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Greg Miller
I’m safe. I will continue my work. I will continue speaking out. The whole game industry must stand up against the harassment of women.
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Headed to the Gaming Insiders Summit for a one-on-one panel with the CEO of @Twitch. Then, making Minecraft vids w/@agentbizzle. Weird life.
Worst smell ever? The one that reminds me of cancer.…
Today on The GameOverGreggy Show...
@GameOverGreggy this is the day Portillo has been waiting his whole life for!
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...I have 1 million Google Plus followers. Thank you. That's crazy.
Madness. Someone threatening a terrorist attack against Utah State for hosting a talk by @femfreq.…
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I support @femfreq's work. If you don't, that's fine. But you can voice that disagreement in a way that maintains some respect for humanity.
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You give me GameOverGreggy Show topics on Twitter. I love Twitter. Twitter's bumming Greg out, though.…
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@GameOverGreggy PSTV remote play NHL 15 laggy mess, lacks compatibility with WipeOut 2048, F1 2011, Mortal Kombat and lots more..not happy.
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.@IGN Podcast #Beyond Episode 364: Driveclub Can't Catch a Break -…
Hunter Pence doesn't believe in bats. Just runs batted in. #HunterPenceSigns
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What's for lunch? How about Caramel Apple @Oreo cookies?… #OreoOration
The Reverend @pettycommajared returns to @IGN Podcast #Beyond today for the @notaxation birthday spectacular. (It's just a normal episode.)
Right. RT @rioichiFIN: So we basically get two Beyond episodes today!? NYCC special already came and then a regular episode?
WWE 2K15 is starting to give LEGO Batman 3 a run for its money on my most anticipated 2014 games list.
It's Tuesday, ain't it? RT @TheJoshNolet: will there be a #beyond today?
Came back to @IGN to find a box full o' nuts destined for my face. Thanks, @WonkyKitchen! #teamfat
Let me take you down / Cause I'm going to... Strawberry Fields in Central Park. 5pm today. At the mosaic. (Cont.)
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A best friend brought Pumpkin Oreos to one of the NYCC panels. We demolished them.
Final commute without Minecraft Vita. Feels good.
I love Twitter, but I let it ruin my mood far too much.…
MARVEL CIVIL WAR: Iron Man to join 'Captain America 3' (EXCLUSIVE)
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Ya'll better vet your Facebook photos now because that shit is going to be all over the news when you get Ebola.
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Well, @CW_TheFlash was awesome. Thank you, @grantgust, @geoffjohns, and everyone else at @DCComics who is making this stuff happen.
Heads up: No stream tonight as I haven't seen @steimer in a week and we gotta watch The Flash. Wednesday instead! <3
We're happy to be reunited.
I'm pretty torn on this Mexican is Italian food debate. I love both too:… cc @Veronica @GameOverGreggy @TimGettys
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The Beyond 363 video is rendering. Then, it posts. Then, I do the same thing for the NYCC Beyond. Sit tight.
Dinner plans? How about Italian or Mexican? They're pretty much the same thing, right?…
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Loved hearing and seeing @Veronica on the @GameOverGreggy show! #Portillo 's farts were just he way of showing he loves you! @KindaFunnyVids
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.@reverendanthony comes to @IGN #UpAtNoon to talk @Borderlands, being sick, and not F@#$ing up the franchise:…
NOT REALLY #LIES RT @GameOverGreggy: Are Mexican and Italian food pretty much the same thing? @Veronica thinks so:
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Back in SF after NYCC. Plan: hug Portillo, get last week's Beyond video up ASAP, get NYCC Beyond up after, wings, @CW_TheFlash w/@steimer.
Are Mexican and Italian food pretty much the same thing? @Veronica thinks so:
All the taste, none of the nutrition. #OreoOration: Caramel Apple @Oreo Cookies -
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