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You know that saying..“ never let them see you sweat” ? Wot a load of complete BOLLOCKS that is. #phonies
Butch and Duke from @garbage playing special benefit concert in Madison WI September 7th, get tix at…
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Ha! Love this. Courtesy of garbage fan Zac George.
Listen you cunts. Thanks for all your lovely tweets. We are lucky to have you cunts. Know wot I mean?!?! 👩👨👨👨
I wish I had been born a stupid submissive girl rather than a raging, rebellious beast. I’m sure I’d be MUCH nicer to hang out with. Sx
Argentinian garbage fan, German Ferreiroa's new tattoo.
Scenes from a Scottish graveyard....we are all made of daisies and stardust Sx
Why is it…no matter what…I never feel like I am in the right place?!? Always feel like I am on the outside looking in. #sofuckedup
Summertime and a path to follow through a scottish field of barley. You you do. Sx
This is why I don't think I can live without Adventure Time ever again. Sx
"Bu hayatta en çok inandığım şey insanların içindeki yaratma dürtüsü." Shirley Manson @garbage #xoxoquotes
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There's something utterly repugnant about the signing of Unlocking The Truth by Sony. It's exploitive and down right creepy. YUCK. Sx
I think therefore I am miserable. I play therefore I'm not. 😜#fuckingdamnstraightIamrightonthisonee
My new obsession: Adventure Time Sx
Stumbling upon a Scottish you do... #whAAAt?!?!?
RIP Tommy Ramone. The last of the unique neurotics. Thanks for the dance. You were unforgettable.
RIP Tommy Ramone. All together now.......#TheRamonesForever
"Hear me out I’m taking it all standing up Not drowning Not falling I’m not passing out I’m taking it all....... ...
Giving up on Tyrannt. It's dreadful. On to "An Honourable Woman" instead with Maggie Gyllenhal which is proving extremely promising. Sx
Despite ALL my efforts to the contrary, I remain a raging asshole. I don't know why. I think I must, deep down inside , enjoy it. Sx 💨💩🔥