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"Danna!" Eddie said as a huge smile lit his face - #IMBALANCE
"What about Danna? The blond girl" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"I remember the park and other details, but not your face" ~said Eddie- #IMBALANCE
"I... I don't actually remember you" ~said Eddie- #IMBALANCE
"Were you that woman?" ~asked Eddie- #IMBALANCE
"You asked me and four of my students to help you on the day of the explosion" ~said Abby-
"You don't remember me, do you? the marine center? about a year ago?" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"Don't apologize" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
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"Yes, and I'm sorry. I..." ~said Eddie- #IMBALANCE
"You thought he might be in danger and that is why you behaved so rudely... correct?" ~asked Abby-
"For keeping an eye on Dave" ~answered Abby- #IMBALANCE
When they reached the parking lot, before getting out of the car, Abby said, "Thanks, Eddie" -
♥Everything is clearer when you're in love♥ ~John Lennon #LoveQuotes
They exchanged only a couple of words and Abby sensed the effort to be friendly with her -
The trip to the hospital in Eddie's car was pretty quiet - #IMBALANCE
"Yeah," he said, although Abby sensed he wasn't really pleased - #IMBALANCE
"Eddie, could you escort Abby back to the hospital?" ~asked Jackie- #IMBALANCE
She explained her plan in detail and when she finished she asked for a raid to the hospital -
"By the way, there are some things I need you help me with" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"Before that, it could be very dangerous" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"As soon as Dave walks again" ~answered Abby- #IMBALANCE
"When will your plan be executed?" ~asked Roger- #IMBALANCE
"Nothing indicates otherwise and it should stay that way" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"That is, if she isn't..." ~said Eddie- #IMBALANCE
"I hope you're right and find her soon" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"Good thinking, Eddie" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
♥Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love♥ ~Albert Einstein #IMBALANCE
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"He has never mentioned her, if he wanted to hurt Dave, he would have said something" ~said Eddie-
"Eddie believes her disappearance is not related to Bullstone" ~said Jackie- #IMBALANCE
"Tell me, do you have any news on Shannon?" ~asked Abby- #IMBALANCE
"The Hindu therapy and the oils are amazing" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"Dave will be able to walk very soon, too" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
"Mrs. Skylet, it's good to see you walking" ~said Jackie- #IMBALANCE
That morning she got up early and Jason took her to the CAD to talk with Dave's team - #IMBALANCE
Almost a week after they started their special therapies, Abby was walking again - #IMBALANCE
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"Yes, everything is all right" ~said Abby- #IMBALANCE
Two strong feelings fought desperately inside her until she managed to give an answer - #IMBALANCE
And she couldn't lie to him, either - #IMBALANCE
♥A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge♥ ~Thomas Carlyle #QuoteOfTheDay
She wasn't able to look away - #IMBALANCE