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I haven't heard of him for a long time" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Is Mr. Benet all right?" ~asked the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Excuse me if I didn't recognize you before" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Mr. Benet introduced us" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Ah! I remember now: Benet's annual charity auction" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"It was at a charity event a few years ago, Mayor" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
♥I've fallen in love many times... always with you♥ ~Anonymous #LoveQuotes
"Your face looks familiar to me" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Have we met before?" ~asked the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
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"Mrs. Skylet... Excuse me" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
About to finish the call he turned to see who was behind Dave - #IMBALANCE
"Good day, Lieutenant" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"I hope you'll recover soon and catch Bullstone so our city returns to normal" ~said the Mayor-
"At the moment we have everything under control" ~said Dave- #IMBALANCE
"Thank you, Mayor Robbins" ~said Dave- #IMBALANCE
"I'm pleased to offer you any available resources you'll need as well" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"I have declared of general alert to prevent further harm" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"I understand the situation" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"And I need to be directly notified of any developments regarding this case" ~said the Mayor-
♥Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition♥ ~Alexander Smith #LoveQuotes
"My duty is to protect Miami's citizens" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"I know the city police department, the FBI, through the UMICC are supporting you" ~said the Mayor-
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"I know it's not your fault" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"Miami has become more violent, unpredictable, since Bullstone escaped" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"What can I do for you?" ~asked Dave- #IMBALANCE
"Good morning, Lieutenant Skylet, I'm glad to see you're doing better" ~said the Mayor- #IMBALANCE
"You two must stay here and be careful until we're back" ~said Hammond- #IMBALANCE
Hammond turned to Abby and Dave - #IMBALANCE
"The four of us will go out to set the equipment" ~said Hammond- #IMBALANCE
"Well, let's go get those devices before we freeze" ~said Willy- #IMBALANCE
"Maybe a very sensitive person could feel some discomfort, but no harm at all" ~said Dreide-
"No. The human ear can detect up to 20 kHz without problems" ~said Dreide- #IMBALANCE
"Will people be affected?" ~asked Dave- #IMBALANCE
"We only have to locate it and adjust it to the proper rate" ~said Dreide- #IMBALANCE
"Yes, the hospital has medical equipment that can emit that frequency" ~said Dreide- #IMBALANCE
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"Is there a way you could generate the frequency?" ~asked Greatonn- #IMBALANCE
"Then you could approach and destroy them with high heat, as in a flamethrower" ~said Greatonn-
"With the characteristics of the crickets, you need 15.8 kHz to stop them" ~said Greatonn-
"With the data obtained, two of my agents looked for a solution" ~said Greatonn- #IMBALANCE
Gleatonn, who had left the screen minutes before, returned with a piece of paper in his hands -
♥If you wished to be loved, love♥ ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca #LoveQuotes
"Now that we know, how can we destroy them?" ~asked Abby- #IMBALANCE
"That keeps them in their habitat" ~said Westmond- #IMBALANCE