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Garrett Luttrell
What little time we have should be paid attention to.
Wearables - one of the biggest advancers in mobile tech (particularly Medtech.) #innovate #mobile
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The consequences of having Google at our fingertips? Digital amnesia.
Anyone in sales knows the agony of a referral that got lost along the way.
Do people have to come find you or does your message find people?
Stop making suggestions and start making decisions
Momentum is highly addictive and like any drug, the crash is devastating. #StayMoving
Do people come find you or does your message find people?
The lack of stars in this city night sky is pissing me off right now.
You can run from problems or run towards solutions, but you can't do both.
Any kind of change can be doubted but far less doubt should be heeded.
The sweet spot is the point of vision where you're looking just ahead of where you are now but not too far ahead that you live there.
You have one mind and one opportunity to create life within - this immediate moment.
Out of hundreds of deals & transactions, I have used the bankruptcy laws a few times to make deals better. Nothing personal, just business.
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If your daily equation doesn't involve multiplying your value by some factor, you've already lost.
Don't just be a little better. Be so much greater it'd be impossible to consider the alternative.
No matter where you draw on the source from - have faith in the actions you take.
I don't know a single person who accomplished anything of importance without unreasonable urgency.
Never make a sale today that will cost you business tomorrow.
The difference between jumping out of bed in the morning versus getting out of bed will change your life.
Think globally, act locally.
Don't just make people listen - help them understand.
You always need more "why" before more "what".
Excellent talk on the current state of AI research by Stuart Russell:
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@ricktramos ROCKS for working @ BOOTH 766 Today Wish Him a HAPPY BDAY To Get a Birthday Treat! 🍫🍭
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Don't hustle for the dollar, grind for freedom.
Glad to hear everything went smooth and mom/baby are doing well!…
According to a new report, the #sales acceleration technology market is expected to grow 16.3% between 2015 and 2019
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Rocking out with @VinSolutions now at the dealership. Mobile CRM, killer functionality, the works!
The best time to build your brand is all the time. #sales
Toast to all of the fallen warriors who have bought our freedom in blood. Much gratitude.
No matter how far you've come, death and poverty are just a few steps behind you - so keep moving.
The best time to build your brand is all the time. #automarketing
You're always auditioning for somebody. Make a sale in 20 seconds.
Next generation challenge: Knowing what not to automate.
Here are 5 things you need to know about in business news today
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Those who dream big dreams are overshadowed by those busy building big things.
The simplest equation to success I've ever seen is to create more than you consume in life.

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