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Gary Newsom
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Independents Overwhelmingly Lean Towards anti-Obamacare Candidates, Poll Finds - Daniel Doherty…
People Like That... - Gary Newsom : Book Country… via @BookCountry #IARTG NEW $5
America: We Support Building Keystone - Katie Pavlich… Obama: I don't care.
Thai Lady, American Boy - Gary Newsom : Book Country… via @BookCountry #IARTG #Freeand99 based on true events
10-year-old boy raped male classmate after watching porn, on trial |… #LifeSiteNews stupid ?: where r/were parents?
Energy Plant in Oregon Burning Aborted Babies From Canada to Generate Electricity… not intentionally, apparently
for those of u wondering y I don't rewrite parts of Quran like I did parts of Bible, the main reason is: have YOU tried to read Q? Painful!
People Like That.. - Gary Newsom : Book Country… via @BookCountry NEW #IARTG $5 bitter, cynical...funny as all get out
Abortion Clinic Coupons: Save $15 Killing Your Baby by Liking Their Facebook Page… via @StevenErtelt
Dream Woman - Gary Newsom : Book Country… via @BookCountry #IARTG #Freeand99 featured title Feb. 2014
Benjamin Franklin, foreseeing invention of Twitter, eliminated superfluous u's from many English words, so Americans could tweet mo' better.
What a Devout Muslim Did for a Barefoot Homeless Man on a Bus Is Truly Inspirin...… via @theblaze
NYPD’s Friendly Hashtag Campaign Backfires Big-Time… via @theblaze but...nobody hijacks hashtags!
State Department: By the Way, It Looks Like Syria Used Chemical Weapons Again - Guy Benson… the red line? meh...
The High Cost of Liberalism: Part II - Thomas Sowell - Page 1…
Bob Dole Criticizes Ted Cruz; Says He's on the "Extreme Right Wing" - Video… praising with faint damning?
Maher: Bigot or Comedian?… both; not good at either
Memo to: Republican Candidates, Answer War on Women - Mona Charen - Page 1…