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Also kind of obsessing over new track Happy Idiot by TV On The Radio. So good! 💆
Hey! Check out @Screamales supercool new song! I hear subtle shades of THE SMITHS!…
Its hard sometimes to do the right thing when all you want to do is destroy. 💇
Us watching YOU. Look.....I know every band says this kind of thing........I know it sounds…
Spoke to Against Me!'s @LauraJaneGrace about her new webseries + why shining a light on trans issues matters so much
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People. They are so fucking NUTS.
Sincere 💛 to all who signed this petition. It is vital to speak up for the powerless.1 day it could be U they come…2
Pic by the legend that is Ellen Von Unwerth. On the day of this shoot I remember feeling deeply…
Dear garbage fans, I BEG for your time and help! Please take just a second to sign this + try to stop this cruelty.…
I’d like a Tardis.I just would. 💄
A leopard cannot change her spots. Luckily her spots keep her safely hidden . But she’s still out there + she still has claws.
I miss Goth girls. I am fed up of the lipgloss brigade. 🎩
I just think....ugh...a lot lately. Is that normal?
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Some things are dead and buried. Some things are dead and gone. But you….you carry on. You never leave……Sx
OMFG! “@DAVID_LYNCH: Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again.
Of course, who could forget the epic video? @garbage #Special released 16 years ago today.
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Nashville, 1995 First US tour.
LA dog lovers! Don’t walk dogs In this heat ! They don’t have efficient cooling systems and are at great risk of having a heart attack! sx
Did I really look like this in the 80's? Oy..... I was miserable as sin. Being young sucked ass. S
“The win is never forever.“ Kamala D Harris
Our girl is all grown up and doing it. I’m a proud mama bear. @livincurious: @garbage
Ok so this is weird. Our debut album was released in the UK, 19 YEARS AGO today. You just can't make…
Nineteen years ago on 2/10/1995 @garbage debut album is released in the UK
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Our 3rd album, Beautiful Garbage came out 13 years ago today! CRAZY days.
@garbage Happy 13th #beautifulgarbage released 13 Years ago (Hoy se cumplen 13 años del lanzamiento de BG)
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Thank you Diego Felipe Barrero for reminding me about my sparkly mic stands! I had forgotten all about…
I think I may have disgraced myself last night. 👩 Again.
I really do wonder sometimes if I’m ever going to reach the intellectual+emotional reach of an adult. Fear I’m stuck around 4.#lIovebumjokes
On tour in support of our debut record, working with the first generation of ear monitors before they…
The shoes I got in Rome on tour look real good. Yah yah yah. 👠
Why I am grateful to have met the lad that is Robert Montgomery. He writes things like this. Sx
Apparently Androgyny came out 13 years ago today! My chauffeur “look” by the late, great Alexander MCQueen.💛
Remember when I turned myself into a pineapple before a show in Oz back in 2005? It was SUPER freaky.…
❤ at Shirley & @garbage for joining the fight to #SaveArturo the polar bear. All - sign the @Change petition now!…
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"It's wrong to wreck the planet:" #FloodWallStreet climate protests take New York —video
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@garbage Not me! All women are free to sent me their arse pictures anytime they want.
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It's raining @HunterBoots sliders to the sound of @garbage - 'I'm only happy when it rains'
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I'm done when I say I am done.
Nope. I am sorry. I am so OVER seeing pictures of your arse.It doesn't outrage or offend me in the least. It just flat out bores me. 💤💤💤 Sx
If you are a valet and you ransack someones car , best put everything back the way it was or they know you have gone through their car. #duh
#KashmirFloods yet another example of extreme weather taking mammoth toll on lives & $. It's time for #ClimateAction!
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Imagine Peace today in rememberance of those who died in the twin towers and for those who suffer in war zones all over the world. LOVE Sx
TO ALL GARBAGE fans who donated to @pablove in honour of my birthday: I💛 you. You raised $1,740 for childhood cancer. Thankyou, sincerely Sx