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Gary Owen
Saw #ThinkLikeAManToo last night again @garyowencomedy made the movie just like the first! @KevinHart4real was funny too of course
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RT @CMUProgramBoard: RT if you went to @garyowencomedy last night and are still laughing, because we are.} I'm Laughing
RT @bryan_williams2: in tears tonight watching @garyowencomedy youtube videos tonight lol} I love that guy
RT @baeplodicus: Gary Owen gained a new fan today. #cmubitch }About time welcome new fan.
Central Michigan University thank you for having me!!!!! #chipchip #CMUBitch #YouNeedAnAirport
RT @JESS_so_Lovely: Gary Owen is so funny OMG !! I really I want slogan to be CMU Bitch. #GaryOwen #CMUBitch #ThinkLikeAManToo } change it
RT @_MariahMF: Gary Owens comedy show 😁} Owen no S lol
RT @Mizztopnotch42: Ok Gary Owens had me laughing. 😂😂} Hope so lol
RT @_chillvssky: gary owen changed the school slogan 😂😂}Central Michigan U Bitch
Been driving all day!!!!! Almost to Mt Pleasant, MI Central Michigan University it's SHOWTIME!!!!! #MyShinesDifferent #ChipChip #ImDrinkingStarbucks
We're so excited to host the hilarious @garyowencomedy tonight at 7pm in Plachta Auditorium! Get pumped.
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Long ass drive to Central Michigan University. Show tonight at 7 pm Plachta Auditorium. If you on I-75 north in Ohio or Michigan and see an Audi it could be me. #JimJacksonLivesInToledo #Farms #MyButItches
Adele Givens just went INNNN on Sheryl Underwood on the @TJMShow. This is getting better then Floyd & 50 cent.
RT @_lillisha: 3 classes shower nap Gary Owen then hit the road to flint 🙌} you won't be funky at my show.
Watching UCLA vs Arizona St. I think every college football team as a DeAndre Lewis on the squad.
I dont who's playing better for the Giants Eli Manning or Kirk Cousins.
I think RGIII's job is safe when he comes back. Gus Ferotte isnt walking through that door Skins fans.
Why is it every yr the Giants can look terrible for a few weeks & then BAM turn it around. Every year they do it.
I know it's a good workout if my cheeks get red. Mission accomplished. #ImHalfElf #SantaClausMayBeMyDaddy #Hammertime
If you pray send one up today for Leah. @man_of_still75 little girl goes into surgery today. #beatcancer #whodey #PrayForLeah
When Im in Orlando I always go over @SHAQ house & everyone there treats me like family.… Subscribe!
I'm on IG also I think it's funny not just saying that cause it's me... Ok I am.
I didn't make the cover of the bootleg #thinklikeamantoo DVD either. Talk about a deal 10 movies for 5 bucks. #IStoleThisPic #BootlegStartedWithLiqour #SoMuchForResidualChecks
This is how I sing most songs. I rarely know the words but I can fake it like a muthafucka. #Macklemore #whodey #ILoveBaconOnAChickenBreast
All these Monday Night Football games have been great. Mark Sanchez is smiling right now somewhere.
Greg Salas was moving!!! I thought he was a brotha he was moving so fast. Fooled me. #whiteguytweet
That Ickey Woods commercial never gets old. Get some cold cuts. LMAO
Home sweet home, my favorite place to watch Monday Night Football. #LongAssToes #AboutToEatSomeCornbread #Cincinnati
RT @ESPNNFL: Here's the amazing story of Jets WR @DavidNelson86 & his work w/orphans in Haiti. MUST SEE: }Inspiring
Damn I missed the BET Hip Hop Awards again. Hip Hop just isn't the same w/ Snow & Young MC out the game.
My Dog always stares right at me when she takes a shit. Almost like she's punking me. No shame in her game.
RT @CMUniversity: "Think Like a Man Too" star @garyowencomedy will be at CMU Friday, Sept. 26:
Washington DC Im coming Dec 4-7 at the Improv. Go to see if Im coming to your city ppl!!!!
RT @__danielle214: I thought I saw @garyowencomedy in starbucks, but the polite lady in me left him alone. I get on twitter it was him.}LoL
I ordered my coffee the barista said room for cream or sugar. I said no I like my coffee black like my wife. The barista didn't get my joke. #awkward #SheThinksImARacist #NowIGottaBringMyWifeToProveIt
THINK LIKE A MAN. See, romantic comedies CAN work. Love @TherealTaraji And @garyowencomedy ran away with his scenes.
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I'm at Central Michigan University this Friday Sept 26th. Isn't that where Dan Majerle went to college. #whiteguytweet
RT @VeeMiyagi: Gary Owen talking about Superhead was hilarious lol} #grindthepepper
RT @nani621: Aye Gary Owen funny asf} I was thinking the same thing.
@garyowencomedy really bout to have these girls out here singing "marinara" lmao he killed tonight #FunniestComedianOut #Fact #Cuse
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Bell & Blount running so good for the Steelers they gonna make the team look the other way when theres weed in the air.
Did Ike Taylor just break his arm & then casually walk off the field? I would be on a cart screaming my ass of.
RT @TineshiaNichol: Bruh Gary Owens is the shit !! 😭😭😭😂😂😂} Owen no S lol
Just like that the only undefeated in the AFC is......the Cincinnati Bengals!!! #Whodey
Even Ryan Leaf is like Damn Peyton Manning is the truth.
Just got out the shower I see this perfect rainbow outside my window. #GayPplShouldLikeThisVideo #whodey #ImNakedHopeNobodySawMeFilmingThis