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Gael Greene
"You too can corrupt & debauch the child of your choice." My '69 article on taking my young niece out to a haute meal
Read my '71 review of Elaine's, "playpen of the quality media set," now home to The Writing Room
I'm stuck in town all weekend, hoping 4 great corn,peach pie,chefs going wild for summer veggies. What will you be eating?
Rakesh Aggarwal, who created Baluchis & Devi(w/SuvirSaran) will open Baluchi's Fresh,"fast,casual" inexpensive w/his son Rohan Sept 37W43rd.
"I Love Le Cirque...But Can I Be Trusted?" Read my 1977 article:
Not too late. Troy Liquer Bar (Advertiser) has $18 bottles of pinot grigio rose and malbec, tonight 6pm-1am. 675 Hudson at 13th St.
How do you like it? Do you just say "great" however you ar efeeling and be a good guy? I'm so not a good guy these days.
I hate when restaurant maitre d asks"Did you have a good day."As at NorthEndGrill lasngt.It reminds me how awful my day was.Server asked too
Found a menu f/my lst Michelin 3 star La Pyramide.Dinner 50 francs."Out of the Velveeta Cocoon"
I'd never heard of chef MarkusGlocker. You'd never heard of him.I said, hurry In.This guy is up to delicious madness.
If you read my Bite in July, twitter friends, You'd have reserved @batard B4 Wells 3 stars hit
NorthEndGrill lasngt:chef Eric Korsh' excellent charcuterie trio:pickled beef tongue,tete de cochon,chicken liver mousse, leftovers 2nite
"Where Do I Really Eat?" Of course, RedFarm makes the cut. Need my shrimp-stuffed chicken fix.
Is DrewNieporent dancing?3 stars fr/Times 4Batard&ChefGlocker's fine told U to reserve.
JohnFanning, the familiar face at CocoPazzo, more recently @sd26 has landed as general manager @the Zakarian-run LambsClub on W44th.
Here's a smart geometric vintage beaded bag Maria finds sportif. 30% off now. ,
Stayed home lasngt to watch Emmys w/egg salad on a bagel. Comic&cuisinary relief. Sheldon as sheldon is more touching.
Looks like I led uni-lovers astray w/ wrong link to my BITE. If you can forgive me, try this
My advice to a 10yr old who wants to be a food critic:"Taste everything you can, even if it makes your parents faint"
RichardBloch,a wonderful friend, talented,ingenious architect (Masa,Neta,ArthurAsh Stadiums 4 venues)) #FoodArts silver spoon award Sept.
.@GaelGreene Page 168 of Insatiable. You tell us! Was the chef a better lover?
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Maria stops traffic in these shorts with this unique vintage silver bag hanging on waistband
Veteran Chef Sam Hazen sez he didn't want to go to defeat dragged down by inadequacies @ParkHyatt's resto.
Uni-maniacs will want to read my new BITE on Soto. Get a deep sea high on the uni cocktail.
Chef SamHazen tells why he left Park Hyatt.."too many coaches curdle the broth."
Are chefs better lovers?"Because a foodie is a mouth w. a vestigial person attached, one might think so." My
Everything Ana needs 4 a dinner-date fits in this vintage satin beaded bag.Just $50.Order now.
Looks like I forget to send EdBrown's photo of chef stars @warners Hampton feast. GilbertLeCoze w/the drink.
Like @GaelGreene's story about Elvis, usually not a good idea to do things with a guy in music, art. They just don't care about it.
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Under Oseland,Saveur nominated for 7National Mag Awards, won three including General Excellence 2013. Hope new brass don't cheapen it.
Dinner lastngt w/JamesOseland(we were MasterChef judges together) discussing his new gig Rodale's Organic Life.Print, digital, live events,
"The most exciting &adventurous Italian restaurant in NY survived exactly 2 weeks." Read my '79 piece Honor Thy Pasta
@GaelGreene Mine, too. But I'm getting spoiled now by my husband's homemade version. (Though he hasn't mastered those thin, crispy fries.
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.@takerootbklyn loved a recent dinner @LeBernardinNY & was still abuzz after recent visits by @GaelGreene, Maguy Le Coze & @ericripert
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EdBrown sends chef foto f/long-ago WarnerLeroy party.Ed 3rd left,4 AndreSoltner,DrewNieporent, Charlie Palmer(shades) GilbertLeCoze w/drink
“The dinner is énormément trop,”Bocuse agrees.“It's a dinner for Louis XIV. Simplicity is for Lyon.This is New York.”
Ana says she loves how this vintage print&bakelite bag goes w/summer dresses. Just $75
Rumor sez Mario Batali will open big at MaritimeHotel in Bottega space enclosing terrace. No point of checking since he doesnt spk to me.
Who sez everyone's at the beach? Crowds pouring in 2TaoDowntown lasngt.Had to fight my way out. Fabulous peking duck
Restaurnt week is great, but some spots discreetly offer midday bargains all year. Stepup your discount lunching game
Excellent Times story on Bronx-born hedge fund owner helping Citymeals feed frail homebound elderly nr his block
This small beaded satin vintage bag is very saucy when Ana carries it to dinner.Just $50.
Mon-Fri happy hour @bluewatergrill ( our advertiser) $1.50 oysters, $5 chef bites, beer&wine specials. 3-7pm
Pearl Oyster Bar's over-mayo'd beauty is my favorite lobster roll. What's yours?
@GaelGreene completely agree; am I getting old? I just don't want to sit for 3+ hours being fed bite after bite. I get tired of eating.
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@GaelGreene what about three or four more cocktails?
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@GaelGreene Mmmmm....corn--my favorite summer vegetable. What's yours?
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Tragic to see BeardFoundation Humanitarian of the Year Matt Haley is dead at 53 after an accident in India where he supported aid 4children