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Design Faves
Magnificent photo by Eoin McLoughlin
9 old photos prove that Victorians had personalities after all
Tokyo muralist paints gallery walls with beautiful dirt
The ‘Star’ superyacht will redefine your ideas about boat design
Mother Nature's kicking [Photo by Max Rive]
The end of ruined laundry? Introducing the intelligent washing machine
This detailed woodcut has taken 2 years to produce! The detail is magnificent.
Subtle patterns inspired by the geometry in soap bubbles
10 delightful photos of dogs in mid-shake
A couple poses in 8 perplexing Internet-inspired photographs
Eye-popping images of 10 foods literally covered in gold
How to prank your friends
Poster series features classic gunslingers from comic books and movies
The incredible Whale Stapler will make your office more aquatic
Fun graphics celebrate the small differences. What kind of person are you?
A leisurely autumn evening
Intriguing collages show people melting into their surroundings
Incredible paper airplane gun folds and shoots every 4 seconds
Brilliant Roll it experimental housing
Classic Disney characters get caught in the 21st century selfie trend
Fav interior design cheat
Who needs Photoshop when the timing is perfect?
6 ephemeral lingerie models dissolving into space
Stunning photography by Alex Stoddard
Is this stained-glass sleeper car the future of automobiles?
Designer uses cut paper to achieve a unique graphic look
135 analog clocks work together to tell numeric time
Individuals unconsciously sculpt their “ideal” image with their mind
10 comic artists draw their famous characters blindfolded
Abstracted urban paintings describe city-life in Shanghai
Happy photo by Bill Blevins
Delicate paper bugs made from recycled magazines
Tragic nuclear catastrophe explored through enjoyable hobby-crafts
One girl. A sharpie. A Nissan Skyline GTR. 100 hours
Cosmic art collages created from Macbook screenshots
Halloween inspiration: face painting
Real or fake? [By Jeff Weston]
Eye-popping images of 10 foods literally covered in gold
So cool: 3D paintings with objects literally bursting from the frames
Castel Meur, a wow house in Brittany, France, brilliantly built in 1891.
Surreal paintings of fantastical universes and dreamlike landscapes
Floating organism sculptures made with a surprising everyday material
Mysterious hooded sculptures make their way around the world
Adrian Murray captured an idyllic portrait of his son