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Gary Lineker
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But @GaryLineker: what about the many, many players who do well on cold, wet windy Tuesday nights at Stoke, but would be shite at Barca?
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Bojan looked a gifted player at Barca, but wonder what he'd be like on a cold, wet, windy Tuesday night at Stoke.
All going on up here. You wander outside the studio and look who's rehearsing? Only Jim Kerr and Simple Minds.
Ridiculous to be hosting the Commonwealth games in Glasgow at this time of year. Far too hot. Should've moved it to winter.
James Rodriguez has moved to Real Madrid for €80m. Good to see that 'financial fair play' is working so well.
Murdoch hack lies shock! Why do rest of media go along with protecting this guy's identity? via @guardian
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Always best to bow to superior knowledge of those that have been there in their given sport. Mike Atherton says Cook should go, therefore...
Lots of folk saying @WayneRooney should be the next England captain. I think we should wait for Cook to resign first.
Just seen #MurderedByMyBoyfriend. Horrible viewing. But so compelling and important. Fine acting @G_ACampbell @RaycoPierreson @SteelMillPaul
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Tell you what, deny it all you like, but you Scots are such a warm, friendly, welcoming bunch. Great to be here!
Arrived in Glasgow to blue skies, sunshine and warmth. This is not how things are supposed to be. Terribly disappointing!
@OfficialGetSung hey guys, thanks so much for providing the platform that got me a record deal for 'Ignition', released online in August!
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Steven Gerrard has retired from international football. He's been a wonderful servant to his country. A great player who always gave all.
Were any other country on Earth doing what is being done in Gaza, there would be worldwide uproar
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When @ECB_cricket make seemingly ludicrous decisions like expelling their best player, it needs to be followed by success! Live by the sword
I don't know Tulisa, but I do know the diabolical, immoral, Mahzer Mahmood will go to any lengths to frame/trap people. Fake, fake sheikh!
Singer and TV star Tulisa Contostavlos's trial over drugs allegations has collapsed at a UK court
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@arsenalfantv: Big interview coming later with @Arsenal fan @piersmorgan” < Have you borrowed @SimonCowell 's jeans?
All for signing kids' autographs, and I'm sure @McIlroyRory is the same, but during the event? Come on!!!
I must say the @McIlroyRory snubs kid's autograph request palaver is utterly ridiculous! He's still competing until his own card is signed.
Celebrating with the Claret Jug!! Thanks for all the support and well wishes this week! #TheOpen #3outof4
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Good God, it's a true story! Sickening! #MurderedByMyBoyfriend
How did I end up watching #MurderedByMyBoyfriend ? Too grim to describe. Brilliantly acted though. Depressingly real.
That's it for Monty Python then. They are no more. They cease to exist. I'm as sick as a Norwegian Blue! Love @EricIdle @JohnCleese et al.