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gary partamian
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Blessed to see another day
Lemme know when your shoes come with a ring. Champion baby!!!
Blessed....Blessed to be able to work for what I have
Gotta wait 3 weeks just to get my kd #globalgames Come on #footlocker
If you love someone you gotta tell them. No one is good at the guessing game #notmyquote
Half of these girls wear make up non stop. Y'all are fake! Hate that shit
Jay and Bae, best concert of my life #OTR2014#OTR
I respect jay-z ten times more after tonight
Got to meet one of beyonces dance crew members
Girl i don't know why I'm attracted to you but can you be the one so we can add to two
Shoes don't mean shit!!! your family, your loved ones, your life is what is important
Shoutout to my boy @vatsat23 you the real mvp haha
Seeing Kd cry after that injury gave me the chills
Prayers go out for Paul George
Take a moment and realize how blessed you are
I try to live by that
The greatest advice one of my coworkers gave me was "get your shit together in your teens and early 20's"
The people I've treasured the most have given me the biggest scars
Ab game too strong 👌
I have over 200 pairs of shoes yet I've worn the same shoe 5 days in a row
Lmaoo saw someone and you said we still talk. You ain't gotta lie to kick it haha
If someone is willing to change for you I think you should invest more time in them. That's none of my business though haha
When you've basically forgotten about something but you have a bitch ass brother who keeps bringing it up 😤
Good people, good vibes. Pretty muh my life right now