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megan marie
Bieber, although very successful.. For sure skips leg days #VMAs
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gimme a effing break. my mom has better moves than that.…
what. a. weekend. I'm not a good traveler/flyer and I'm not a good mover. if it weren't for these two people, I might not have made it through this weekend. also, HUGE THANK YOU to @joshhornfurniture, @smoothhoosier, @emilyblaineclark, @codethebeard, @cody.rupsch. y'all are the best people in th
wow. moving is exhausting.
#finalfranckfarewell goodnight, moon.
@Uverse bc its happened to me TWICE in the last 30 mins
@Uverse dont have my service hooked up yet & im furious. is it common practice to put a customer on hold bc you dont want to deal with them?
@jdhowa2 @ruralkentucky what in the world did I miss???
someone has left their dog home alone, all day and now he's just barking nonstop. people are jerks.
@jdhowa2 I appreciate the offer but no, thank you though. I cannot acquire one more thing before/during/after this move. so. much. stuff.
you are so kind for doing this every election. I still have my "healthcare BFD" shirt you got me! :)…
oh, uhhh... hey guys? it's 9pm and it's already dark outside. #DontLeaveMeSummer :(
wow. I just watched a commercial that basically was telling a father to take out a loan for his daughters wedding dress. #wtf
I swear, this one. #Repost @charlie_the_yorkiepoo ・・・ hey, uhhh... mom. hey mom. hey. mom. mom? is that pizza? #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram #instadog #ilovemydog #dogoftheday #dailypuppy #puppylove #puppytime #puppyoftheday #dogs #instagramdogs #dogstagram #yorkiepoo #puffsfriendoftheweek #petsof
hey, uhhh... mom. hey mom. hey. mom. mom? is that pizza? #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram
this is pretty much the way to show me you care
dear #Louisville, days like today are one of the many reasons why I fall in love with you over and over again. xoxoxoxo
@loueyville really??? I love @TraceeEllisRoss!!! #girlfriends was one of my favorite shows :)
@katie_kelty I LOVED turning 30 and have loved every birthday thereafter. congrats on rocking out your 20s!!
@SmoothHoosier are you speaking Dutch now?!?
@TWC_Help no confusion. I posted it bc I'm just begging for a good story to come from @TWC.
@TWC_Help as a SMM, I don't envy you personally. but there's no way in hell I'd use @TWC for a service. that actually was from a friend.
wow. could @TWC be any worse??
@punkingirl138 I'm a HUGE believer in that stuff!! I usually just get the powder and mix it with OJ
@gato108 @louisvillewater Ive personally turned off gov vehicles for that kind of shit. pisses me off SO BAD.
nope. not having it, sore throat. can not have.
is that really @chrissyteigen's voice in the #Samsung phone commercial? I mean, I'm ok with it but I've never heard her before.
wow. I don't feel like 'a time to kill' came out that entirely long ago... but it did. 21 years actually. what a great (young) cast!
Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
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"I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be."
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@kmullett it's absolutely ridiculous. once, as they were bagging, I started taking things out of bags and condensing.
@SmoothHoosier it's on Netflix! I love hank moody.
I cannot wait to use @Lou_KY_Telegram!!! friends, you've been warned.
today I restuffed my couch and wow. I think I lost 5 pounds.
please pray for me. I need the weather to stay like this for next weekend
wow @TWC. that's pretty fucking low. good on you @WHAS11
@BananaBCrafts try clearing your browsers cache.
@ascott765 well kudos to them for embracing social media
@ascott765 what the hell is going on?!?!!?
let it be known, @Etsy has the worst customer support
@etsystatus so i guess you're no longer fixing the issue many of us are still having?? thanks for being so 'customer-centric'

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