these guys were asleep also when they lost MH370. Pine Gap | Australia At Forefront of US Spying Arsenal
War criminals get invites to speak at US Universities. Hundreds of thousands died because of this liar & war criminal…
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Bitcoin price climbing again. I like it at around this price as there is more business to be done