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So many inspiring leaders are making change for women & girls. Join @melindagates and make a nomination: #2030NOW
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Great graphic on mobile money and % of GDP in each developing countries | The Economist
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Why cheap text-based phones are the phones that will really change the world:
"Social media is one the most powerful tools for mobilizing communities across oceans." - US Pres. Carter: #2030Now
.@WorldBank's Dr. Jim Kim: "For the first time in human history, our generation can end extreme poverty." #2030NOW
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"Our dream is a world free of poverty... we need to make that dream a reality." - Dr. Jim Young Kim of @WorldBank.#SocialGoodSummit #2030Now
"How do we move conversation into action?" - @RobinRoberts. "Get stories out there." - @melindagates #2030Now
"I want to make incredible change for women and girls in my lifetime, but it's going to take all of us to do it." - MelindaGates #2030Now
Know someone who's #EmpoweringWomen and girls? @melindagates wants to hear and share their story: #2030Now
"If we leave women out of the equation we leave out 50% of society." - @melindagates #2030Now
"If I can space the births of my children I can feed them" - @melindagates on what women tell her around the world #2030Now
"Women do 66% of the work, produce 50% of the food, and earn 10% of the income." - @conniebritton #2030Now
"Mobile technology is helping spread opportunity so fast. Let's harness that." @rosalwang #2030NOW
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Agree! "People talk about youth being the future. Youth are the present." @stengel #2030NOW #SocialGood
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"There is no silver bullet, but there is silver buckshot." @NickKristof on how to end poverty #2030NOW
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Happening now: @NickKristof and @WuDunn talking about social change and their new books @APathAppears: #2030Now
MT @RobinRoberts: Looking forward to speaking w/ @melindagates at the #SocialGoodSummit today. We're talking women empowerment. #2030Now
RT @ONECampaign: Join our video project now and be part of a global movement to end extreme poverty by 2030: #2030NOW
"9,315 fewer children died every day since 2000 because of the #MDGs" - @DrumJamie at #SocialGoodSummit #2030Now
Great news: guinea worm is well on it's way to being the 2nd human disease ever eradicated. @CarterCenter #2030Now
Happening now: Dr. Donald Hopkins and Dr. Mark Sidhall of @CarterCenter on eradicating guinea worm: #2030Now
YES! "There are less than 500 days left to complete the MDGs. What is possible in that time?" @BabatundeUNFPA says: “Everything” #2030NOW
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.@liyakebede “That's the most important thing to know: Maternal death is completely treatable and preventable.” #2030NOW
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"#HeforShe is about men talking responsibility for gender equality." - @phumzileunwomen #2030Now
"The rising tide has to lift everybody. That means poor people have to be lifted up faster than everybody else" - @HelenClarkUNDP #2030Now
"A girl has the same value as a boy. This means a huge change in the way families and communities look at girls." - Graça Machel #2030Now
Progress has made in bringing girls & women's rights 2 the global agenda today. However, more needs to be done - Graca Machel #2030NOW
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"If we don't count women, we can't make sure our policies are meeting their needs." - @Kathy_Calvin #2030Now #SocialGoodSummit
"Before you get to happiness, you have to get to a place where people can connect." @Pharrell #2030NOW
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Can a simple checklist be a lifesaving-gamechanger for newborns? Post by @Atul_Gawande & @MariamClaeson:
Plan to reduce child deaths launched in India: #INAP #EveryNewborn
Super thin condoms, new contraceptives for women in focus:
“We’re doing what kids need in #Montana” – Montana teachers speak out about the benefits of #CommonCore #MTforCore
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If we prevent maternal & newborn mortality, we will make this world more equitable & secure for future generations.
How well do you know the world? If you're following us on Twitter, you should do well on the video's 3-question test:
When we #EndPoverty, "we liberate people from the stark choices they should never have to make." (via @USAID)
Govt of India pledges to reduce deaths of newborn babies from 29 per 1,000 live births to single digits before 2030
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RT @GirlsGlobe: India's Newborn Action Plan will scale up simple solutions to save newborn lives. #EveryNewborn #INAP
Focusing on care around the time of birth will achieve a brighter future for #India. #INAP
When we #EndPoverty, "we liberate people from the stark choices they should never have to make." (via @USAID)