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Gamers Den
Doing The Dark Below DLC story on my titan. #PS4live (Destiny) live at
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Ghost Recon: Phantoms Assassin's Creed Crossover @UbiAustralia
Which player is off to the most surprising start this season? #NBALIVE15
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Played Dragon Age: Inquisition? What are your thoughts? #DragonAgeInquisition
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! #PS4live (Destiny) live at
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"@damienleyden: @EBGamesAus @SupanovaExpo I would love to take my daughter to her first supernova 😊#EBCompss" << yep@EBGamesAuss
@EBGamesAus @SupanovaExpo I would love to take my daughter to her first supernova 😊#EBCompss
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What cheat/code do you remember from years back? For us: Blood Mode MK1 ABACABB & Sonic 2: 04, 01, 02, 06, hold A for Super Sonic 👍
What has been the most disappointing game for you over the past 12 months? #xbox #playstation #nintendo #pc
We have an #XboxOne and a #ps4 beta key for @TheCrewGame we are giving away. RT for X1 FAV for PS4 #randomwinner to be picked
If you got #AdvancedWarfare today, what are your thoughts? Enjoying it?
Anyone hitting up @EBGamesAus tonight for the midnight launch of #AdvancedWarfare?
CoD Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode “Leaks”
Evolve’s Big Alpha Is Postponed On PlayStation 4
Microsoft working on smaller, cheaper Xbox One processor
What's everyone up to today? Who's off to #PAXAus?
The idea that someone at @IGN was messing with an image of my face in Photoshop creeps me out! Happy Halloween!
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What's everyone up to tonight? #gearingupforPAX
So who has the evolve alpha on Xbox one? Any YouTubers want to make some videos on it together?
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We're finally back! We took some time off for personal reasons so we'll leave it at that ☺ thats to all our followers still with us.
If you could pick up one pro player who would it be and why? #RT
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Next person to join my server will get a free VIP role
Retweeted by Gamers Den Join :D
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People need to test out the my Hunger games lobby winner might get something special ;) @ for server address
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Outlast and Whistleblower DLC’s out now
Destiny on Xbox One won’t be “dumbed” down
What games are on the cards for today? #XboxOne #PS4 #WiiU #pc
Have a #Facebook account? Any chance we can get some help to boost out likes on our page - - thank you In advance 😊
Beers, pool and friendly people. Not too bad considering I'm being paid right now to be here. 👌#LoveLifee
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Just putting this out there... @ACLPro needs new sponsors. We have more high level international partnerships to try and get teams to.
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I'll be casting my first ever Battlefield match tonight at 8:30pm AEST over on - BF fans, tune in and help me along!
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Want a Destiny Alpha code on PS4 for THIS WEEKEND!? Tell us what level EB World you are & you might score a code tonight :) 30 to giveaway!
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Mind blown by all the gadgets in #BFHardline ? Chill - @LevelCapGaming will show you the ropes:
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have a hardline beta key if any one wants to try it
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Batman Arkham Knight preview – attack of the Batmobile
E3 2014: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Battlefield’ developer makes character push
Who's looking forward to the #SunsetOverdrive presentation at #E32014?
Tomb Raider Video Game Sequel Revealed at E3 [Video]
Bungie’s Destiny Aiming for 1080p/30fps on Xbox One
E3 2014: Nintendo unveils NFC-enabled figurines, new games