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megan marie
Report: Over 2,500 Ground Zero Workers Have Cancer…
it breaks my heart to see those who want nothing more than to be a parent and are physically unable.
I mean.... enough with the cuteness.
gloomy morning is making it impossible to get out of bed. impossible.
ya know... there are those movies you'll always watch when they are on tv. oceans eleven is one of those movies.
nope. cut that out, electricity. no more flickering. #louwx
wow. this headache is going on 24 hours. how do y'all deal with this crap?
I'm at Four Pegs Beer Lounge (Louisville, KY)…
the $5 fill up box from @kfc is pretty much the exact explanation of why america is fat. disgusting
uuuuuggghhhhhhh! I become irrationally mad at myself when I can't figure something out. and right now is one of those times.
um, #forecastle is over. I think it's safe to take your weekend bracelet off.
I'm at El Taco Luchador (Louisville, KY)…
I'm at Target (Louisville, KY) w/ 2 others…
argh. i'm about to lose my gosh dang mind dealing with this computer.
OMG An 8-Year-Old Boy Carried His Disabled Brother Through An Entire Triathlon…
lets spend 2 million on bridge lights! MT @JLyve: OH @ the park- Girl (buying pills from dealer charging $10 each) "hey, what's 10 times 4?"
@spid3rfly @forecastle I wasn't living here at that time. my first experience was at the belvedere & it's grown exponentially since then.
@spid3rfly @forecastle yeah, I was up toward the front too & I wanted to leave. glad I didn't try, I wouldn't have made it.
didn't realize it was that packed! MT @CaptJKMcKnight: @forecastle moments before Jack White obliterated Mast Stage
.@LMPD maybe your staff should retake driving school. learn how to use turn signals, follow basic traffic laws... ya know, #thingsthatmatter