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Gavo Dicaprio
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I don't think I've seen Courtney Dempsey make a decent play for the Bombers all season
Photo: themamalogues: Just a little lunchtime Tina Belcher for you.  I really want a gif of her spazzing...
officialwhitegirls: mom: were gonna have mcdonalds for dinner
"@gavhoward: Never kiss a cat on the lips" but kiss a pussy all you like
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Never kiss a cat on the lips
Today must be "wear your year 12 jumper to uni day" and I didn't get the memo.
One day I would like to try some really expensive wine that didn't come from a box
8am swim was actually very pleasant
Photoset: One of the most underrated movie franchises
Photo: Bae: “Come over.” Me: “I can’t, I’m training my Pikachu.” Bae: “My mom isn’t home.” Me:
I watched Mama last night, that film was 95% the whole way through until that ridiculous fantasy ending
When girls call me "mate" I find it really condescending
Why is it that you put anything in a sandwich press it immediately becomes 10x better
I would say a lot of door to door salesman probably come to our house but we have no idea because our doorbell doesn't work
Photo: This Is the coolest SLAM Magazine cover ever in my opinion.
90's movies have the best music
The ep of Big Bang where Sheldon gets all the cats 😆
Mint leaves are underrated candy
I feel like American Dad is better than Family Guy. Sorry
The past week I've watched all of the Fast and the Furious films, definitely one of the best movie franchises ever
I feel like Asian food is so popular because white people don't know how to cook it
I never realized how many Indiana Jones references are in Family Guy
What kind of name is Carina
The worst place to sit in a waiting room is underneath the TV, you will get constantly stared at.
Forgetting to turn off my electric blanket is such a pleasant surprise
Fancy by Iggy Azalea is such a banging track
The McDonald's drive through smells of weed
Now the Cavs must decide if they want to keep Wiggins or trade for Love. This LeBron situation is so intriguing
Prediction: LeBron's Cavs jersey will be the top selling NBA jersey this season
Now us Lakers fans would like some good news i.e Melo
When LeBron played for the Cavs he used to be one of my favourite players in the NBA.. then he left for...
why are bucket hats becoming a thing???? they look awful
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TV shows where the spoiler is In the title, are just the worst.
I get so fucking moist when I go down the aisle at the supermarket and see that ranch sauce is on special
Photo: I wanna go to a chili festival
Tv shows where items get repossesed are the most entertaining.
I think if I'm ever a parent, I'll be just like Stan Smith
Indiana Jones night
When I was younger I used to pretend my bed was the Batmobile, now I'm older I can drive around in my car with the Dark Knight soundtrack
It's amazing how much better Canadian maple syrup is than regular syrup
No one cool has ever driven a Hyundai Excel
Entourage is the best TV series ever made
I can't take Home and Away seriously without thinking about Alf's rape dungeon
The more snapchats you send me does not make me want to date you