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Bangkok Bacon
Because his mob support child sex. Ask Harriet Harman. Same tactics used for gay marriage they are using for this…
Kazakhstan and Shady London Real Estate Deals | The Diplomat -…
Good morning Bangkok
Pando: The War Nerd: Who exactly are the Jihadis (and why aren’t there more of them)? -…
Me: George Carlin was amazing. Shame that he already died. Pat: He didn't die, Rin. He 'passed away'. George would be proud 😂
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Well done welcome to the club. Mr NED doesn't like challenging debate. Paid for agitator.…
Here is a nice human. Someone that actually cares. The Urban Type Experiment
Can't believe Richard Dawkins is tweeting about violence in Syria when a man in Bristol had his sandwich brutally stolen by a seagull. #cold
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Some people should just get fucking jobs.…
Ha ha ha A bot for atheist feminist community and transgender social justice activists and intersectional feminists.
"If you're not Hispanic, then don't speak Spanish."
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This would be a good read.We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/…
,@CorbynForLeader Is that the same tax WE pay that Labour handed to the bankers when it all went 'tits up'?
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A video that will make you hide behind the sofa. The right going berserk.…
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Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas;Leftists Gay Rights Groups Decry The Parade As Racist…
@baconbkk first two screaming runs up the aisle are free, the foot obstacle is introduced on the third run.
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.@baconbkk I put a smile on my face bounce daughter around like I'm singing a song and whisper 'shut the fucking up people are looking'
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@BFARIZY @NuwOne initial argument was crying babies. Unruly kids are different and should nailed to the floor with their parents IMO
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Smelled smoke - neighbors love to burn - so sent up the quadcopter to locate the source.. there. Now must dump water.
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Fucking them is against the law and they would make more noise if you did that. It is not an acceptable solution.…
Got told by a parent once to tell the kid myself. I told the kid I was going to hurt his dad if he didn't shut up. Dad got upset. Kid shutup
Amy Winehouse died #OnThisDay in 2011. Her life was a lesson in the peril of overwhelming fame
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@BFARIZY @NuwOne @steviegell As my gramps used to say, "If you don't beat your kids, someone else will."
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What's that warm sensation on my back?
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A glance over this girl's blog & tweets suggest she is excellent and will probably piss people off. Let's get following her: @Ribenageorgina
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There isn't much I miss about the UK, but mum...well everyone loves their mum.
My dad keeps sending me pictures. I am not sure how I should react.
I can't. I have to go over there for at least a month 2x and I can't get two anyway. #itsnotjustThailand @thaipirate
Kids, ice cream and clowns! Would anyone notice?…
@baconbkk you don't see many screaming kids in the UK. Ones who act silly and play in the ground yet, but few scream. Most screamers Asian.
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Well yes. It must be Arabaphobic to say Arabs are Transexual and Arabaphobic for Arabs to deny it. Two phobias!👍👍�…Bzur
In other news I got told I have to have two Indonesian work permits today by law, despite not working and it being impossible to get two.
People REALLY believe something is true because coconuts says so? Soi Cowboy won't be selling lemonade only, I can assure you.
I feel sorry for the men in dresses who don't identify as Transexual and just want to wear women's clothes and shag blokes. Why brand them??
If a screaming kid runs past you in the pub then trip them up. They still scream but run back to the parents as quick as possible. #protip
Why Does The “War on Terror” Serve Western Policy?…
@baconbkk Wives, dogs, employees and kids feel safer, happier and more secure when they know the boundaries. And who is the boss.
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Offendotrons should learn to be happy. Being happy is far better than getting offended. And for all these made up phobias? 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
TGIF x 5 😆👍 August will have 5 full weekends. Happens only once in our lifetime5o
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The parents I know who have disciplined kids are happy kids. Those who aren't disciplined are unhappy consumers.
@jonrussell World over mate. We live in an age of poor manners, bad behaviour and selfishness.
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As everyone has the right to have kids, everyone also shares the right not to be disturbed.…
Dear Religion, Stop chasing children. It makes you look creepy. Sincerely, #Atheist
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