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Simba #600
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That staring contest to see who has to get up.....
"@KingsPosts: All 90s Kids Passed High School because Of Technology 😅📱�" basically
When I die bury me next to my dad thats as close as we might ever be
I want that old mac Miller style. Kicks and hoodies for dayss
♪Talk shit with your back to me just know It always……♪ ……… never meant shit because i really dont give a fuck anyway
Me and the sun boutta fight if he keep scheemin and letting it snow in freaking april
Smoking "loud" huh? I didn't smell you and we've been in the same car for an hour #shutup
I hate putting food in the fridge, I KNOW my food boutts be gone before I get back.
Boosting for what....we all know you suck
You aren't "family" until you fight and call to make sure they are okay
I talk to my dog like hes a whole that weird
"@UglyDarkSkin: If I call you cute, dont think I want you. It just mean you're cute." If I had a dollar everytime I had to explain this
I just need my music and my basketball and ill feel better
Old people ask you the same damn question like 60x no matter how nany times you answer it like bitch I said yes like 10 minutes ago. Go away
I can solve EVERYONE ELSES problems then look at mine confused life
I wonder if she thinks about me.....can a omelette think?
Thin slick girls get me EVERYTIME
I want some orgasm causing breakfast
Niggas get a girl and get bold asf.....bitch I will karate chop you like a brick
JALEN FIND SOME DAMN CHILL!! Nigga called his girl like 8 times in 2 minutes. OBVIOUSLY that girl sleep
The NBA record the dumbest things, "he is the 1st Indian to be 34 and wear mitch-match socks in the 3rd game of the season since 1998" stfu!
I yell out the randomest "damn girl, you got some shit on your shoes!!"
The sex convo with parents #AwkwardMoment
Don't eat my cereal and I wont punch you #simple
They DONT have an award for that....but they do make mugs
Single... Until proven Taken.
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Having a pet ant-eater would be so fun
I love me enough for the both of us
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"@JeniesGiovanni: Anymore IG names, stil RTin......" kingclark22
I need some kd 4s
Nap victim when I regain consciousness
Honestly @Jparkz16 I'm tryna give @MiggieSmalls_ the jokes
"@Sheen300: God bless you too bro RT @MiggieSmalls_: @Sheen300 shut the fuck up" an example if turning the other cheek
Twitter vamping would be more fun if @queenrichelle_ wasn't so mean to me
I drop my phone on my face alot
Me and my best friend could careless about a moon
Sleeping naked after a shower >>> 😩😻🙌
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My dogs paws are super rough.....nigga need some lotion in his life. Dusty ass nigga
A part of me hates this bitch but like I can't avoid her so....I'm just gonna fuck life so we can make a lot of little Benjamin babies $$$$$
This is old tho but that model life
"@Hi_Erron_: Rick And Morty 👈📺" show is too funny