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Gareth Knife Party
If it's past midnight on September 23rd, wherever you are, Abandon Ship is now on pre-order:
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i watched season 1 episode 1 and 2 of downton abby yesterday, how do you feel about me now ?
I know it's Monday, but I already have this weekend's board all put together.
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even got a discount from our local sushi place , nothing can ruin my e-cig buzz today
if it sounds nice play it twice
as if somebody snapped a picture of a plane getting struck by lightening inside a rainbow
German photographer Birk Möbius captured a photo of lightning striking a plane inside a rainbow.
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The paperclip from Microsoft has fallen on some hard times.
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When your whole outfit on point and the squad cancels on you
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For those of you who were asking that book from @CrapTaxidermy can be got…
i like that couch because you can store things under it…
did they really remake mad max ,and make a captain planet movie and make a bird man movie I'm shocked
we're getting closer as the beards get longer
Shakespeare's vocabulary ranked below some of today's rappers, study suggests
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Doctors used bacon to stop a 4-year-old's uncontrollable nosebleed
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either side will be too tired to party anyway, it'll be an eery morning in scotland today
are rejected ballots the one where somebody drew a penis and some hairs on there ?
dundee votes yes, i got tackled to the floor in a casino there once by people from a show i just played, scraped half my face. Bigup dundee
i hope this referendum doesn't turn into a Brazil Vs Germany moment
we're trying to finish this tune before scotland floats off into the north sea
if its yes and somebody hands the queen the pre written no speech by mistake .. i cri
somebody fly a drone over leavesden studios and tell me what the big outdoor set is that i saw on my way into london today, stars warss?
where is scotlnd moving 2 if they leave? how much air planes will they need to move everybody and all their stuff ? :-(
170k follows when i get to 200 ill uploads nudes to iCloud
Why is it so hard to find mac osx 10.6.0 online you literally can do anything until you've upgraded to that point
Dunno why my last tweet from Instagram removed the @ @CrapTaxidermy
Finally got my copy of "much ado about stuffing" many thanks to Adam @craptaxidermy such a good (ethical) laugh
I look, sound, act, and feel like the biscuit from the cravendale adverts
when i grow up ill be the only rapper who uses purp responsibly for this chest infection
Pioneer is selling their DJ business for 59 billion yen.
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who got the purp , hook me up I'm dyin here
Breaks my heart that pirates spend their whole lives following a map, when the real treasure is the friendships they build along the way.
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I've just put a fork in the knife drawer. That noise you can hear is the rule book being ripped up.
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