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megan marie
now that we've got a fireplace, there's no way I'll ever be able to get through another cold season without one.
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this is bullshit. come the fuck on.
ugh. bump this overtime #OAKvsPIT game. I just want to watch #DENvsIND
oh, well thank you for your consideration @RayRice27
cmon @Panthers... #Evanescence?? worst hype music ever!!
it's a pretty infuriating feeling not giving a fuck about anything in general.
because everyone needs kittens crawling all over them for their birthday.
sometimes you have days where a drink is necessary. then there are days where @MakersMark is necessary.
i've come to realize that a thesaurus is my BFF.
@SmoothHoosier I'm all like, "don't ruin my *insert holiday* weekend just because you're in a rush to feel all fancy"
"and what you will find is that it is easy if you listen to that still, small voice within" -…
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if you get married on a holiday, you're a jerk
to @HolidayWorld or not to @HolidayWorld... that is the question.
We're only one week away from opening The Watson Intelligence! Don't miss this Pulitzer finalist play at the Bard!
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@DollarTree bought a case of wine glasses and this is what I see. one broken, fine. 2 broken AND 3 missing?!?
@heyval2 @loueyville @AlexPorter82 πŸ€–πŸ’€πŸ€–πŸ’€πŸ€–πŸ’€πŸ€–πŸ’€πŸ€–πŸ’€
@loueyville @heyval2 @AlexPorter82 you mean today... in a few hours. :( I feel ya, I've got so much to do as well.
I don't think I've fallen asleep yet... :(
comfortable, Charlie?
@JCC_3 those are the variants. eh.
@JCC_3 Burgundy is Ancho poblano pepper blend Violet is Elderflower lavender Yellow is Fenugreek cumin black pepper Sassafras radish
@JCC_3 we're here now and probably won't be for much longer.
the word 'found' does not contain the letter 't'.
When you've got too much work, no social life, no money and someone asks how you're doing
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if you're still 'topsy-tailing' your hair and are over the age of 10... you're doing it wrong.
will I get to watch the #starwarstrailer if I have @Sling?!??!
so. I'm starting to feel bad I had such little faith in my #colts. et tu, @SmoothHoosier?
she's the only one in this house that's excited it's #hoodieweather
@spid3rfly I don't know. she's passed out now. because... 6.
well. it just happened. Sophia doesn't know who Daffy Duck is. #OfficiallyOld
@TaraEAnderson @ennuigo awww :) I'm so happy you read it... I wasn't able to listen.

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