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Gaby Merch
I really believe tha ♥ More #LoveQuotes at Pinterest ♥ ==>
The security guards would have reported him if any of them have seen him here —Roger said -
We'll start outside, where there are no surveillance cameras —Roger said to Willie - #IMBALANCE
Where do we start?' asked Willy, rookie of the group, shocked to see so many people - #IMBALANCE
We must hurry to find Bullstone or it would be a catastrophe. —said Roger - #IMBALANCE
Roger and Willy arrived at the packed shopping mall - #IMBALANCE
Dave and Shannon would look for Bullstone in Miami’s downtown building - #IMBALANCE
Roger and Willy went to the mall and Jackie and Eddie went to the cargo area of the Bay -
Dave decided to divide his team to catch Bullstone in any of the three locations - #IMBALANCE
With the main computer out of order there was no other way to say which was the real hiding -
Jackie arrived at Dave’s office with a third fax listing a different location! - #IMBALANCE
Dave, had a second fax saying Bullstone was in an empty building in downtown Miami - #IMBALANCE
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In the middle of the confusion, a fax with Bullstone's possible location —a shopping center— arrived- #IMBALANCE
The Criminal Activities Department's main computer went down as anything else. Total chaos! - #IMBALANCE
Oddly, local phones were redirected to numbers other than those that were dialed! - #IMBALANCE
♥Don't love someone for the way he treats you, love him for the way he treats others♥ -Gaby Merch #IMBALANCE
Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence -H. L. Mencken #LoveQuotes
In the parking lot several car alarms sounded on and off - #IMBALANCE
Due to a power failure, elevators were not working - #IMBALANCE
Electricity suddenly experienced high and low voltage variations, blocking some devices -
The fire sprinklers on the second floor activated for no reason - #IMBALANCE
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Everything seemed normal that day at the CAD, however, odd things started to happen - #IMBALANCE
That was an unmistakable sign that he was planning something worse! - #IMBALANCE