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Design Faves
Oceans are salty because awww
Adorable photo of Audrey Hepburn
Graphic designer Zilla van den Born fooled the world by creating her dream vacation using Photoshop
Amusing photo created around a pothole on the road [By Z999]
9 strangely intricate embroidered foods. Check out that broccoli!
Hahaha, the classic headshot gets a CGI twist! [By Mike Campau]
The Michelin Man stars in an unusual hotel concept for the heart of Paris
Perfect timing: A very American sunset
Photos of vertical sleeping kids offer a fun philosophy on dreaming
7 adorable stickers illustrate silly Japanese food puns
Gorgeous photo by Amanda Tipton
Terrifying home hovers above the ocean on the side of a cliff
Depression era photographs recreated using thousands of upturned crayons
Comic book superheroes remixed as ’80s album covers
Learn the meditative process paper marbling in this short film
Artist bottles common emotions for a funny cocktail recipe book
A sausage link made of vinyl records critiques modern music industry
Encouragement kitty is the best
Classic paintings recreated bring a whole new meaning to scrap booking
Ever thought of it this way?
Nature’s architects: amazing structures built by animals
Traditional needlepoint gets a contemporary craft infusion
Sarcastic service removes logos from apparel and replaces them with abstract shapes
Lava from the Kilauea volcano flowing into the ocean. Simply stunning.
Whimsical Instagram selfies featuring elaborate mirror doodles
Yikes! Do you have one (or multiple?!) of these most common fears?
Comfortable round tent hangs from a tree like a coccoon
Bizarre cartoons about life and death projected onto gravestones
Artist makes realistic pointillism pictures using thousands of nails
This man brilliantly reenacts embarrassing Tinder pictures
Realistic drawings beautify the back doors of dirty trucks
The "end of the world swing" - something unique! [Located at Casa del Arbol in Ecuador]
Breathtaking digitally created vistas and floating fantasy cities
Wonderful animal portraits made on the painted human hand
Just stunning photograph by Steve McCurry
I'm hungry now:Recipes beautifully photographed as ingredients flying in mid-air
The best of Burning Man 2014
Now it all makes sense: Uncropped road signs
Mammoth Tetris game played on the side of a 29-floor skyscraper
8 classic emojis recreated as ridiculous real-life icons
Elaborate art made from precisely cut paper
DID YOU KNOW that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ used more than 1,000 makeup applications?
This is Antarctica [Photo by Martin Bailey]
Kitsch globe sculptures imortalize random mundane objects
Greetings from Meghalaya, India, 'the wettest place on Earth’ [Photo by Amos Chapple]
Old technology is used to create innovative portraits in public places