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Greg Miller
Is Full House making a comeback? Sure sounds like it.…
.@notaxation covered the hell out of the @PlayStation overnight preser. Persona PS4, Bloodborne dated, PS4 Themes:
Thank you all for the love, hugs, and handshakes. Best PAX I've ever been to -- and I've been to a lot of them!
Thank you, @dannyodwyer, for chronicling the #PAXRumble and helping me create nightmares.
Okay, here are my PAX Royal Rumble pictures: Thanks to all involved for an amazing show.
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Dreams come true. #PAXRUMBLE
I watched many nerds be beautiful to each other this weekend and I remembered how lovely we all can be. Please be lovely.
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@GameOverGreggy the other day I was thinking, man, @McBiggitty should really be on the GOG Show, dreams come true.
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Eat it, Drake. #PAXRUMBLE
I say again, I love PAX because of the people. Readers, colleagues, strangers, and creatives I admire...the fucking best.
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Got a bruised rib, a back that looks like a storm tracking radar, and that fat asshole @GameOverGreggy gabled my belt, BUT NO MATTER
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My life is pretty amazing. Thank you all for the support you show me each and every day.
Your response to the #PAXRUMBLE is amazing. Thanks for supporting me. I love this event. Now, I gotta wash @johntdrake's cream off my chest.
Finders keepers, Navarro. #PAXRUMBLE #PAXRUMBLE. Dr. Tracksuit.
Yes. #paxrumble RT @LuisLooper: @GameOverGreggy You can also see this on twitch, right Gregory?
1.5 hours to until the GRAN-DADDY OF'EM ALL: THE #PAXRUMBLE. Come to the Hedgehog theater to see the games industry act a fool.
Sometimes, I wonder if Portillo would respect me if he saw me demolish this pizza. Then, I remember he's a dog, his opinion doesn't matter.
Like any relationship, there have been bumps. But when @steimer was like "Order that pizza" an hour and a half ago and rolled over, I knew.
We're to the awkward point where I have to pee but I think the pizza will be here soon so I'm frozen in fear.
...where is my pizza?
Hey, @CherLloyd. When you make songs, do you think of fat men like me listening to them while they wait for pizza?
I feel like I ordered this pizza 17 years ago...
Leftovers from my PAX Rumble outfit. Eat your heart out, @VampyBitme. #cosplay
Great meeting @GameOverGreggy at the PAX Prime Meet & Drink in Seattle tonight.
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::I start making my PAX Rumble Costume:: @steimer: It sounds like you're farting. Me: In clothing form, I am.
Motherfucker. After two failed attempts, WHAT PIZZA PLACE IS STILL DELIVERING IN SEATTLE? #pizza
Goddamit, @WillingBlam. Now, I know what @TroyBakerVA feels like. :(
I put my hand in my pants and it smells like balsamic vinegar. Go figure.
I love all of you, but @Michael5SOS went above and beyond for me today. Good dude. Thanks again. <3
.@IGN PAX Meet and Greet in 45 minutes at Amber's on 1st. Come party!
@ksteimer shoutcasting my Evolve match against Operation Supply Drop.
In 20 minutes, I'm taking on @OpSupplyDrop in @EvolveGame at PAX. COME SEE THE MONSTER FROM @Mizzou!