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Jude Wright
most of y'all just gonna scroll right past this...😤�
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Are you excited about the future or are you scared of the future? Your answer to this questions says a lot about what you're doing now.
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thankful my eyebrows are naturally perf
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so scary how fast life can be taken from you.
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Twitter right now <
Fill me up Lord.
Never settle for less than true happiness. 💙
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"...All my problems You will take, You are my great esacape." #newmusic #oldschool #ThisFall #MyGreatEscape
I am so hungry 😨
"@Shellayhay: Lego movie is still so good the 3rd time" I can't wait for 2 & 3 😁😁😁
Anybody wanna make a Waffle house or McDonald's run?!
Gonna be in the studio today laying down the last of my fall releases @Twenty96Studios !
I've been at work for an hour and have yet to seen another human being enter this place.
Thank you for nominating me @jodyann12x and @WrightJude ! I just donated so now I can post this video…
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I got nominated by @victoriapashh . I am challenging @jonwhiteck & @capitalkingsmusic , @iamkingcam , Brett Becker, and @katttroberts ! You have 24 hours!!! Have fun! #ALS #icebucketchallenge
I liked a @YouTube video Lecrae Anomaly l Loneliness
When bae suprises you at work 😍
Go support my dude @jonwhiteck and @capitalkingsmusic and get their brand new super dope single now!!! #FIREBLAZIN
Absolutely love the song @CapitalKingsUSA !!! It's a lighter, and the whole world is going to have a #FIREBLAZIN now!
I liked a @YouTube video Capital Kings - FIREBLAZIN (Official Music Video)
Watch the new #Passion2015 Promo video! We're believing for something special in these days! To register go to [link in @passion268 profile]
I will look up for there is none above you I will bow down to tell you that I need You Jesus Lord of all
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Have you heard? The #Passion2015 Promo Video is OUT NOW! Check it out & RT!
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The only reason I have made it this far is because of God and God alone, without him id probably be dead.
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H12 tomorrow night! Be here at 7:00 for Week 3 of Circles and a night that COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
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S/O to @WrightJude for being such a great friend, and person to me!! He is so great for what he does for other people and for his gr8 music!
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I liked a @YouTube video from @RomanAtwood Legal Street Racing Prank!!
"@PoconoFestival: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" @katttroberts 🍕👑
"We sing hallelujah, the Lamb has overcome." @ Passion City Church
Why this carrot look like it's bouta spit the healthiest verse of 2014
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Such a great gathering @passioncity 5pm! Love my church!
When I am weak then I am strong.
Great great night and day! Love everyone i spent it with!
Cool science experiment! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a naked egg that can bounce....
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"@victoriapashh: @WrightJude @jennypashh_ literally h8ing u" nah bruh, yhu I lub meh
"@jennypashh_: peasant @victoriapashh" we, what disgusting creature is that?! 😖
Worked that brutal 16 hour today/tonight. 😭
I'm in way over my head.
Watching RV...RIP Robin Williams
"Time will tell you, what you're really made of...The dust of Earth and revival fire! So don't give up. Your love will go deeper than...the dust of Earth and revival fire."
God, give me the answers to the wanders of my heart.