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Gael Greene
foodfood blog 191,263 followers
Moroccan Koran case,vintage ivory& black Bakelite compact,lovely repousse frame for new bag.
When I'm not working, here's where I eat for fun: (Bâtard's lamb for two never disappoints.)
This sweet little bag w. its bird &flower petit point is perfect for fall (if fall ever comes)
Break the fast w/Zabar's holiday food delivered by our advertiser.
"Where I'm Eating Right Now for Pleasure," read my new BITE Rafele ravioli.
My vintage article on the Great Steak War of 1978: "Good beef is scarce. Great beef has never cost more."
@GaelGreene @JonathanBenno flaunting your expensive steak does not impress me. Show me an astounding $2 lb. Dish for true respect.
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@GaelGreene best Veal Parm I've ever had. Great atmosphere and staff. Oft overlooked.
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My friend Rina sez she thought of me when she spotted this Mac'n'cheese fast foodery on the highway.
Maria goes shopping 4 flowers w/unique royal-purple ArtDeco beaded bag I'm selling on Etsy.
Saw opening night prevu of Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar. He was at Bond45 (our advertiser) pre-curtain too,also director Kimberly Senior.
Bond45 waiter slapped fine chocolate mousse on a platter, slopped on whipped cream for 5 of us. Shocked by his passion,forgot 2photograph.
Pre-theater antipasti dinner w/my LaJolla playhouse dramaturg nephew GabeGreene, wife Mia&theater pals lasngt @Bond45
I once decades ago asked Gloria why she went out w/Mort . "He's a wonderful dancer," she sed. I understood at once. I loved dancing too.
Rutgers to announce GloriaSteinem chair Monday. check out who will fiance. Nice to see Mort Zuckerman chipping in.
Breakfast in the West 50s? In an old "Ask Gael," I suggest Brooklyn Diner's red velvet waffles
I love fall. Its a fresh new beginning..& the perfect time to add originality to your wardrobe
In '92, 4 Seasons opened Grill at Night: "Abruptly, boldly…just in time for holiday flirtation & romantic awakenings"
Monday night dinner&TheRoots performing Oct6 @RainbowRoom prix fixe $200pp plus tax,drinks. This is one for Daddy Warbucks.
When DavidMacklovitch wants to learn somethg,he puts a book in his bathroom.6 months later he can discuss the
@GaelGreene was it worth the trek? I loved the fried chicken at @rootandbone so I hvnt had a chance to check out @BirdsandBubbles
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@GaelGreene @marcopaonefoto last year it was GG that informed me Philippe Braun had moved on from Robuchon :) have u been to Fifi, Gael?
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Here's Aldo, excited to see his place on the Galleria packed w/many standees sipping wine.
Here's the short ribs on a skewer at AldoSohn Wine bar lasngt.Aldo stopped by from sommelier duties @lebernardin.
NYC as it ought 2be.Moroccan carrots@AldoSohm.Car pickup 2theater"CuriousNight" gift f/ pious pal.Plenty of taxis. Everythg but sex. Oh well
Had meaty snacks @aldosohm wine bar across f/LeBErnardin before theater.Eric stopped by,sent boudin blanc,"I tasted them at lunch,"he sed.
Inherited friend'sseats 4 "Curious Incident" thanks to RoshHashana conflict.Brilliant showTheater full of fallen Jew&their gentile friends.
This vintage mesh bag has a beautiful frame with a chain to carry it. Art Deco or Art Nouveau?
"Hors d’oeuvres can be a meal before the meal, a clever patchwork of tastes & textures." Read my 1976 piece:
Not to say Petaluma isn't good 4the locals just not worth a detour.Soggy romaine & flyaway croutons in wimpy Caesar.
@katiesmithadair @GaelGreene @Hagan @lanebuschel LOVE. :) Gael, please do email - we have to hang out a deux :)
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"...Sex is wonderful. Dancing is second."--@GaelGreene
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@GaelGreene what's your favourite kind of gravy? Or are you a no gravy at all woman? (Hope not, tee hee ;-) )
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Just posted on etsy my small silver-and-gold beaded bag w/fringe. Yours to own $25, See more
Notice all women scientists in Times report on India's bargain Mars Orbiter success but no mention of women in
Pride, film about true alliance bet gay Londeners & striking mine workers in Thatcher days opens tomorrow. Definitely worth seeing.
Last time I ate at Petaluma was 1985 Elio owned it. Didnt like it much then.Not so snobby lasngt.Went w/locals.
Our New Mode Media Osaka office. Great design, simple space with shared areas...
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Obama's meal at @estelanyc: Burrata with salsa verde, endive salad, tomatoes, and croquettes. (No quail???)
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Once, Zabar's was just a little neighborhood deli, known for the haunting tang of its lox..." Read My 1978 piece:
So many remember JamesBeard becuz he's a foundation, a legend but have forgotten Craig.Young chefs never heard of him. Thankyou Sam.
Longtime Times restaurant critic Craig Claiborne wud smile tt SamSifton chose his smothered chicken 4"Just Cook"
Mrs.Abe, PM's wife, tall, beautiful,very gracious, perfect English.
This could be $200 worth of imported wagyu glittering w/fat,w/salsify,sala verde,soy vinaigrette. Luscious.
Sat oppost Japan P.M.wife AikiAbe@Lincoln lasngt 4ChefBenno's splendid take on Japanese: Seabass melon gell in ponzu,
Help launch CarlaHall's Southern Kitchen on Kickstarter today thruOct29th Be lst to taste her Nashville hot chicken.
Visit my office flea market (my faux Sotheby's) for early Christmas shopping. More info here: