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Bacon Bangkok
We shouldn’t assume the #Sydney siege is terrorism. In “progressive” terms, the Islamic flag merely indicates cultural difference.
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Love your work👍👍�@stephffartfart here have $10.00 of Bitcoins on@ChangeTipetip You should accept Bitcoins for your art also.
Pop Concerts in a front room near my condo would be met with shock and awe that would make Storm in Norman wince
All religions deserve to be treated as superstitions and nothing more.
You do know Hegelian Dialectic I hope. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power -…
Sydney kidnap black flag: "There is no God but Allah , , ," Clear evidence, if evidence were needed, that religion is not involved.
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Cos berocca is vitamins and gatorade is electrolytes @niannelynn @Thailander @RehabbedO
Gatorade is supposed to be more effective with added water @Thailander @RehabbedO #rebel
If you feel the need to buy me a Christmas present then this will do fine. Thanks in advance…
The gunman in Sydney knows he won't get a meet or chat with the PM. Can you imagine if he did? There would be hold ups everywhere.
I do actually resemble a Walrus, unlike the annoying bearded skirt wearing Mafia. And why do they bark?
If you want to self identity as straight but enjoy gay sex with blokes in dresses then good luck to you. I shall self identity as a Walrus.
How would the Gay community feel if they had women prowling on their dating sites,massage joints looking for sex with them?
To be clear straight blokes don't like gay sex with blokes in skirts. That doesn't make them Transphobic, just straight.
. @Thailander unless you crash into their dogs or steal their women.
Thai Ladyboys in the female section on dating sites is ridiculous. 99.99% aren't transgender they are blokes in skirts looking for blokes.
I'll blog this tomorrow, but if you can't sleep, this is 45 minutes of fantastic.…
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There is no need to pretend to be a male feminist to get laid @Thailander . Use Roofies like real men do.
I caught the angle just right. @Thailander @qandrew
That Squeaker takes some odd ones though @Thailander. Are you two civil partners?
Nah @Thailander @qandrew is the selfie master. Your sister is getting better at them though
I think this week's @Thailander is quite photogenic.
This is the kinda shit that's on Whisper. It's like Twitter for the lobotomised.We aren't allowed to say Mong are we?
Whisper app is a place where shrinks hang out to ensnare twisted teenagers and force them to eat pharmaceuticals
What are white people meant to feel guilty about? Do Africans and Muslims feel guilt as they are still involved in slavery? If not why not?
.@Holbornlolz did you see that Lindt just recently refused a Halal cert?
The sherbert lemons don't cut the roof of your mouth anymore. Must be that Elf and Safety bollox in Free Londonistan.
I spent 2000bht on Friday in Mark's and Expensive's food dept just on sweets, biscuits and chocolate. I don't regret it at all. #confession
Tuk tuk drivers have an uncanny knack of differentiating tourists from expats in Thailand. Do they teach gait analysis in Bangkok schools?
It's pathetic how countries call it 'help' when they make unprovoked attacks on other countries and call in 'terrorism' when they fight back
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. @MarcusBurtBKK ask him to give me a bell after he has finished. I want to give him some pointers.
. @underexpose the year of infant school teachers.
hotel breakfast buffet Singapore.chicken &beef sausages on display.small sign ."if you want pork, please speak w attendant".like its illegal
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Of course it's fucking politically motivated they didn't stick up a cafe for the fucking croissants. Asinine.
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"Uber introduces surge pricing in downtown Sydney during hostage siege”, reports @mashable…
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Democracy™ at work. A village in Cholburi just voted to kick 48 AIDS patients out of the village.
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Did I mention I am hungry? I need this
To say they Quaran is not the perfect word of God is however Apostasy and punishable only by death. Not very 'progressive' IMHO
To recognise the Quaran is not the perfect word of God is the simple way that Islam becomes as harmless as the other Abrahamic superstitions
My many Muslim friends enjoy the banter when I kick Islam. Except those that threaten me with being peeled and left in salt for eternity.
Will Islam prove to us again tmw cartoons are more insulting than an act of terror in the name of their superstition?
.@Thailander ahhh now that's a touchy subject. Pretend 'brokers' are nearly as common as silver spoons.Touchy subject
I see @Thailander dodged the question about his wealth. Are you one of these pretend 'silver spoons' that Bangkok is awash with?
Lacking motivation today? Eat Infidel food. You know it makes sense.
People from Liverpool don't wear shell suits anymore @Thailander this is the new fashion of the true scouser
my agent just called and said I gotta update my bio. so here: My retweets are not an endorsement of your sanity
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Just seen a Thai person wearing a fur coat. If this was England, there'd be topless sunbathers in the park and a queue for ice creams.
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