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megan marie
$3 Imperial Pints on select beers, 4pm-Close. Barrel Aged Oktoberfest is on tap also. @BBCBEERPIMP @GetOutLouville @502beerbitches
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bone marrow swabbing (@ Student Activities Center in Louisville, KY)…
Puppies playing with a GoPro = guaranteed to improve your Thursday.
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@AlexPorter82 I don't :( but mostly because I can't get declined Facebook events to stop showing up
Scientists created a pizza that has 30% of your daily recommended nutrients. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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@loueyville thanks :) I have a nephew but now I'm ready for a niece!!
Bono is gonna be really pissed off when he finds out he's not Jesus.
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my sister is 2cm dilated and I swear to god I will throw a god damn fit if she has my niece before I get there!!!!!
Don't worry about the grass on the other side. It's not your grass.
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Can someone please give the booker for @jimmyfallon a Nobel Prize for getting Public Enemy and Jerry Lewis on the same show.
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I'm at The Bard's Town in Louisville, KY…
my new office (@ Louisville Free Public Library- Crescent Hill in Louisville, KY)…
@kizmitbastet I opened the package and said aloud "what is that amazingness?!" Charlie did not respond. bc she's a dog. and doesn't care.
Jesus, Adrian Peterson has more four-year-old children than the Yo Gabba Gabba fan club.
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thank you @kizmitbastet for my present!! that soap smells amazing!! I kinda don't want to use it... just have it around to smell :)
Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX walk into a bar and I keep drinking because I'm 36 and have no idea who they are.
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ugh. bummed I missed mr wendell but dry the rain is making up for it. kudos @seanbuzzgrinder
I'm at The Bard's Town in Louisville, KY…
I'm at Louisville Free Public Library- Crescent Hill in Louisville, KY…
this is how i think of the internet today
Facebook's Messenger App Logs Way More Data Than You Realize…
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Jesus H. they've had TOO many opportunities slip through their hands tonight RT @KySportsRadio: My Bears suck...that is all
with no wrong answer :) everyone wins!! RT @GreenBEANky: .@geekygirl502 That was a trick question!
y'all know that @McDonalds does not equal tailgating? right? gross.
meeeemories RT @crazemoVail: Just watched a @DJQbert vid and couldn't help but remember
why choose when I can have both? :) RT @GreenBEANky: Pluot crisp or apple crisp?
nope. not worth it. RT @thesulk: If it's that tough to get Coors Light, don't bother guys.
damn, I'm not even a bears fan but that was a bad call
I believe in signs but I refuse to believe in the one where my jaw won't close meaning my junk food binge fest should be over. NO SIR!
@AlexPorter82 you're fired from the twitter
do I know anyone who works at the palace?
what's happening here? #tentucky
I'm at The Bard's Town in Louisville, KY…
Sarah Palin’s Family Was Involved In A Huge Brawl At A Birthday Party…
@michellej yup. or tap it and then it brings some other shit up. all of their "popups" do that. super annoying.
I just ate a whole bunch of cauliflower and you know what that means....
@davidalankidd they were great photos. :)
the cats are winning because I wore all kinds of UK gear today.
wtf?! what happened?? I was streaming the UK game.... why am I now watching pawn stars?!
seriously?! I was 4 & remember this MT @TVMoJoe: I don't even remember Sade making videos in the 80s:
I'm at Against The Grain Brewery - @AtGBrewery in Louisville, KY w/ @trae1020…