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Bacon Bangkok
As the Blitz hardened the resolve of the Brits, the war mongers know the slaughter of Palestinians will lead to further conflict and profit.
RT @zaibatsu: Regular naps prevent old age..... especially if you take them while driving.
#TelAviv uni promises to punish students &stuff who publish anti-war posts on s/media #IStandForGaza #GazaUnderAttack
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Do You Know God? “Religion obeys borders while truth does not.”:
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.@bkmagazine New chef, same old shark fin. Take a stand against cruelty, boycott Breeze, Chef Sam Pang & @lebuaHotels
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All these seemingly big people of the world are absolutely useless. - Guru Arjan Dev
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So the Boko Haram alleged kidnappings carry more weight? Bit of a PR balls up by Mrs Obongo
Did make me chuckle this...
I don't like chicken. Does that make me Chickenphobic? Or does it mean I just don't like chicken?
The fact that any sentient being could believe that the Quaran, Talmud or Bible were anything more than fairy stories is astonishing.
Singapore, an evil autocracy left alone because it is a Social Laboratory.Oh guess who they are mates with? -
If I ran the world there would be no more clowns ever.
One of the very few things that I don't like about Bangkok is the excessive advertising.
No shortage of tourists in MBK today. Packed. I should have gone to the pub instead.
This is a 1950 UN map of Palestine. The Benjamin Broadcasting Corporation doesn't like 'programming' you with this.
How can you hate your skin color? Whatever color it is, it's beautiful. Where's the don't be a dumb asshole cream?
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Better to look at who imposed Multiculturalism on us without consent. Dutch ban display of Islamic State flag
I think DPR's application to drop charges is as likely to succeed as it is likely to snow in Bangkok this afternoon.
Windows 9 Could Be Free for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Users via DuckDuckGo for Android
Is there an app you can download that makes friends turn up for appointments on time?
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Let's make war illegal. For WWI Anniversary, the Tower of London Has Become Surrounded by a Sea of Poppies
"...she lusted after her lovers whose genitals were as those of donkeys and whose emission was as that of horses." Ezekiel 23:20. Seriously.
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This drink is called "The fallout" via DuckDuckGo for Android
I just found out that replying to a promoted tweet, even just with heckling, costs the promoter between 50¢ and $5. Use that as you will.
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Reinvigorated a giant pot of stew with veggies and kielbasa donated by @otherjbarnes, my kids loved it!
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Things to think about on SundayIf we're replacing cells all the time, how do tatoos work? via DuckDuckGo for Android
Galaxy Note 3 making an annoying beep? That would be the NFC. Switch it off and it goes away.
Don't get tied in the Hegelian Dialectic of the the Media. This is humanity. Happiness is everywhere if we look.
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein
Imagine the outcry if a Westerner said this? India right-wing party calls rape charges 'a fashion' -
Legit or not, I don't know. Thing is, eating durian at 5:00am should be everyone's birthright.
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This>>>>>RT @SavedYouAClick: Photo attached. RT @HuffingtonPost: Happiness, in one photo:
Villa still sells crumpets so life is still worth living😆😆😆😆😆
Support for brutal, alpha-type Islamists (who hate the west) over Jews seems to indicate a fearful emasculation in westerners.
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Pro Israel BBC doesn't mention this?The creation of a common enemy. Families barred from cinema for not being MUSLIM
Benjamin Broadcasting Corporation will never let us down.Any master race belief system Inc Islam and Judaism is wrong
Daily Mail leads with sperm for lesbians and death of an Israeli soldier.But don't anyone say Jews control the media!
Russell Brand is a toff and is hijacking the alternative 'news'. Part of the problem not the solution.
Add me on Skype bkkcharles and I'll debate you on US post war presidents live and recorded. My speciality @adirado29
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God I nearly retweeted @piersmorgan .The world truly is screwed.
I have become used to seeing bits of blown up children. Thanks Israel. How inhuman can you really get? Makes me wonder about history...
Ok guess which idiot got off at the wrong train station? Yes that would be me.
A monk I know just messaged me about Bitcoin. Now that's never happened before.
@Not_Rich_Barrow Any truth to the fake Ebola being sold at Patpong night market? They say it's an original copy
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Shall I try and get the guard to stop the train for beer like last time? @qandrew @nontgor @GibbsBKK
@Not_Rich_Barrow Tourist in Thailand can avoid the Ebola virus by stop exchange direct fluid with the monkey
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Sitting at the train station looking at pictures of dead kids on Twitter and feeling pathetic cos like most I won't do anything about it.