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Gareth Knife Party
I wonder if this will be framed in an art gallery some day marking the moment apple stocks started the down trend 😄�
Hunger games , new meaning
When launch my rap career ill change my name to yung grillzy
The novelty of the tiny unicorn goat had worn off. Daphne could no longer deny that all she wanted was a human baby.
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Well if you can think of a better place to store your towels then I would like to hear it.
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particle physics isn't boring its super interesting ok
Mosquitoes love to bite blondes, more than brunettes... And kids, more than adults.
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Watching some dude at the gate with an A3 sized Ipad looking thing , WHAT IS IT???!!???
Shit, out of toilet paper... BYE BYE socks
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Idea to pitch to label: Sophie Ellis bextor does death metal classics
Just got this to wear in a different city as an antagonist
belief in the one true hot carling power cc: @chinomoreno
Always fantasised about moving to boston or at least that place where the dinosaur crabs come on to the shore
Just watched a few minutes of that wild'n out show .... I don't ... What ?
You had me at boston accent
The point is, there's a lot of djs that need to play less and produce more songs, & djs that need to get out the studio visit their fans
Would you rather all Djs made more songs and played less shows or made less music but played in yo town more often ?
Yeh I'm drinking wine from a Starbucks cup at the gate @rob_swire and @MattieTheBoy think I'm cool
i need a new avi, the best photoshop of this wins…
going to bahhhston in a few hours. i wanna go to bars and start fights about literature and math, then ultimately smash a pint glass
The female praying mantis devours the male within minutes after mating, while the female human prefers to stretch it out over a lifetime.
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