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Gary Lineker
World's talking about Lamela's 'rabona' goal today. But he'd done before at his real club, River Plate. Here it is:…
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@Iffy_aka_Giggs: @GaryLineker @Coco_Lamela why you tweeting ITV stuff, your a BBC guy!!” < They have the tv rights. Only fair.
If there's a better goal scored this season than @Coco_Lamela 's then I can't wait to see it...…
I've just seen Lamela's goal for Spurs tonight. Oh I say!!!
Time to head home. It's getting close to Saturday!
@spencermorgan93: Imagine actually caring about a player swapping his shirt, classic tragic english mentality" < Listen, dad @piersmorgan
@NormanWhiteside: @GaryLineker What is your best ever shirt Swap? :)” < Maradona....Not that game. Yours?
Anyway I'm going to swap shirts and get on with my day. It's an interesting debate though. What's important and what isn't?
@BallStreet: @GaryLineker Why cant they do it in the tunnel? Away from the view of fans.” < Because they would not envisage such a furore.
@GaryLineker @rickoshea Not disrespectful at all. Dont see the big deal tbh, especially as Pepe asked him not the other way round..
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@GaryLineker I find it very odd that people are getting mad. It's showing respect in a time when you're being beaten. That's rare these days
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@piersmorgan: Sorry, you're wrong. Publicly swapping your shirt at half-time when you're 0-3 down is outrageous behaviour #Balotelli” <Why?
@reid6peter: @rickoshea why not swap shirts b4 the game saves discussion. BTW let's shake hands b4 the game as well ” < They already do.
@GaryLineker @SluTFromMars At Half Time, your mind should be solely on how you can improve performance in 2nd half. Esp, when 3-0 down!
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@GaryLineker This whole saga is being used as the perfect diversion to what was an abject performance against a top class team. Trivial..
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@rickoshea: @GaryLineker Is it disrespectful of fans? Yes...” < Why is it disrespectful? Not seen one good reason yet.
@SluTFromMars: @GaryLineker Wrong message to fans who are proud people” < But why is it? Find the reaction to good sportsmanship strange.
Positives to halftime shirt swap: Is it better than fighting in the tunnel? Yes. Are shirts less sweaty than they are at the end? Yes.
Can't see the negative in half time shirt swap. Does it affect result? No. Does it affect performance? No. Is it unsportsmanlike? No.
No great surprise trouble in Lille; police were an absolute disgrace when United played them in 2007.
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@GaryLineker @BBCSport find it hard that you're even considering victory over San Marino as an achievement
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@GaryLineker just because we beat A team everyone else wallops we deserve a higher ranking what a joke U21 at least give us a little hope
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@GaryLineker excuse me the quality of the opponent also factors into the ranking.
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@GaryLineker @BBCMOTD San MarinWho? Nobody forgets the last world cup!!!
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Find it hard to believe that England's world ranking has dropped to 20th despite a resounding victory over San Marino.
Terrific night at Soho House in LA with the British R pack @RobBrydon @richardpbacon @RhysT
@piersmorgan: You got a new US TV gig, Jugs @GaryLineker ?” < Well I heard CNN is still trying to replace Larry King
On the Balotelli shirt swapping furore: I doubt they're having the same debate in Spain re Pepe. All is fine when you win.
@spencermorgan93: @GaryLineker @piersmorgan hope he jumped in the pool” < Yes! And it emptied.
Well that's livened up things in the @piersmorgan household. Half a chance of him opening a decent bottle now.
@TommyJLong: @piersmorgan So he shat on the pitch more times than he took a corner?” < Yep!
@piersmorgan: Gary Lineker just informed me he never took a corner in his entire professional career.” < Can't kick it that far.
And it's not just Real Madrid and Barca. Other Spanish teams have won the Europa League 6 out of the last 10 years.
@GaryLineker what do you know? It's not like you've ever played in Sp... 😃
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We might have to stop pretending that the Premier League's the strongest in the world. Most entertaining it may be, but La Liga is stronger.
Ronaldo finally proves he can score on a chilly Wednesday night in Liverpool....and how.
The BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2014 (@BBCSPOTY) panel has been announced:
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@LinekerTobias: @GaryLineker how does @piersmorgan feel about that haha ?” < I think he'd agree.
One of the truly great figures of football in this country is 65 today. Happy birthday Arsene Wenger. Give that man a bus pass!
@worldsoccertalk: Dixie Dean's record stands even after Ronaldo's goal scoring… #EFC” < Legend
@Aadam_Cfc: @GaryLineker @kaidmo2 bro ? Gary you've ruined it all” < Really? Kaid's my brother-in-law. #ToWalkAgain
@kaidmo2: Totally amazing documentary #bbcpanorama #hope #believe” < The future bro #towalkagain
@mmccarroll1: @GaryLineker @supportnsif loving the support” < Good luck to you. #towalkagain
Help Professor Raisman continue his astonishing work > “@supportnsif:. TEXT NSIF14 £5 to 70070 or visit #towalkagain
On #Panorama hope for many where there was none. Hope of feeling where there was none. Hope of movement where there was none. BBC1 10.35