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Dave sensed something strange in Abby's voice - #IMBALANCE
"I feel like I... I can't... breathe..." ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"I hope it will be soon, it's too hot in here" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"He says we'll have to wait until he tells us when we can safely go out" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
♥There are never enough I Love You's♥ ~Lenny Bruce #LoveQuotes
The light blinked in return several times in answer to her question - #IMBALANCE
Then she pressed a button next to the light several times to ask something - #IMBALANCE
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"They are still following the truck" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"The driver says we're not safe yet" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
It was transmitting a Morse code - #IMBALANCE
Two minutes later they saw a small light on the compartment ceiling turning on and off repeatedly -
The driver soon climbed back into the truck and they were off again - #IMBALANCE
"Let it go" ~said someone else- #IMBALANCE
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"The engine is very hot, as it cools it makes noises" ~said the driver- #IMBALANCE
"What was that?" ~asked another man- #IMBALANCE
Abby stretched a leg and accidentally hit the compartment - #IMBALANCE
They heard people in the back of the truck, looking over its contents - #IMBALANCE
"Open the back!" ~shouted a man- #IMBALANCE
Mark Wahlberg could be the next 'Six Million Dollar Man'
♥Fortune and love favor the brave♥ ~Ovid #LoveQuotes
The truck unexpectedly stopped and they heard the driver get down from the vehicle - #IMBALANCE
"But I trust them" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE