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When I say yes, they say yes too! That’s how I roll on #badoo…
Today I am reading day 1 of Living the Surrendered Life:
Failure cannot cope with persistence. So dont give up
"All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother." Happy mothers day
Hizaa! There is a REAL messaging app for #instagram users! Go to @instamessage_app download and chat with me now! #instamessage
This will be the last time I will ever use @AirtelNigeria on my phone. Very annoying network
Not all things you do amaze me
Happy New Month People Of God,Let's Go Into This Awesome Month Of May And Shine!!!!!!
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#me #welcomeback
It is yet another beautiful morning
Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.
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Gosh! I never saw this coming
Almost true
Some people are more interested in other people's life than their own. 💯
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as a high school student you just have to accept the fact that you're always going to be tired no matter how many hours of sleep you get
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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people #Bulls
Intelligence is being drunk with knowledge
To be intelligent is wonderful but the process of it is something u will wanna quit in no time
How many #Easter eggs did u find #EasterEggHunt
The tizan OS from Samsung
Happy Easter
hehe it is funny
Some people say they want physical proof of God's existence. Well I have it. And its everything He's done in MY Life. Thats why I have Faith
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This is 2nd time I'm celebrating my Easter in school #sad
Couldn't go home to my family to celebrate the Easter just because of one fucking exam
Forget the fact that am black I love white girls alot
Gonna be un following some people. Today.
Sometimes I just wonder how some people become so good with out much effort compared to those with more effort
#Samsung galaxy s5. Nice one, love it
Telling someone u love her is risking loosing her, I wish I never did
Hard to move on when you always regret one
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Waiting for something thats never gonna happen
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Sometimes saying SORRY is the most difficult thing on earth But its the Cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called Relationship!!
A good guy will tell you you’re beautiful. A real gentleman will make you believe it!!! #arrow #yalichat
Almost morning