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Gavo Dicaprio
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Photo: Ready to start my Pokemon adventure
In both recent blowouts (NEvsKC and GBvsMIN tonight) you can't blame the QB's, look at the performance of the offensive line #NFL
Eddie Lacy completely and utterly destroying the Vikings #GBvsMIN
Don't understand why TV shows blur out the middle finger. We all know what it is artard
I'm glad they decided to make Game of Thrones a tv series and not a movie
Never trust a girl named Candice who calls her self Candy
How long before Patriots fans flip on Brady and start calling for Jimmy Garoppolo to start #NEvsKC
Kansas City just flat out dominating
Cannot get the song out of my head though
Jeepers Creepers was such a let down of a movie
Loving the new @warriors alternate uniforms
What is with Essendon constantly failing to retain players - Ryder, McPhee, Monfries, Crameri, Richards #AFL
I would love to live in a train/train carriage turned into a house one day
Fuck you and your Hampton house I'll fuck your Hampton spouse Came on her Hampton blouse And in her Hampton mouth
Watching the 2014 AFL Grand Final at Fed Square
tru blu Aussie fact: Chiko rolls are made of mutton, which is a word meaning the meat of women over 40
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I've never seen a Bertie Beatle candy bar sold anywhere in the world out side of the Melbourne show
Man the Nerf guns they have now look sick !
Just want to say thanks to my fans for the support this summer! RT or repost for chance to win my KD 7s! #DMC4USA
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Priddis' hair looks like a pot of burnt maggi noodles #BrownlowMedal #Brownlow2014
"I proclaim this the summer of George !"
How is Sanity music store even still in business
Roethlisberger faked out the whole stadium on that TD #PITvsCAR
@crimsonkitty88 @gavhoward @Libby_09 @jrmes @micphi Thank you thank you thank you. You're all too nice!
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Manning was great. But Russell Wilson was just better on that GW drive #BroncosVsSeahawks
Peyton Manning just drove the ball 80 yards and got the 2-point conversion in 41 seconds to tie this game up. What a beast #DENvsSEA
Even though Redskins lost, RGIII going to have a tough time getting that starting job back after the way Cousins played #PHIvsWAS #NFLSunday
Desean Jackson getting his revenge on the Eagles #WASvsPHI
Tampa with the worst performance by any NFL team I've ever seen #TBvsATL
Liam Neeson's co-star in every film is a cell phone
If anyone was going to stop Devin Hester you figure it would be his former coach ...... Apparently not. #ATLvsTB
Liam Neeson plays the same role in every movie these days
Photoset: thecyberwolf: Wild Pokemons - Photos Concept by Jamal Lee (Ninja-Jamal)
I miss The Walking Dead
I love how people from Scotland say "aye" instead of "yes"
That was the most epic GOT episode I've watched so far
Niggas will put they KD ratio from call of duty, win/loss ratio from 2k, and amount of hoes they got on a resumé before their own GPA
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I need a tv in the shower
Watching Game of Thrones and I'm just like "can you show more Daenerys Targaryen scenes already and forget all the other characters"
I love Sylvester Stallone as an actor but why does he look so pink in every movie ?? He looks like Hellboy
Willie Young's fisherman celebration after the sack is the real highlight of tonight's game #CHIvsSF
Bears completely turned this game around
Chris Conte with a massive interception ! He was practically vertical on that pick #CHIvsSF
Alex Smith gotta be feeling lucky after that one #KCvsDEN
Epic basketball afternoon