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Yah moms was doing way to much on your name
Baby you not even tough just stop it
I need a good girl....what you hiding from?
When people switch up....
Girls who like girls....
And even if the sky come fallin.... Bitch I'ma still be high !
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Facebook beef used to be soo much fun to watch.
Y'all be soo so turnt. Me? I be chilling.
People need to get this! I be chilling bruh. Thats it.....just chillin
There's a time and tweet for everything
My bed has me really struggling -__-
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Tumblr sound like the move to me
Girls are so petty at all hours of the day 😂😩
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Girls really call their friends over and they just sit inside all day on they phones and twerk
What do grown people even do. Like how do you become friends with grown people.
Stop crying over a nigga that don’t give a fuck about you & get with the nigga that want to see you happy, you dumb ass bitch.
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Moves that nobody recongnizes >
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Hit the stupid dip
@Trap_adelic nigga we two doors down on the porch rocking. I am about to roll up when mom dukes get back. stop being antisocial.
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I don't think I want long hair. I don't want to be responsible for doing it everyday
idk how people be drinking beer. that is so nasty bruh.
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I'm legit bored as hell 😩😩
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I need more associates....bored
I just wanna get paid bruh
When I play basketball I be scrappy and don't take no shit from anybody
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Some girls really take good pictures I just never wanna RT cause I'm just not that pressed
Finnaly got that session in
You can't guard me..
Avoid using love and hate as much as possible
Don't stalk my twitter.....not my bitch bruh
Some girls have pretty vaginas. Then the others.....
@Trap_adelic nah you not. I'm in the same boat🚤lol
Retweeted by Zay
I hit some people with some hot shit but I been hit before.....nobody is safe
If your nigga get shifty on you, just show respect and go hard at him.
I'm actually sorry to every girl I've dated. Y'all got the immature phase.....mybad
Boring life......still alive tho
If you ever do hit me better watch out for my brother 👊👿
Oh shit remember when walking to the store had to be a group event?
Riff sessions with my niggas used to be the highlight of my day.
I want my only struggle to be having too much.
Tongue ring might as well be a bullseye
This the shit I want. Simple. Settle arguments with games of 1 on 1…
Hoop session coming soon! I'm boutta call hella people!!

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