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Gabriel Clark
#TipsForYear7s if you're ever bored just run in any direction and shout "FIGHT" and see the whole school be like
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It’s 11am on the 1st of September, Retweet if you’re on the Hogwarts Express. #BackToHogwarts
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I'm Italian so spell check police leave me alone #ImTrying😂😂😂😂
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I just realised that my "shrunk the doctor" tweet yesterday was weirdly appropriate for tonights ep. Totes channeled my inner time lord.
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Rule Of Time Travel #1 – Never ask the Doctor to bring you a coffee. #DoctorWho
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“Hello, I’m Missy. Welcome to heaven. Would you like some tea?” #DoctorWho
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There will never be a good Dalek... #doctorwho
That's Clara's opinion, but what do you make of the new Doctor? #DoctorWho
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Oh my goodness this is gonna be great! #doctorwho
Omg here we go into darkness... #doctorwbo
Really looking forward to tonights #DoctorWho #IntoTheDalek should be brilliant!
I really enjoyed last night it was so nice to see everyone again
'So Proud' for 'So Awkward'! Wishing all of our Workshoppers a FANTASTIC last day of filming. #CBBC #CGTW #Talent #Filming #Proud
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I think I spend to much time on my laptop, my little brother came in my room I subconsciously turned the volume on my laptop down :/
It's great to speak to people you haven't spoken to in ages
We built a bridge out of stones to cross a river, so naturally we fell in and got wet feet :/
I had by far the best street food EVER from @thehungrygecko #boltonfoodfest
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Watching doctor who in the cinema is magical it was so good! #doctorwhoseries8
One of the best episodes ever and I think Peter Capaldi may already be my favourite Doctor! #doctorwho
That was absolutely incredible! #doctorwho
I'm so excited for tonight!
Slightly very extremely excited to watch Doctor Who in the cinema tonight #DoctorWho #CapalDay
Today IS the day! Can’t wait until 7.50pm? Here’s a brief preview clip to tide you over:
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I'm incredibly excited for doctor who this Saturday! #DoctorWho
On my uncle's boat last week #Italy #Alghero
Sat on the walls of Alghero over the sea. #Italy #Alghero
This is why I don't have photos with my little brother, he gets beyond annoying but he can be alright aswell. #Italy #alghero #orangebar #littlebrother
Sunset on the beach in Alghero #alghero #Italy
I have no wifi after tonight goodbye world :(
It was more fun with my cousins last year #Italy
Just had an amazing meal in a beautiful small restaurant near the coast #alghero
I need a friend to come to Italy with me next time
Happy Birthday to @jk_rowling and to Harry Potter! #HarryPotter #JKRowling
Doctor Who is coming back to Vue with the first episode of Season 8 on 23 August. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11am
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