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Garrett Luttrell
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Chinese proverb
Risk the fall or you'll never feel true flight.
It's not about giving people answers, it's showing them how to ask the right questions.
Still don't know what the hell "passing time" is supposed to mean. Other than an obnoxious waste of a fleeting gift.
My #autoindustry folks - I'll be in Tampa and Orlando, Florida area come week of October 11 - 18. Hit me up if you're local there.
If you only buy a car once per decade, think of me next time.
Just choose the next best feeling from where you are now.
Current generational problem: not knowing the difference between expecting great things & feeling entitled to everything.
You reserve the right to equal opportunity. Opportunity to succeed, stagnate and fail miserably.
True Freedom: free to succeed and #10X your life and free to utterly fail. Accept it.
You want freedom? True freedom means you're free to flourish & free to fail. If you can't accept that responsibility, USA isn't for you.
If you don't understand the difference between our ancestry immigrating to the USA & modern day illegal immigration, you're the problem.
You're not afraid of jumping, it's falling you fear. But even for a bird for a moment all flight must feel like falling.
Love thy neighbor but disregard what they think.
Take time to admire the eyes of a stranger.
Paychecks and awards don't satisfy the greats.. winning does #TopTraits #YoungHustlers @GrantCardone
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You owe it to yourself to do something remarkable. Don't let up. #liberation
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Speaking some #10X truth tonight G-Rant. You going to help make America great again too in 2020 or what?…
Two red bulls a day-er checking in. Let me get that Taurine baby!…
Those who do not jump are afraid of falling, but even to a bird for a moment all flight must feel like falling.…
Dive into intense experiences - for why else do we exist but to exist intensely?
#NeverForget We are the greatest nation on this planet and it's because of who we are as a people that makes us great.
Nothing in life is guaranteed. You must fight for what you want. EARN IT! #Attitude #10x
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Setting massive goals will require massive action and create massive results #Success #obsessed #10X
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Never invest money where you wouldn't invest blood and sweat.
“Luck is the residue of design.” - John Milton
Make things, make things happen or make experiences. Success follows the makers of life.
Why To Treat Your Product Like It's Finished (Even Before It Is):
Don't be one of those people out there "grinding for success". Make things and expect success.
Talking to a bricklayer about banking is the quickest route to bankruptcy.
Leave autopilot for the car industry. Live your life with eyes wide open.
Next generation challenge: Knowing what not to automate.
If your daily equation doesn't involve multiplying your value by some factor, you've already lost.
Tesla's new Referral Program shows a deep understanding of the #autoindustry. @elonmusk gets it.
My little sister is on a mission to attack diseases of the brain with nanotech, but she needs help. @elonmusk
Tesla's new Referral Program shows a deep understanding of the #autoindustry. @elonmusk gets it.
Tesla and @elonmusk show a more profound understanding of the #autoindustry with the new Referral Program than most realize.
Industry disruption isn't the be-all, end-all formula for business success. Plummeting #TrueCar stock makes that very evident.
Almost 1 month after CEO Scott Painter announced plans for resignation, #TrueCar stock is still tanked. So, what now yall?
Disruptive is the buzz word that causes businesses like #TrueCar to blindly "disrupt" the wrong people: their clients.
Just got out of SYNC 3 training. Ford getting it right now. It's an app world baby!
Never invest money where you wouldn't invest blood and sweat.

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