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Gary Owen
Bengals vs Colts. Im calling it now this game will not end in a tie.
I like the new show @SRemorse_Starz congrats @KingJames @TheRealMikeEpps @mavcarter cant wait to see whats next.
Congrats to @TalawandaHS football team. Love that my alma mater is ballin this season. Im watching from afar.
#NowWatching "Deal With It" and @garyowencomedy got me LMBO at all the stuff he's having this guy do.
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Someone let @floydmayweather I'm balling outta control out here in S Korea. #MustBeTheMoney #200kInMyPocket #DiamondsAndPearls
Having a ball in Changwon S Korea. Hotel is beautiful till I walked in the men's spa & saw 150 naked guys relaxing around a big ass hut tub. #Awkward #IFeltLikeABlackGuy #ThisGirlDidntSpeakEnglishButLovesHipHop
@garyowencomedy man i just saw think like a man 2 u were funny as hell. Call me Tyrese Lmao ur 1 of my favorites bro
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So weird Im in S.Korea about to watch Thursday Night football at 9am on Friday.
Hey @selenagomez :) would love 4 U 2 play in our celebrity basketball game during NBA all star in NYC?
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Stopped at a rest stop middle of S Korea had a cup of coffee with this guy. He didn't speak English I don't speak Korean but We connected. Crazy he called himself Mac Daddy. I taught him how to say Go Bengals! #armedforcesent #HesMyMrMiyagi #Bimpibop
My website reconstruction is complete. check it out.
@garyowencomedy Ha just watched your tv special the other night. Keep killin it homeboy!!
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Breakfast!!!! I think I'm eating yogurt & drinking a water. S. Korea Hunsan AF Base big show tonight. #armedforcesent #MiltaryLife #IHaventSeenAnyDogs
S Korea got my time clock messed up woke up at 4 am wide awake. I went to the gym felt like @TheRock till I walked by a mirror.
Made it to S. Korea. Long ass flight. No clue what I just ordered? Kunsan I'm on my way. #JambaJuice #IMightHaveGottenRippedOff #ShortAssCountry
On my way to S. Korea. I'm the tallest guy on this flight. 14 hour flight. #ImGonnaPissAlot #ImGassy #DidTheBengalsReallyTie
RT @ariesemblem: We have our tixs to see @garyowencomedy at the DC Improv in December! Yay can't wait! #earlybird} Dec 4-7 I'm coming
RT @oneandonlykeli: Was @garyowencomedy Mr. Broccoli #DaddyDayCare?? Lol "B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I, I am the broccoli & don't know why!} Yep it's me
I know footballs on but I forgot The Walking Dead comes on in a few minutes. Zombiesor football. Tough decison.
I feel like Im on Good Times & James just died. Damn Damn Damn!!!! Still love my city & team minus the kicker #bengals
Get Some Cold Cuts Today!!!!! #IckeyShuffle C'mon Defense!!!!
I'm alone in a sportsbar in Dallas. This is how I'm feeling right now. The waitress asked if I needed anything. I flicked her off. #TheyGonnaSpitInMyFood #INeedJesus #WhatTheFuck
It's crazy how @KingJames came back to Cleveland & turned the Browns back into winners.
For the rest of the day only talk about football. Nothing else matters. #Whodey #Bengals #GetMeSomeColdCutsToday
RT @adolphus12: Gary Owens had the crowd rolling! 👏👏 } Owen no S lol
Last night in Atlantic City they have me Arturo Gatti's old dressing room at Boardwalk Hall. I sat in that room thinking what it must have felt like before & after those epic Mickey Ward fights. Oh yeah my show was Off The Hook also thank you to everyone that came to the show!!! #GattiWard #MoralesB
RT @TrickDice4: @garyowencomedy killed ol girl in the audience with the heckle} She tried
"you can't be talking about slavery because you haven't even seen django yet" -
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@garyowencomedy - You were off the chain tonight! LMBO! Loved your comedy set. #AtlanticCityComedyFestival
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Another pic from last night in Atlanta w/ @keshiaknightpulliam I kinda went in on her & @bigtiggershow I thought she was gonna beat my ass but I apologized. #RudyHuxtable #ItsWeridWhenIHearHerCuss #TiggerDoesntWatchADifferentWorld
Thank you to everyone in Atlanta that came out last night. Show was FIRE!! Atlantic City I'm coming you way tonight.
I had to tell @monicabrown & @toyawright I'm married. You know it's hard out here for a pimp. #MonicaMakesGoodAssFriedChicken #ToyaLovesPappadeaeuxs #ImTipsy
Great show tonight at the Shaq All Star Comedy Show. We shut Atlanta down. Headed to Prive to see my boy @bigtiggershow #TiggerHadSexWithRudyHuxtable #MyCheeksGetRedWhenImDrunk #FebreezeMakesDirtyClothesFakeSmellGood
RT @randall2583: @garyowencomedy when you coming home to the Nati!? Funnybone Dec 18-21 Cincinnati
Off to Atlanta show tonight at The Cobb Energy Center is SOLD OUT. South Korea in headed your way on Monday.
@garyowencomedy @DamienDW @MarlonWayans I'm watching LITTLE MAN right now and the 3 of you are CMTFU.
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#tbt with @garyowencomedy's "Boy Bands" bit. Catch Gary this Saturday in AC with some of the funniest comics around…
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On this chilly Thursday afternoon here's a love song for the ladies. @monicabrown let's do a duet. @chrisbrownofficial Im coming for you.
Shoutout to @richandrotten for always lacing me w/ these cool ass shirts. Bathroom so clean I can put shirts on the floor. #IWasNakedTakingThisPic #JacuzzisFeelGoodOnMyUndercarraige #OwenNoS
Being in a music video isn't really a credit anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw a music video on TV.
Ran into @suga_rashadevans in Miami last week. Every time I meet a boxer or UFC fighter I size them up then realize wait they can hurt me. Not beat me up but really hurt me. #HootersLovesTheUFC #UFCfightersEarsLookScary #ImABeastAtRingWalks
Some Bengals players are upset w/ bandwagon fans. Everyone knows thats not me. Ride or die since birth.