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megan marie
I just wanna know how much @RProphet got paid for this #Catfish.
what flowers do you send when a baby dies? #ThereIsNoFlower #gutwrenching
@NevilleDevil great show! thanks for sharing!!!
don't ask me what I do "that makes me a person" and then immediately start texting someone
it's hard to stop being on my phone when the people I'm around are boring/annoying as shit
BRB. making all of the peach things today with my peaches from @ThePeachTruck
if you're awake, I encourage you to open your windows. be outside somehow.
I mean, really. this rain is getting ridiculous.
aimlessly scrolling through FB.... coulda sworn that said 'bobby digital'
@NevilleDevil wish I would've known you were on periscope. caught the end of that song thoguh
@NevilleDevil LET YOU DOWN?!?!!??! are you fucking kidding me???
FYI - it was just 88 degrees (felt like 95). no more than 10 mins later.... 66 degrees.
@TaraEAnderson wow. never really thought about that... kinda opens a whole new can of psychological worms.
hangin with this kid instead of going to #forecastle and I'm pretty happy about that
@bricewest that's a GD valid question!
Refer to this handy chart when watching American media coverage of the #Chattanooga shooting.
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@usernamelesser huh. i never woulda guessed!
@byronshero ;) i figured as much. they aren't too bad.... they taste like oreos but you can tell they are trying to be smores
@byronshero about my excitement? how dare you!!
waaaaaaaay too excited to have found these
the memorial service was in Rio de Janeiro
I saw this tonight on #Periscope. it was a memorial service... there were beautiful pictures of this woman everywhere
whoa. just got lost for an hour on #Periscope. saw sea turtles, French guys playing guitar and Russian dancing.
(518): What is the proper father’s Day protocol when you’re sleeping with a guy who has kids?
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saw it again today!!! RT @geekygirl502: 95% sure I just saw a transformer driving down Frankfort Avenue.
ok, @Wentworth. I like what you have going on.
selling my weekend #forecastle ticket. $150. let me know if you're interested.
@JCC_3 @amazon yep, realized that. I'm in trouble
selling #forecastle ticket. 3 day pass $175
@heyval2 ahhh, good point. I don't buy, I just sell :)
instead of getting excited for #PrimeDay, i'm getting nervous. *removes all payment options from @amazon and hides all credit cards*
guess i'm a little surprised that @Etsy doesn't have an SSL
thank you for that storm at whatever time it was this morning. I most definitely needed that :)
GEEZ! the dog dying in #iamlegend is so fucking heartbreaking.
y'all... technology is hard. i've been at my job for over a year and love it, but i still don't have a GD clue about most of the things.
@SarahPeezy I can see people walking around in plain clothes but not sure if they were in the cars or just trying to help
@SarahPeezy oh, it looks pretty bad. at least 4 cars totaled
worst place to be stuck behind a wreck? on 64 east, after the junction but before story, surrounded by construction.
Holding in your poop for too long can actually be deadly...
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@spid3rfly omgosh! that looks so fun!!
I've had a lot of wins today and it's sad that it makes me nervous. like, something is going to happen to make it all come crashing down

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