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Design Faves
New Lucasfilm headquaters designed like Star Wars sandcrawler
12 close-up photos of mouths highlight unique personalities
Curious underwater yarn bombing gives submerged objects cozy sweaters
Simpsons characters inspire brilliant minimal wine bottles
Illustrations of mossy green islands that will stir your imagination
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5 animated body x-rays show how we bend, clench and twist
12,400 gallons of beer wort come alive this scary fermentation time-lapse
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Smartphone finger smudges blown up for a closer look at mobile computing
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Impressive body paint blends models into New York City backgrounds
8 pit bulls dressed up as peaceful flower children
Fashion meets floral on the pages of this stunning sketchbook
The part of the plane you never get to see: cabin crews' chillaxation spots
Time-lapse photography reveals remarkable images of stars in motion
A monster turtle made of welded together junk metal
Next destination? Hudson Valley
1980s nostalgia reigns supreme in this innovative beer package design
The strange but intriguing Teenage Mutant Ninja Limes
19 photographs give a rare look into the untold story of homelessness
Tragic short film captures the drip-drip-drip of melting ice cream
Sarcastic art pokes fun at people who use too many hashtags on Instagram
Soccer club gets slick new headquarters that puts most to shame
Imperfections are beautiful
This man conducted his own shoot when his wife refused to take maternity photos
Flowing style tattoos give Berlin bodies a modern look
Impossibly complex compositions created from laser cut paper
This average looking carpet morphs into a hidden coffee table
Clever swimming pool allows you to explore below the surface
A glimpse at the 19th century America. Like this photo? [The Georgetown Loop in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado]
Revolutionary toaster burns your favorite selfie onto bread. Brilliant
UK artist opens a shop that sells spoof products made of felt
You MUST visit Antelope Lower Canyon in Page, Arizona and go INSIDE!
These illustrations make your favorite cartoons look creepy from the inside…
Tiny zombie figures reveal another world beneath our feet
Fractal photography remaps the faces of some well known celebs