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Gavo Dicaprio
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I'm glad the Pacers got Bynum and not the Heat, I feel like Miami gets way to lucky when it comes to picking up waived players
I hope one rips the other one's shirt off and we see some fuckin titties floppin around, yeah!
Yo baby, you ever had your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat? Yeah...
I used to rewind this part of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie over and over. SHEEP FUCKER via @YouTube
Let’s get lost at Sea Where they will never find us Got stars at night to guide us
Shaqtin' A Fool is always such an enjoyable watch
Very much looking forward to eating the kfc sweet chilli twister I put in the fridge last night
You can't help but laugh at the jokes before they happen on old eps of The Simpsons
Can Pokémon just be real so I can start my real life as a Pokemon trainer already ?
Chris Angel Mindfreak never gets old. Especially that theme song
You never hear anyone say anything bad about Durant, I think he has become most peoples fav player/pick for MVP
I really want to watch Pokemon.. but I have to wait flipping a day for it to download all the seasons
This weather is such bullshit, last night I had 3 blankets and my electric blanket on and tonight I'm drowning in ball soup of sweat.
If there is an eating contest that involves a bottle of Italian salad dressing. Sign me up
i get ultra balls from the pokemart.. and blue balls from nurse joy
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I have a perfect "V" of sunburn on my chest. It's like a superhero costume and I'm captain vagina
It's my feeling that the best movies come from the 90's
I must have listened to Riptide about 20 times today
Justin Eggerling and his mates are celebrating Australia Day with a blow-up pool and a few beers. How about you?
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Heck yes got my handsome ginger face in The Courier
Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart
Damn Lorde - Royals was my triple j hottest 100 #1 pick
The among of BBQ sausages in bread I've eaten today is ridiculous #StrayaDay
The newspaper just showed up at this house party I'm at and took a few snaps, so hopefully I'm in the paper tomorrow
I am many many beers deep