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Bacon Bangkok
Totally convinced now that Russell Brand is a shill. He just used the word 'conculcate'
Yesterday's bike ride, the King Klong ride was the best Klong ride yet but it did have its challenges @GibbsBKK
I just watched a David Cameron speech...what a strange dude? Very odd that people can take him seriously.
Rumors abound that @PayPal on the verge of accepting #Bitcoin. Tweet us (and them!) with the #1 Reason they should!
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I don't care if the NSA reads my Google 2am search history, I wish they would however delete it so I didn't have to read it!
RT @danavachon: Eventually we'll have to get honest, and start calling Iraq The Thirty Years War.
It took four attempts but finally Facebook took some action #infidelme
Really watch this. Will make you smile The world's funniest prank ever. Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank! - Video -
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Whenever you feel lost and alone, remember that I know exactly where you are. Also, I can see you naked.
Perhaps the old lady who had her head cut off by the Nigerian in UK had gone on a diversity course, he wouldn't have attacked her?
This needs to be devoured! RT @BKKbagels: Fuss free breakfast all day, everyday! See you this weekend! #bangkok
The entire Oxford dictionary, every teaching of Allah, God, Buddha, and a Jedi, you can't say it better than this...
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@baconbkk I did a blog post about independence, check it out. I'll have your bottle of Buckie if you don't want it!…
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If I was Scottish I would vote for Independence even without Alex Salmon's offer of a bag of scag and a bottle of Buckfast for my vote!
Sorry I asked if both kids were yours but I couldn't believe that someone had sex with you twice
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Vegans will be the other white meat for zombies. Just saying.
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US Government green-lights Lockheed’s new military vehicle, which will hit US city streets around 2025 or so.…
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It puts the lotion on or else it gets the hose again!
This is the world's funniest prank ever. A must watch. Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank! - Video -
So some people who self identify as human believe this? How an e-cigarette could lead to cocaine - Telegraph -…
@kfcth I ordered set because of size of the 3 chicken drumsticks in poster . Look what I got. @BKKfatty @baconbkk
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Can this motorbike be real? Russian Made Motorcycle - The ultimate, pack-able off road bike…:
Nice to see the Thai Police subdued an axeman with a Taser and rubber bullet. Now if he had been in the US he would be dead now.
The great thing about having yesterday as a Sunday means that the weekend begins again tomorrow.
Now that is what I call a Sunday!!!!!
#Sotloff isn't trending. Maybe people are sick of false flags.
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UK citizens who fight for foreign armed groups whether it's ISIS or IDF should be stripped of citizenship on the word of a senior Policeman
Cloudy today in Yangon I read lately that u can see Jennifer Lawrence naked in the clouds That's bullshit. Look-
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I'm a proponent of positive White identity, not hatred of other races. I wish more people could make that distinction.
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So the Govt tries to create white terrorists. "IRA terror suspects to lose immunity from prosecution" - Telegraph -
Where does the Islamic State's fetish with beheading people come from? Err the Quaran just like the Saudis get theirs
Women Against Feminism: Some women want equality without anger -The Boston Globe -
Finally PC recognised as negative'Institutional political correctness' probe ordered by May into child abuse scandal
impending. Is that a normal reaction? (2/2)
Some folks gets annoyed when they hear that TV is mind control. Have a look: Media Manipulation -
Blessed are the Muslims that keep the faith. For they shall keep their heads.
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Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. - Groucho Marx #quote
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Comical and worth the watch :Watch "FAKE ISIS EXECUTION" on YouTube - FAKE ISIS EXECUTION:
Slavery in Africa Is Alive, Well and Ignored | Diane Weber Bederman -…
The new definition of 'guilty' is if POTUS decides to sign an executive death warrant for the accused. #illusionoffreedom
Yes, insults from strangers. That's what Twitter's for.
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Sunset in Gaza. Poor Israel who never hurt anyone....
Who was the most evil man who has ever lived?
People sometimes question the ability of media to control minds despite giant advertising revenues and pics like this
She deserves endless retweets. I can not even do that with my hands!
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