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megan marie
I am the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person I know
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I'm in need of a good storm. don't let me down #louwx
I'll lose my shit all Herschel like if Glenn dies. #TWD
#TWD you mean to tell me they're still having birthday parties? I mean, where are all the balloons coming from?
#TWD must have used all the Joe Dirt wigs #eugene #heath (via kym. who doesn't have Twitter)
don't really want to go back to sleep but...., fuck it.
Oh you're a basketball fan? Name 3 basketballs.
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Lacrosse is my favorite sport that combines looking like you're trying to catch a butterfly with having no friends
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it's not even 8pm and it's dark. 😡
fuck it. I'm drinking.
I get to call these kids #family. #niece #nephew
Facebook's Like button will soon have these emoticon alternatives, says report
@AlexPorter82 I wish I could shut my body down this early. I'm jealous.
@NevilleDevil like, 2000's rock n roll. I live right off the zorn exit.... it was definitely loud
fucking ridiculous, @Sling. get your shit together.
nothing about this is making me feel confident about @Sling.…
can't blame @TWC for the shitty Internet service, not being able to watch #TalkingDead. so wtf is up @Sling??
@NevilleDevil there's a festival off the zorn exit. probably something to do with that.
W T F @TWC. seriously though.
45 school shootings in 2015. FORTY FIVE. wtf America???
bounce. like your ass has the hiccups. really???
what yummy food place would you take a cousin friend, from Portland, OR, that'll be driving by louisville and is stopping to say 'hello'?
@jdhowa2 ps - even when we weren't, he'd pick me up AND come to the door.
@jdhowa2 uh, I'd still expect @JLyve to pick me up for a date. and we live together.
I eat when I'm bored, it's who I am. whateves. but tonight... I was really, really bored. #foodcoma
about to watch #house. thoughts?
said it before, say it again... why do people feel the need to go out of their way to overly thank dads for DOING THEIR JOB?!?!
I didn't think at 34 years old, I'd be able to tell you I'm becoming a #StormTrooper. but, I am. (kinda)…
Meanwhile, a thousand people at Fort Meade just opened Twitter.
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why would my power be out?!? @lgeku
People have been trying to free Dobby at the WB Studio Tour 😢I
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nothing like a death to put the icing on the cake.
hi im peyton manning and i use directv and im peyton manning with some minor physical difference. im trash. I deserve ridicule and death
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it's Sunday and I'm basically feeling pretty shitty about life in general so that means self destructive behavior is acceptable, right?
LAST CHANCE to catch the Ten-Tucky Festival. Tonight. 7:30 PM. Don't live a life of regret. Get your tickets now!
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soooooo, who wants a chance to see #tentucky tonight for free??? last night to catch it so let me know!!

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