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Gary Owen
Just like that the only undefeated in the AFC is......the Cincinnati Bengals!!! #Whodey
Even Ryan Leaf is like Damn Peyton Manning is the truth.
Just got out the shower I see this perfect rainbow outside my window. #GayPplShouldLikeThisVideo #whodey #ImNakedHopeNobodySawMeFilmingThis
This is my fired up face after my Bengals go 3-0. Bye week time to rest up get healthy. I love my city & my squad. #cincinnati #whodey #ChiliTastesBetterOnSpaghetti
Wait for it wait for it here it comes WHO DEY!!!!!!! #bengals
Dallas Cowboys are the Kanye West of the NFL so confusing can't figure them out.
Who Dey!!!!!! @Mo_12_Sanu TD pass to @andydalton14 I'm alone at a bar in Syracuse the only yelling I can do is on twitter!!!
Jameis Winston does some stupid stuff but you can see he cares & is passionate about his team.
All the guys on my timeline talking college football. Then I see a dude say sum thing about BeyoncΓ© on HBO. RED FLAG homie.
I'm in Syracuse Jim Boeheim must be a helluva recruiter cause there ain't shit to do out here.
Im on instagram like everyone else on earth. Its stop by say hi curse me out say I suck or say good things about me.
When I watch crazy parents at pee wee football I think the mom & dad are both short & fat your son is not going pro so relax.
Growing up my cousin convinced me asian girls had sideways coochies. He said 1 winked at him.
Syracuse tonight. Miami Oct 3 Tampa Oct 4 Atlanta Oct 10 Atlantic City Oct 11 I work ppl!!!! Go to for my tour dates.
RT @NotSteveRogers: I'm hosting for @garyowencomedy tonight and tomorrow at the @SyracuseFB! Make sure you're there!} I'm gonna go!!!!
I love Rascal Flatts. But to maintain my street cred I will deny that I know their music if you ask me in person.
RT @LadyQ29: @garyowencomedy R u in Syracuse this weekend?} yep Funnybone Saturday & Sunday
RT @_princesa_tiana: If you've never seen Gary Owen's stand up you won't get his jokes about Jody/Tyrese in #ThinkLikeAManToo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚} Shhhhh
Just got to Jamaica!!!!! Ok I'm lying but the next best thing Cha Cha Chicken in Santa Monica. My last meal before I got on the red eye to Syracuse NY. Funnybone Saturday & Sunday go to for tix info. #SpicyFartsOnThePlane #DjangoDisSilent #Whodey
Don't do drugs. If you do trees might start crying. #SadAssTrees #TressGotFeelingsToo #JustinTimberlake
The Falcons offense has looked unstoppable against the Saints & Bucs. The BENGALS not so much. #WhoDey
I saw 1 single gray hair on my balls. Either Im getting old or my balls are really stressed out.
RT @Bam_Dat_Bit: One of the funniest comedians ever is @garyowencomedy } I just said the same shit
RT @_KEYLAH__: @CMUProgramBoard can't wait to attend the Gary Owen comedy show!} Central Michigan I'll see you next week!!!!
Oh yeah #tbt this is when I photobombed the shit outta @kingjames at @chrisbosh birthday party last yr. #IJustNameDropped #IWasKickedOutMinLater #Ohio
Syracuse NY I'm at the Funnybone this weekend Sept 20 & 21. Go to for tix info & all my upcoming tour dates. #MyFaceIsTwoTone #CarmeloAnthony #RonySeikalyWontBeThere
Watching Think Like a Man Too again and @garyowencomedy is so hilarious..
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Sitting here 35,000 feet in the air. Keep seeing ppl are upset about the @thinklikeaman DVD cover. So here is how I feel about it
RT @KenzieMercado: Gary Owens up at Kenwood mall} Owen no S lol were you following me??? SECURITY!!!!
RT @GMalone504: @garyowencomedy on some real shit, why are you not on the Think Like A Man Too DVD cover?} Too Good Looking I guess.
Got me a new cell phone case. Now every time I whip my phone out the world will know what city I'm from. #Whodey #cincinnati #GetSomeColdCuts
RT @Kflaggs_4: White comedians jokes be weird sometimes. I do love Dane cook and Gary Owens are hilarious thou} Owen no S lol
Syracuse NY Im in your city this weekend Sept 20 & 21st. Go to for all my tour dates.
I call this the future Hall Of Fame WR corner of my basement. @btm15 @ajohnson1500 great players better human beings. #ICaughtATouchdownIn8thGrade #FantasyFootballBeasts #GetSomeColdCuts
My daughter was upset I'm not on the DVD cover for @thinklikeaman so I woke up this morning & she made this for me. #ILoveMyKids #SheGotMyBack #SheHasAFutureInBootlegs
Only 7 teams in the NFL are 2-0. One of them is the Cincinnati Bengals. #WhoDey
Darren Sproles is like a human hedgehog.
White guys having a nice yr at WR Jordy Nelson, Riley Cooper, @brianhartline Danny Amendola, just to name a few #whiteguytweet
Got me a circus dog. She's a ballerina & will crawl like she's in a foxhole going to war. #SheStillSneaksShitsInMyHouse #MySonThinksHesdDogWhisperer #SnoopDogSmokesMoreWeedThenMyDog
Sucks about the Bears Charles Tillman. I'm a Bengals fan but I love his passion & how he plays the game. Hope he can come back. #footballfan
Make sure you guys pick up a DVD or Blu Ray of @thinklikeaman Too today!!! Not sure but I think someone is missing on this cover. I was sparring w/ @floydmayweather when they made the cover. #MyDogIsPissedAboutThis #ImGettingATattooOnMyPinkyToe #IFeelLikeABackupDancer
Thanks to everyone in VA Beach who came out to see me this weekend. Next up Syracuse Funnybone Sept 20 & 21. I just burped.
RT @___Mickey18: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Gary Owen cracks me up. OH MY GOSH. He is so stupid but he is hilarious.} I am lol
It looks like @willpowerpacker is becoming like UCLA basketball in the 1960's & 70's always #1 congrats Dre.
Everything in the world seems a little better after the Bengals win. Car runs outta gas Ill walk to Ohio from Virginia no big deal.
RT @Tra_Dayss: @garyowencomedy I wouldn't come if you gave me tickets I'm not mad I think ur corny} let's be honest u can't afford tickets
RT @Tra_Dayss: @garyowencomedy get ur ass out my mentions}I know u mad Falcons getting beat but I'm in ATL Oct 10 at Cobb Energy Center
RT @Tra_Dayss: @garyowencomedy @Chizman_ naw u just corny your jokes based off ur wife being black} sorry for being happy w/ my wife & life.