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Garrett Luttrell
The craziest bastards I've met were usually the most successful and innovative.
2015 Ford F-150's on the ground here at Bommarito Ford. #gamechanger
Make the most of your time here by making something.
Artificial Intelligence and Automation are this generations Nuclear Power. Will it destroy us or define us?
Don't try to do everything at once. We have computers for that. #MasterYourHumanity
It's not about just being motivated or driven - it's about being the driver.
Refine the process, replace, or leave well enough alone. #innovation
Too many people do too much of the trivial and too little of what matters the most.
It doesn't have to be easy, it just has to be profitable.
If what you do on a daily basis takes more life out of you than it puts in you - you're doing the wrong kind of work.
Sometimes you'll bunt, sometimes you'll hit a home run, strike out or get hit by the ball. But ya gotta keep stepping up to the plate.
If you don't have enough time in the day, it's because you're already filling it with things that don't matter.
If you don't think, you're stupid. If you don't take action, you're dead.
Somebody out there somewhere is trying to out work me - and I can't have that.
Not every opportunity is a gold mine, but that doesn't mean you ever stop digging.
I don't want the best of both worlds I want all of one world. All in like I'm sitting on a full house.
The biggest decisions you'll face are opportunities you don't take.
"Do not seek to change what has come before. Seek to create that which has not." - David Airey
You are what you eat, and there's a helluva lot more people feeding off fear than success unfortunately.
#STLTogether. Four miles away from Ferguson at the dealership.
No amount of fancy verbiage can replace the raw action of persistence to attain a singular goal.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy~ A man may die nations may rise and fall but an idea lives on.
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The Power of 10x: 4 Ways to Grow Your Business Exponentially -
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No project analysis is complete without understanding the total cost over time:
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"We used to look up at the sky & wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down & worry about our place in the dirt" | Interstellar
You back up the crucial data on your computer. What if you could back up the most important data of all - your mind?
A plant which is frequently moved never grows strong. - Seneca
Every moment is an opportunity to thrive and I don't miss a beat.
New Blog is Up! "Is Great Customer Service Enough to Set your Store Apart?" | Alethe Denis, iMagicLab
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If a 173-year-old public company can digitally transform, what’s your excuse? via @chiefmartec
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If you're feeling sane, you're not working hard enough.
"In the end, just three things matter: how well we have lived; how well we have loved; how well we have learned to let go." -J Kornfield
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