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Why in horror movies when they try to get rid of a cursed item they just casually toss it in the trash ? OF COURSE ITS GOING TO COME BACK !
Skips nips on Regular Show are rather unsettling
FIFA has to be the most frustrating game ever
If you do something not so bad and they say "you'll on only get a slap on the wrist" that still sucks ! I use my wrists all the time ;)
Can't wait to get my new Kobe's for Xmas
Well that was probably the most entertaining game of amateur basketball I've seen in a long time
Terrible final play drawn up for Lakers #LakersNuggets
I wonder who's going to take the final shot for Lakers..... ...
Wes Johnson with the NBA 2K15 dunk ! #LakersNuggets
The cast of The Departed has so many good actors
What drives a girl to date a bogan
I think most NBA fans want to see the Kings and the Pelicans in the playoffs
Holy shit a new Fat Pizza movie
I've come to realize that movies that get advertised a lot usually suck ass
Those Pepsi ads make me wanna go camping real bad
I love how Larry David is sneakily in a bunch of Seinfeld eps
I feel like we should vote for The Greens just to give them a chance to see what they can do and to mix things up a bit
Just saw the video of the 14 year old being bullied. Why doesn't the Government round up all the westies in Ballarat and put them in camps.
Gone Girl was a damn good film
Ali G Indahouse never gets old. CHICKEN DIPPERS !!!!
Regular Show has such a sweet 80's music soundtrack
I'd only watched a few random episodes of Regular Show, but now I'm giving it a proper watch it hasn't disappointed
People at Aldi with huge amounts of groceries and you're just standing there with one item and they don't let you go first are the worst
My bathroom mirror is very misleading
I'm not Matthew Broderick, I don't speak horse.
Gordon Hayward absolutely owned LeBron today #CLEUTA
Why are soda water and mineral water marketed as two different products when they are both exactly the same
Overheard in supermarket: I only take the Statesman out for special occasions, Its got a dragon on the hood and flames to make it go faster
Teams wear the championship badge on the collar of their jerseys, Wade, Duncan and Dirk the only guys that won all their teams rings #NBA
Battle of the undefeated #HOUMIA
Klay Thompson might be overtaking James Harden as the best shooting guard in the NBA #WarriorNation
Last day of NBA League Pass trial 🏀 :(
Tried to have a sleep in by completely blacking out my room but still only made it to 10ish
If I was a werewolf I would wear baggy clothes so I wouldn't ruin my nice clothes. The same rule would apply for if I was the hulk
Somebody stole my mood ring And I don't know how I feel about that
Jordan Hill raining jump shots #LakersBasketball
Jamal Crawford is definitely the most "must watch non-superstar" player in the NBA #Clippers
That's young Kobe 🏀
Nothing beats home made iced coffee
1000 ways to Die is my new favorite show
Just saw everything Cavs fans have hoped for on one play. Love rebound Long outlet pass to LeBron Gets fouled going to hoop And 1 #Cavs
Lesson learnt: Don't wear your old sweatpants with no drawstring and no underwear outside to bring the bins in because they will fall down
Kobe vs. Suns tends to always be entertaining
Papanikolaou looking like another shooter thats going to thrive in Mchale's system #HOUatUTA #NBAinAus