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Bangkok Bacon
Good morning....
Waving gun very close to 3 people w/o them seeing, way camera was held with the gun, live tweeting it... @steviegell @mitch_2209 @baconbkk
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@TracyVanity @baconbkk Absolutely fake for so many reasons. Incredible.
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Cobra and python spotted 'fighting' on NTU campus - Channel NewsAsia
@baconbkk Let's forget that capitalism is destroying our species and look at the blinky light that hasn't changed since the 1900's.
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@baconbkk Reason to do this staged shooting is of course distraction: cue race baiting and gun control media bullshit.
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@baconbkk I've been watching real death videos on the internet since the 90's and I'm a filmmaker. That shit is fake.
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Lots of people are saying the same. As always I am agnostic.…
We bow to your experience on such matters.…
Exactly what I was thinking. Lucky for Gibbs we are all "Progressive™". 😝�…5L
No it's not. But nice try. 😀�…9p
Why would cook them unless you knew how they tasted? Mmmmm 😷😷�…OQAD
There's a clear non alcoholic liquid falling from the sky. #Bangkok
Chennai airport.... Lol
Is everyone happy with Obongo, err sorry Obama? He looks great in this shot.
If you are out tonight as it is Friday...remember to.....
My mum is great. I love her @leastimnotu
Which is why we must use it more often. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Satire no longer politically correct -…
I bet the tiny chunk of $ come from the NED or other mischievous organisations that they subcontract to.
Still dreaming about this beauty... THAT crispy tendinitis is an explosion of fatty beef on ur tongue #food #bkkfatty
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I just found out I am Generation X. Not sure if it good or bad but it feels amazing
For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool. -Abdul Kalam
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Lee Rigby: Conspiracy theorist avoids jail after claiming soldier's murder was hoax and trolling family - Mirror…
#MeanwhileinLondonistan Caravan 'suitable for affairs or murders' for sale on eBay - Mirror Online -…
The dangers of eating Halal food are real + credible.I ate some once and started to grow a beard just like this gear
Time will tell. The Cuckeurotrash journos have been calling it since day one.…
The very fact that someone is allowed to write this shows how untrue it is.…
Shop in the backstreets of Bangkok Chinatown, so many vespa's it's like a museum #bangkoktour #vespa
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So does UK, all of Europe and certainly the USA.…
I am completely agnostic about this. I know that we are drowned in lies.…
Thailand Localbitcoins now paying OVER market price for Bitcoin. What do they know that I don't?
Yes another point of view. Who knows? Why MH17 Was Most Likely Shot Down by a Ukrainian Su-25 Jet -…
Read this. Stop and let in sink in. The BBC however will be too busy bashing Thailand to mention it.…
We’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015…
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didn't know the correct word for carabiner, so googled 'hipster keychain' #nailedit
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Totally agree. But his self declared race war is not mentioned anymore.…
But the reason they are quiet is because it is a black on white crime. Just like the race card has been dropped.…
No you aren't reading my tweets.I am not saying it is terror. 😘😘…A2A
@baconbkk not if I targeted one or two people I know that I had other problems with. It'd make me a self important retard. @TakenakaLaura
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