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Gary Owen
actor comedian standup comedy 157,787 followers
Dallas we added a 3rd show on Saturday at the Addison Improv. Ill be there July 24-27. Go to for tix info.
Everybody got upset that me & Jerry wasn't on the Essence Cover. Well here is the cover nobody saw. #thinklikeamantoo #essence #ICanJumpRope100TimesNonStop
RIP James Garner. Pic was taken at the March on Washington 1963 w/ Diane Carroll. Thanks @comiclonilove for finding this picture. So simple yet speaks volumes.
Cancers enjoy your last few days. It's almost Leo season!!!!! This Lion is hungry. (Not sure what the fuck I just said)
RT @crusinchristina: @garyowencomedy it's my #birfffdayyyy can I get a shoutout!!! Big supporter of u homie!} HAPPY BDAY!!!
RT @sophalofugous6: Gary Owen>>>>😂😂😂} I see your emojis 😳😳😳
RT @MentallyOpulent: Went to go see Gary Owen at the Punchline...shit was hilarious.} Sacramento was awesome
CRINE!!! RT @uhleeseeyuh: I'm late on this, but HOLLERING 😂😂😂 👉👉👉 Gary Owen Clownin on Poet
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@garyowencomedy just now watching #RideAlong and I'm so dead right now because of your scene!!! #HoneyBooBoo 😂😂😂😂
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It's rare you find a shirt you can wear to church & the club. Perfect Sunday shirt. #PrisonersReallyBelieveThis #WhenISayGodIMeanTimStory #ChickFilaShouldBeOpenToday
Sacramento has showed me so much love this weekend. Last show tonight at the Punchline. Next Dallas aka Addison Improv.
RT @CelinaCastillo6: Gary Owen walked into 24 I was like you need a pass! my co workers were like do you know who that is?....oops} LOL
“@FunnyVines: A cat ran into a door during a French TV baking show and it's absolutely amazing.” poor cat 😂😂😂😂🔥
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RT @Cooleen_: @garyowencomedy I knew it was you I just saw in Chipotle! My mom wouldn't believe me} Punchline tonight 7pm is where I'll be
R.I.P. Eric Garner. Innocent father choked to death by NYPD on July 17. #RETWEET for respect & spreading his story.
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Watching Bengals vs Packers on NFL Network. Best game of 2013. I miss football!!!!
A fan posted this. We look like a bad tinder connection. #DuckLips #WhyIsHisShirtOff #BarackObamaDoesntApproveThisMessage
RT @Millionaireinc: @garyowencomedy is the most #underrated comedian out there. I can't think of a time where he wasn't funny} Me Neither
11 yrs ago today I married my best friend. The best mother, daughter, friend anyone could ask for. Anyone that meets her loves her. She's not trying to be famous or in the limelight. She just wants the best for her family & friends. Love you Love you Love you. #FamilyFirst #SheThinksImFunny #MyKidsA
RT @Richhomieveezy: Gary Owen so fucking funny Bruh 😭😭} I agree with you
RT @katzy_26: @garyowencomedy come to dallas. Id love to be the only white fan in the audience} July 23-27 Addison Improv I'm coming!!!
A fan have this to me last night after my show. Crazy that it matched my shirt. #ItsOwenNoS #SouthwestShouldHaveFirstClass #ISlobberWhenISleepOnPlanes
RT @Belafl0r_: Ran into the guy Gary Owen at the gym today. Real cool cat. #GaryOwen #comedian #Actor} sweaty mess