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Design Faves
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3D printable parts turn your food into fun DIY toys
Participatory sculpture decorated with wads of colorful chewed gum
8 mind-blowing geometric GIFs that will transfix you
Creative video reveals what your cat does when you’re not at home
Entertaining Facebook videos teach simple functions in a brilliant way
Take your nightmares for a ride [Illustration by Jay Ryan]
Video explains Pixar’s secret formula for developing amazing ideas
The first music mashup of this year’s best pop beats is glorious
Fantastic architects from Norway: Mountain hill cabin
This is what it looks like when the Harry Potter cast joins Star Wars
17 disturbing photos of stuffed animals flipped inside out
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‘Hipstory’ transforms influential figures into ridiculous Hipsters
Fashionable thieves [COS]
2 projects look at human anatomy through stitchery
Surreal pictures emerge from hyperreal drawings of human lips
A father’s life in paralysis chronicled through photography
Close-up immersion photography shows just water and sky
A new look at 1.5 million balloons released into the open sky
Spoof children’s novel tells the story of a man and his terrible hangover
Stop Wars x Natalie Portman
Giant mechs invade peaceful Polish country life, circa 1920
The magnifying spoon solved a problem I never knew I had
Surprising Red Bull offices in New York designed in a modern, “low-key” tone by the architects at INABA
Glow-in-the-dark bike path inspired by Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”
Fusionner: minimalism installation by Kotaro Horiuchi
Animator tells the heart-wrenching story of how down jackets are produced
Touching video breaks down “Selfie Generation” stigmas
Little girls apply makeup to their moms questioning ideas of beauty
Beautiful abandoned places reveal economic deprivation in the U.S.
Disappearing paper sculptures show societal splits in Korean culture
4 collections of portraiture explore cultures around the globe
7 hardcore quilts made from heavy metal t-shirts
Odin: dog toys can be functional and beautiful without compromising anything
What classic Disney movies would look like if produced with modern tools
Photographer documents the socially destructive effects of technology
Massive collages of Chinese cityscapes made at a rate of 1 per year
Forward thinking design by Partisans Studio for the Grotto Sauna
Whimsical collage art depicting a multi dimensional fantasy world
Jewelry inspired by New York City subway lines
Plants bloom on Mischer'Traxler's table for Perrier-Jouët when you move away from it [Video]
It's time to get crafty! This is gorgeous
Color-bursting alphabet rendered from melty candy. Yum yum yum!